All trolling and playing aside, I'm really losing steam lately. Its not due to lack of content, its more I can't seem to join in on what I find most fun, the raids and large group content. Its mostly my work schedule's doing...I work Sunday thru Thursday nights 11pm to 7am, and then sleep 8am to 4pm. LFR is the only thing that seems to consistently match those hours, and its not nearly as fun as Venting with 9 others in a normal quality raid.

I used to PuG with a few raids, and looking thru the guild list that was compiled recently I can remember going with most of them. I think basically anyone I've raided with haven't been disappointed in my effort or attitude...again it falls to my schedule.

I've even started asking around other servers, Proudmoore, Lightbringer, Stormrage to name a few. There are guilds elsewhere that need a prot/ret pally, I've had a few offers even. I just don't want to have to leave Garona to raid, I consider this small, troll-filled, broken-AH server my home. :\

What are my options? Are there any guilds that have room for a mostly independent pally in their regular raids? If not, I'm going to miss being able to scan the AH in less than an hour. :\
Id recommend leaving server, 2 server xfers later I think I found what im looking for.

- Reker
Id recommend leaving server, 2 server xfers later I think I found what im looking for.

- Reker

I've known this guy for years, and my recommendation is that you don't take his recommendation.
Initially I'd think two conflicting recommends from people I don't know would cancel, but since Tbagg isn't even on Garona or on my 'potential' list and I envy players in Twilight Circus for the ability to raid, I am deciding not to do 2 server transfers. :)
How bout now? If you didn't pvp in wotlk/cata I wouldn't expect you to know me or that untrax is obsessed with me in a very sexual way since I cleansed a strangulate off him in strand of the ancients back in wotlk..

When I left server I made an alt and gave it the name I always had.
When I left server I made an alt and gave it the name I always had.

God, so lame... I'm sure somebody already took the name Hellsent cuz it's so badass. And it certainly wasn't me... cough... cough... Sorry, I have a cold.

Nomad, if you envy Twilight Circus, you should see other servers. Illidan is pugging 5/12 Heroic runs right now. No offense meant to anyone in any sort of way, just saying that higher population servers have great raiding. If that's what you're looking for, a server transfer probably is your best choice :(.

Oh, and GG's the other night Trax. Was fun runnin into you.
Yeah, the problem isn't even that Garona is lower population, it's that there isn't enough here to validate the PuGs of old. There's LFR (LOLZ) and there are the existing guilds that are actually doing progression don't have any room for someone they've never run with. So I think that's kinda killed it, even for people with alts.

My guild has had membership issues with people either leaving for real life issues, were Drama Queens, or simply stopped playing. And recruitment was a !@#$% on Garona, even with all these people going 'OMG I WANNA RAIDZ'

I wish you luck, but maybe trying out a higher pop before Xfering off blindly might be your best bet. Look on WoW progress for some progression guilds that are recruiting. You might find a magic fit.

As for me...I like Garona. It's not the best server I've ever been on, but it is FAR from the worst (Arathor). I've found a niché and I enjoy the people I play with. While I wish there were more players, that is what can happen to an old server.

I will say...I do miss random PuGs showing up on Weekend nights, or being able to simply post 'LF1M DPS for Guild Run PST' and getting 6 or 7 replies. But who knows...things might change.
That's how the last few expansions were. I could gear up, pug in, join a good guild, progress far...and then the guild would vanish when the current content was gone, and I'd have to start all over.

The Giver of Beatings for Cata horde raids on Area 52.

Designer Label and Firelands
Fair Enough for first half of DS
Fellowship of the Ping for second half of DS.
...and since? I've gone solo since I hated being a noncontributer with guilds. Oh well.

I transferred to Stormrage. Since I didn't bring even a tenth my gold, I'm getting a feel for the place before I jump in.
With so many top guilds leaving / collapsing on smaller servers, it's kind of at the point where you do mediocre progression or jump ship and join a higher population server where you can actually play. Mal'Ganis, Stormreaver, Stormage, Illidan, Tich, etc...

Best of luck to you on Stormrage.
I understand,OP. I really do.

Getting groups together to do anything is an unnecessary pain the buttocks.

Challenge mode stuff for instance. GOD I want to do some challenge mode stuff! :'(
LFR killed pugs, the death of pugs cut down on the opportunity to randomly connect with guilds looking to fill your roll.
In BC and Wrath I would get offers all the time in Pugs to join raiding guilds, even if i was already in one and just pugging for fun the raids we weren't progressing in anymore.

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