World’s End Tavern: Role-play and Fan Fiction
Watching the ranger scurry in and stand off to the side, Sydric raised his lips in a sly grin. The elf appeared to be mute, as he pantomined sweeping to Hannah. To his surprise the Forsaken smiled at the elf and nodded. She pointed to the banquet room and said simply, "I am sure the cooks will enjoy There is a door off the banquet room where they prepare food for the diners.

They are a spirited group, so do not let them confuse you. If you look there is an apron and a dinner suit in the closet there and you may find pad and pencils in the pockets. Perhaps you can wait tables and bring drinks from the bar in the corner to the left of the dining room? You might even make some tips." she pointed him in the right direction and waited until he went off before adding, "If you survive the kitchen crew."

She turned to Sydric as he chuckled. "So...he might, he looks resourceful. After all they are all shambling ghouls, but they respond well to authority. I do not imagine you would have trouble in there, Sydric. Your powers here are enhanced, in case you have not noticed."

Sydric nodded briefly as he leaned against the wall. "Are there any others coming? Or must I stay here longer?" he appeared bored. But Hannah merely shrugged and looked at her ledger.

Meanwhile in the dining room, Vira had settled at a table and fumed while she looked about for waitstaff. "This place is seriously lacking in customer service!" she consoled herself with a glass of wine from the decanter on the table. It was not bad, an older vintage that mellowed her out considerably.
The necromancer managed to stop himself from jumping in response to the priestess pushing past him, thinking he’d been detected for what he was. Luckily, she seemed absorbed in her own pride and affairs, apparently still unaware of his corrupted aura. He thanked the Lich King- the habit of referring to the powerful being as a god had seemed to stick with him even after leaving the Cult of the Damned- for her lack of vigilance.

Victor nodded in thanks to the innkeeper when she finished giving him directions and took his room key. Then, with a short bow, he made for the dining room. Such courtesy would have been a foreign concept to him before he joined the Forsaken, but over the recent years under their employ he had learned that being gracious made dealings with other go far more smoothly than being rude ever did. Manners hadn’t been of much use when he was surrounded by mindless legions of undead. In fact, any conversation at all was very difficult to come by.

There was little to be sent to his room; he had left most of his earthly possessions in the Undercity, bringing only his enchanted robes- which he currently wore- a pouch of gold coins, a sack filled with changes of clothing, and a bag of provisions that was now empty. It was unfortunate that he had been unable to bring his alchemy set with him, but the Royal Apothecary Society had discouraged him from bringing any of his research notes, which were an important part of his supplies. He had understood though; the Forsaken had already been put under close scrutiny after the events of the Wrathgate, and if a Horde member got their hands on his notes, it wouldn’t help their standing. His alchemical studies hadn’t changed much after his departure from the Scourge.

The robes he wore were black, with a purple trim. The some black parts of the fabric had been embroidered with a golden thread, and the purple parts with silver thread. The sleeves ended several inches short of his wrists and didn’t hang, to avoid the risk of them interfering with some of his more delicate experiments. The robes trailed down his ankle, partially concealing a pair of black leather boots, somewhat of a necessity when traveling through the Undercity, which did used to be a sewer, after all. The hood had the same purple trim and embroidery, and would conceal the upper half of his face when it was up.

In truth, he’d had them tailored based on his old Scourge necromancer robes, as a tribute to his old life. All that was missing was the ornamental headpiece that resembled a deer’s head- and actually was one in some cases. He’d forsaken that piece of garb to avoid unnecessary and potentially dangerous confusion. With his belongings in the Undercity, however, lay his original acolyte’s sash, an exquisite, ice-blue piece of silk that he would wear along with a hood, effectively concealing his face from sight.

Aside from their warmth and appearance, Victor wore these robes due to their variety of complex enchantments, some for protection and others for more powerful spell-casting, and yet more that kept them relatively clean. Beneath the robes he currently wore a grey pair of woolen pants and a white, short-sleeved, linen shirt. His underclothes were rather informal, but it mattered little, for he rarely had cause to remove his exterior apparel.

The dining and ball room was rather large, holding some tables laden with food and beverages. Victor picked a table off to the side of the room and set his bag of clothing down next to the chair before seating himself. He poured a glass of red wine and cut a slice of beef from a large roasted chunk. Taking a few small potatoes, he began eating, soon forsaking the wine for water after finally realizing how thirsty he’d been. Once he’d drunken his fill, he resumed eating. Many of the others had gone to their rooms first, for which he was glad; he was here to study any tomes and artifacts that still littered the old tower. The less he had to deal with distractions, the better.
Reyara watched the loud mouthed human woman storm over, grab her key and do some other unpleasing things. "Goddess she is annoying." She said as she got herself a room key. "Room 114. Ok first floor is always nice." She said to herself as she walked towards the hall the human paladin had gone down. Her room seemed to be next to his. “Perfect.” She muttered as she turned around and immediately went to the dining hall. She couldn’t help but marvel at the masterful crafting that went into this building.

Reyara found a seat across from the human woman. She sat down and removed her hood, revealing her white hair, and fair skin, well fair for a night elf. It still had violet undertones but it was quite pale. She took a look at the wine and drank some before neatly moving some food to her plate. “So.” She said. “What brings you to a place like this? Seems out of the way for most.” She added as she took a bite of bread. Reyara eyed the human woman up. Ceyara was oddly quite for this. Perhaps she was observing quietly.

The wine was a good year and the bread didn't taste stale. So far things were looking alright for her. She knew her question was probing, but she wanted to know about this woman, mainly why he attitude was so sour. Reyara might not be the nicest person alive, but a little politeness in public did wonders for your reputation. It also helped lower people's guard.
The wine had mellowed Vira out quite a bit, and when Reyara sat down she gave a slight smile. "Ah, yes. A Kaldorei. How nice of you to join me. This is quite the place! A grand style and a posh look. But the service is quite lacking." her eyes roved around the room.

The food on the table seemed all right and Vira decided this was all they were going to get. She took a bit of bread and inspected a jar on the table, it seemed to hold a thick golden substance. "I wonder if this is honey? I would imagine it is...but I am not sure." she eyed the elf and smiled warmly. "Would you like some honey on your bread?"

There was really no way to know without tasting it and Vira was suspicious. Things were very odd to her. An Undead as an Innkeeper...a death knight at the waiters in sight..what was going on? Her eyes did not give away the turmoil in her head. If this was just the beginning, what was next? Oh but the elf had asked her a question!

"I had some vacation time coming. I needed a break. I have an inheritance to spend. Too large to go through in my lifetime." she chuckled. It was true she had gold in the bank and money to burn. But how she got it was another thing. She was not about to tell anyone who she inherited the gold from.
Kemnebi's ears drooped at the idea of being a waiter. He couldn't exactly ask people for their orders, but he could walk around and offer people various things. He shrugged and slunk off to the back door of the kitchen.

He peeked in and noticed the kitchen staff were mindless ghouls. His ears drooped again and he held very still so they couldn't spot him. He wanted to go running from this place now. But if he wanted to get enough gold to get home, he would have to complete his task and face the ghouls.

He realized ghouls weren't very sanitary for food preparation and that he would need to clean them up. It might also be merciful. He backed away from the door and waited until a ghoul walked nearby. He started flailing wildly so the lone ghoul would notice him, just to see what happened.

Unsurprisingly, the ghoul headed after the skittish ranger to try and eat his brains. That's just how ghouls roll. Kemnebi led his new slow-moving ghoulfriend out of the room adjacent to the kitchen into the hallway. He shot at it as it sauntered through the doorway until it was dead... again.

He repeatedly did this until he had cleaned up the kitchen. He collected and cleaned off his arrows afterwards then snooped around the pantry and closet. In the pantry he found magically preserved foodstuff and ingredients. In the closet he found a mirror, the various uniforms and shuffled through them. He couldn't quite find one that fit his lanky build, picked the best fit and opted to put it on over his clothing to make it look like it fit better. He dumped his mail overarmor in the closet, in a dark corner behind a box, a suitable hiding place.

He looked at his bow and quiver and frowned. They belonged to his late and only friend, Vanessa, and he did not want to lose what little of her he has left. Besides, what if there were more ghouls? What if they tried to attack the patrons? He wouldn't get any tip money if they were dead.

He put the quiver back on, tightening the strap across his chest. He then strapped the bow on his back using straps on the quiver made for that purpose. He put on a chef's hat and looked at himself in the mirror and cracked a slight smile. He looked silly. He took the hat off and put it away. He ran his hand through his messy black hair a few times, trying and failing to make it look neater.

He stuck his hands in the jacket pockets and found a writing tool and the pad of paper. Sadly his written communication skills were almost as bad as his speaking skills. He shrugged.

Kem decided to go explore the dining hall. He stood upright and walked, very rigid, trying to do his best snooty waiter impression. His rigidness was so over-exaggerated some might find it comedic. He noticed the table was a banquet style table so the need for more foodstuffs wasn't immediate. He moved to the small bar sation and stared at the bottles.

Various funny lookin names and numbers, decorative labels. One of the bottles had "XXX" and a jolly roger emblem on it, it was possibly a bottle of poison. Kemnebi thought nothing of it, figuring it was some pirate themed liquor. He decided on a white, frosted bottle with a black label and warm colored leaf motif on it. It reminded him of the trees back home.

Kemnebi walked over to the various patrons in the dining hall, walking around to each one and holding up the bottle as if he were offering them some. You can boss him around now.
Lucius walked in first, and quickly examined the room. The room was pristine, art-deco paintings hung on the walls which were an off white marble. the rug was soft and plush, a deep vibrant red which clashed with the white, but somehow managed to accent the royal blue tapestry and bedding. Among some of the other furniture, were a coffee table, a few padded high backed chairs and a refreshment table filled with wine, cheese and crackers. With expert precision Lucius went through the room checking for the obvious signs of foul play. No wires were to be found, the refreshment looked innocuous, giving off no strange odors. In his opinion the room was clean, and that was good enough for Cornelius.

Once his compatriot gave him the all clear, Cornelius quickly exited the hallway and made his way to the closet which no doubt held the clothes shipped ahead of him. Opening up the large case, Cornelius pulled out a comfortable and loose fitting white robe. Quickly he changed the moving statues still weighing heavily on his mind. Thy had moved, he wasn't crazy, and Lucius believed him. Though he had put on a nonchalant facade, his friend had believed him, which meant that the statues had moved. He wasn't sure if he liked this place, perhaps he would have to cut his stay short. With what had transpired, Cornelius opted to carry his firearm. Cinching his robe with golden tassel, the merchant was ready. With a nod too Lucius the pair exited the room and secured it. As Lucius closed the door he placed a small metal clip in the door jam and locked the door.

"Quite the place, isn't it? It's much grander than I'd imagined."

Though Cornelius would deny it, his heart jumped into his throat and he visibly flinched, which drew a small chuckle out of Lucius as he stood up and dusted himself off. Turning towards the young man he stood up too his full height of 5'10" and spoke, "This place is a place full of fantastic mystery. No expense was spared in its majesty. this once was the halls of medivh, barons and baroness sat in the halls, and now they are all gone..... though they can still be found." the serious tone and demeanor evaporated. Letting out a jovial laugh, Lucius continued, "At least that's what the rumors are, though i am a skeptic."

Stepping forward Lucius extended his black gloved hand in friendship. The man looked as though he did not belong. Garbed in a full length black leather armor, which contrasted with his nondescript farm boy face. Brown locks hung loosely over his brow. He looked like familiar, like you knew him, but when you tried to remember his name, you couldn't place your finger on it.

All the while Cornelius stood next to the door, a friendly smile on his face, but too any observer it would be obvious that something weighed heavily on him.
Ahdes was an assassin by trade. His reasons? Well, he only needed two reasons. The first reason was it put gold in his pocket allowing his unlife to become bearable. The second reason was perhaps the reason he most enjoyed. The second reason was that taking the lives of other for hire made Ahdes feel alive. The excitement, the rush, the glory of combat, made Ahdes forget the fact he was undead and live for the moment. Ahdes soon became famous in the dagger for hire world as "The Red Rogue". This name might be due to the fact that Ahdes would only wear red clothes. However it also might be due to the amount of blood around his victims when he was finished.

Ahdes remembered nothing from when he was alive. He wasn't even sure Ahdes was his real name. He had to pesky memories of his life to bother him on the job. However, more often than not Ahdes questioned weather or not his love of combat came from when he was alive. From his own deductions Ahdes figured out he must have been a warrior in life, it was the only reason to explain irrational blood lust he felt during near death combat. But it didn't explain why his corpse was so well preserved, in fact it contradicted it, but Ahdes didn't really care enough to give it a second thought.

Ahdes received another job for hire upon entering the eastern plaguelands on a whim. The request came from a fellow undead that really wanted a certain human killed. It was an odd request to say the least. Normally when Ahdes received a job he was given a better description of his target, but this time the only description he was given was "look for the wealthy human with the golden robes in the Karazhan Hotel."

After arriving at the Karazhan Hotel. Ahdes stood cloaked in the shadows watching people enter the hotel one by one. None of the people walking in matched the description he was given. He saw a few humans but none looked terribly wealthily. After a while of waiting Ahdes decided to go in and investigate, perhaps his target was already inside. He walked slowly towards the front date and noticed a death knight working at the door. Ahdes paused for a moment questioning why a death knight would possibly be working at a hotel. He decided to gather intelligence by speaking to the death knight. Ahdes spoke to the death knight. "They got ... you working ... rather late, don't they" Ahdes said in a broken voice to Sydric
Cornelius's apprehensive start upon hearing his voice made Rodney !@#$ his head in interest. He glanced around as the odd merchant spoke of Medivh, as well as 'ghosts' that remained within to haunt the halls. Though Rodney surely believed in the afterlife, he was doubting such a place as this would house a host of trapped souls within it's walls... else it would certainly not be able to stand as such a fine hotel, would it?

"Ah, I believe such rumors are just that, my good fellow!" The paladin strode to match Lucius's hand, giving it a firm shake. His gaze glanced between the two figures, his brow raising ever-so-slightly for a moment when it fell upon Lucius. Whatever ran through his mind flickered out almost the instant it came.

"I have heard many things about the magi who resided here. It is difficult to tell truth from myth for as long as the stories have spread about. I figured I would come see it for myself."
And it was true... as a boy he had heard the fabled stories of Medivh, told mostly by his mentor within the order. He had always had an interest, if not a fantasy of discovering some hidden secret within the strange mansion, battling and banishing some devilish spirit to save the world.

Rodney chuckled at himself as his childish whims resurfaced in his mind. No, such things were merely fairy tales and held no merit. His lot had fallen on a much less opulent scale. Taught by a good man of the Faith, he had been raised to the teachings of priests and paladins alike. In fact, he'd been buried so deep within prayers and such, he even found himself some days wondering what was so 'fantastical' about the light.... It seemed other powers he'd seen were just as capable, without seemingly tedious and boring to summon. 'Corruption' was what his mentors warned might happen to those who tapped into other sources....

"Bah!" He said out loud, shaking the memories from his mind and returning his focus to the two men before him. "My name is Rodney Faden! Are you two hungry after your journey here by chance? I'm certain I smelled something good coming from somewhere."
Sydric stared at the undead as he approached. "It's a job...I don't need sleep...or food...and I am a guardian and on watch for intruders. Do you have a reason to be here?" his voice mildly curious, but not threatening.

It was almost dark and he expected that all who were going to be staying here for this night were already here. He held the door open for the Forsaken and gestured him inside. "If you have business here then go inside. I need to lock this soon." he was not in a hurry to test the old innkeepers words of locking all inside including him.

He figured it was just her being sarcastic. He was not at all sure why he was here, now that he thought about it. A sense of dread never stopped him from plowing forward however.
Ahdes, was quick to answer Sydric's question. "I come here ... merely for business ... nothing more. "

Ahdes, entered the hotel after Sydric gestured him inside. He looked around at the other people in the hotel. Still no one matched his marks description. Ahdes was now convinced that he was a wild goose chase. Something Ahdes really doesn't take to kindly is being fooled. Although there was not much he could do now. Sydric was already getting ready to lock the door. Ahdes decided to stay the night. After all what could be the harm. . .
Sydric shrugged and closed the door. He leaned back against the wall next to it and pondered. What would it take to make his life more interesting? The guests seemed to have settled in the banquet area and he watched as the Forsaken walked to the desk to get a room key.

Hannah nodded politely to Ahdes and handed him a key. "You are the last to arrive. Enjoy your stay." his room was 120, at the end of the hallway. She bowed politely to him and excused herself.

The fact she was behind a desk and came out from it to head into the kitchen was not lost on Sydric. "So that was the last, I don't imagine there is need for me to stay here." he mused to himself. Scratching his chin he turned back to the door and contemplated the words of the old innkeeper. "You will not be leaving. No one will."

To his utter surprise the handle of the door was shimmering and seemed to be disappearing. It took about ten seconds for it to vanish, fading to a flat surface with no way to pull the door open. His eyes grew wider and he reached out a hand to feel the place where the handle had been, thinking it an illusion. It was cold and flat, the wood had no marks on it, just a smooth finish that matched the rest of the decor. He raised his hand to go over the edges of the doorway and try to pry it open, but he could not get any leverage and the seal of the door to frame was too tight.

If he had been alive, Sydric would have panicked about now. As it was he could not help but feel a strange upsurge in excitement. He looked around to see if any of the others were close by. He saw only the disappearing form of the Forsaken as he headed for the banquet room. Sydric thought about calling out, but he did not want to appear foolish,

Curious now he headed to the banquet area and looked around. He had no need to eat or drink. But he was curious. Who were these people and what caused them to be here? He walked calmly to the table and sat down next to Vira. He was about to ask her name and be polite when she rounded on him with contempt. "What are you doing? I know death knights do not need to eat or drink...go sit somewhere else."

He smiled at her and nodded. "While it is true I do not need to...sometimes I enjoy the actions. It gives me a sense of normalcy in an otherwise bleak life. After all when Arthas gave us immortality, he wasn't just kidding around. He made us efficient killing troops, with a very high rate of success I might add. Death knights are almost unstoppable. Enhanced armor, runed weapons, an innate life force that does not need fuel in an ordinary sense. All we need is a bit of necromantic essence we collect from the corpses around us. We can keep going for days as long as we can keep killing." he smiled.

Vira sensed something then that made her skin crawl. It was like a spider crawling up her bare back and she could not reach it. The realization struck her that there were very few in the room with her now except for the death knight and the Kaldorei woman across from her. And there was a gentleman sitting a distance away. He seemed lost in his thoughts. A waiter scurried around offering wine from a bottle. She glared at him and held her hand over her glass. She already had a mostly full bottle of wine in front of her, she did not like to mix wines. it messed up the flavors.

Syd had made some interesting remarks and she felt herself shrinking away from him. The rumors of this place being haunted did nothing to reassure her. "I think I will go to my room now." she said quietly. She was about to get up when Syd laid a hand on hers as it sat on the table between them.

"Don't go! I wanted to get to know more about all of you. Do stay...have some more wine." his other hand reached over and picked up the bottle of expensive wine and poured her glass about half full.
With little interest in Kem's wine offering and food already served Kem returned to the bar and put the leafy bottle away. Of course, Kem has always been bad with people, so it comes as no surprise to him. There was little for him to do.

He stood against a wall with his eyes closed, listening to everyone else, impulses and single word trains of thought entering his mind. Foolish, he was foolish for trying at all, he would have been better off outside. Walk, he could just walk in the direction of home. He'd get there eventually. Go. He should just go.

The ranger-waiter headed back to the kitchen, past all the patrons in the dining-hall, to collect his chainmail, get out of the awful uniform, and leave the establishment.
Ahdes, headed to the banquet room. He was not much for social interaction. With his mission become a wash, Ahdes decided to take a seat in the chair at end of the long table. He had nothing against anyone here, none of them angered him and none of them where his target. If anyone where to approach him he'd speak, but he had no reason to start a conversation.
Victor gazed over at the priest and death knight as they conversed, wondering how an upstanding person of the Light could stand an undead's presence. "No matter. I'll need to be getting to my chambers now. If I ever want a chance to look around, I have to get away from such distractions as food and company."

Standing from his chair, the necromancer made his way out of the dining hall toward the rooms. Once he arrived at his door, Victor pulled out the key and pushed the door open. The room was rather nice, if such a thing could be said for any place inside an old haunted tower. The furnishing were made from smooth silk, the colors blending together nicely. The room itself had a large amount of floor space, giving it an open and welcome feel.

Hardly interested in the quarters which he hardly planned to use, Victor arranged his belongings neatly on top of the bed, turned on his heel and walked out of the room, locking it again behind him. In all honesty, he hadn't the slightest clue of where to look for a library of any sort, so he picked a seemingly random direction and hoped for the best. If he couldn't find it on his own, he would be forced to get help from another of the inn's visitor, a notion which made him anxious, against all logic; how could anyone find out that he was a necromancer? He didn't exactly flaunt it.

Setting off down a long hallway, Victor began his search.
Reyara offered a small smile at the woman’s comments about a large inheritance. She preferred to simply ‘Persuade’ people to give her what she wanted. Then the death knight from the door came up before she could reply and began asking the human questions.

The undead made her uneasy, especially death knights. “If you excuse me I am tired and will retire for the evening.” Reyara said. Ceyara was agreeing with everything Reyara was doing. “Get out of there.” She kept saying in her mind. She walked out of the banquit hall and towards the door. She needed some fresh air.

As she reached the door she noticed the handle was not there. “What?” She said as she tried to get a hold of the door, but it was secured. “We’re trapped.” She said as she took a few steps back. Turning around she readied herself for what could be some kind of ambush. “This is a fine mess you got us into.” Ceyara said in her mind. “Yeah well you didn’t exactly object to it.” Reyara retorted. She moved into a corner and melded with the shadow. “Have to stay hidden. Something is very wrong here.” She muttered
Cornelius watched his friend speak with the one named Rodney. There easy banter irritated him slightly, seemingly mocking his unease. His thought remained dour until Rodney brought up the topic of food. His dour thoughts abated somewhat as the though of a high quality cuisine be consumed drifted through his mind.

“That sounds like a marvelous idea, Rodney isn’t it?” Cornelius intoned. “A place as expensive as this must have some damn fine catering. Taking a few steps forward he placed his right hand on Lucius shoulder and beckoned for the two to accompany him.

If Rodney were too follow Cornelius would inquire about his reasons and his means for staying in a place like this at an age so young.
“That sounds like a marvelous idea, Rodney isn’t it?” Cornelius intoned. “A place as expensive as this must have some damn fine catering. Taking a few steps forward he placed his right hand on Lucius shoulder and beckoned for the two to accompany him.
Rodney glanced about the immaculate, spacious halls around him as Cornelius and Lucius turned back towards the dining hall. Damn fine catering indeed. The place was huge, and the craftsmanship of the castle was undoubtedly equal to that of a royal sum. It had cost quite the fortune for just himself to afford his week's stay. It only made sense that the food was equally as majestic.

"Well said, and I dare say it'd better be truth!" He replied to Cornelius, catching up and walking along side the merchant and his strange bodyguard. He followed along silent for a moment, though his attention was definitely thrown all about him as his eyes roved over the building as he walked. Ancient pictures lined the walls, shadowing the suits of armor that were periodically placed about. One creaked as the trio passed by, or at least he thought he heard it so, causing him to pause for a moment, regarding it. With a shrug, he continued, reasoning to himself that it was most likely just a critter hiding about. It was, after-all, a very old building.

His attention was drawn back to Cornelius and Lucius as the merchant asked about his arrival, and means of fortune.

"My family is quite well off," Rodney replied, the smile returning to his face. "My grandfather was a naval officer, and my father a very successful trader. Though, such as my assests are decent, this was almost a stretch to justify. I'm almost certain I could rent King Varian's castle for what it cost to spend a week here!" He chuckled, though true, it was very costly, the paladin had no remorse in dropping the coin on such an opportunity. In truth, he was sorry that he had but a week to spend before he had to return to Stormwind, and reality.

Shrugging it off, he turned back to the pair he walked with. How about yourself, judging merely from appearance, I'd say you are much along the same path as my own father, though more successful, as you have this gentleman here to accompany you in your travels. It was enough for my own stay here, I couldn't imagine the cost for two!"
As they entered the banquet hall, Cornelius released Lucius shoulder and the rogue made a bee line straight for the Buffet. Slowing down so that he matched Rodney stride for stride, he listened to the mans response. "My family is quite well off," Rodney replied, the smile returning to his face. "My grandfather was a naval officer, and my father a very successful trader. Though, such as my assets are decent, this was almost a stretch to justify. I'm almost certain I could rent King Varian's castle for what it cost to spend a week here!"

He allowed himself a small chuckle while he thought of how to answer, why should a merchant need a bodyguard in such an expensive resort as this? Or how could any normal merchant be able to afford a trip for two to this place? “instead he decided to dig into his new acquaintances past. “A history of honor or coin, a rare combination in my opinion, usually the paths are exclusive. So which path did you follow, your fathers or grand fathers?”

As the pair entered the banquet hall, Cornelius observed the occupants. Off in a corner sat a leather clad forsaken, while in the center sat the doorman, the female clergy member and the night elven woman. Turning towards the trio, Cornelius found himself a spot near enough to listen and talk but not directly adjacent.

Waving down a waiter he handed the man a handful of gold coins. “This will be the start of my tab sir, Could you bring me a bottle of Brightsong wine, a bottle of Don Carlos tequila for my friends here, and then whatever the ladies of their would like. When the Man returned with his wine he poured himself a glass and watched as the waiter approached the trio. If any would look over he would smile and raise his wine glass in salute.


As he entered the banquet hall, lucius darted towards the buffet line. Grabbing two plates the rogue loaded the two high. Mashed potatoes, gravy, roasted fowl, turkey, he could feel himself salivating just thinking about the meal to come. On the way back to the table he caught a lone forsaken sitting off into the corner. The undead seemed out of place in a resort like this. Sparing just a final glance, he sat down and distributed the food.

As the bottle of tequila and shot glances were placed on the table, he would look towards Rodney and smile, “well young one, now it’s time to earn your stripes.” Filling the glances up, he would raise it in cheers and wait for Rodney to lift the glace in response. While he waited he made a mental note to ask around the resort and see If he could find out something about that forsaken.
Holding Vira's hand, the death knight leaned forward to glare at her. Why are you here? Is there a reason why you are sitting in a posh resort hotel instead of helping with the war effort? I wonder, are you hiding from someone or something?" his chilled breath flowing over her.

The further he leaned closer to her, the more Vira shrank back against her chair. Visibly struggling to try and free her hand. "Let go of me you monster! You are creating a scene! It's none of your business why I am here! I could ask you the same question!" her words spoken in a fierce whisper. She was obviously irritated and the glare in her eyes was dangerous. She thought of using her mind control spell on him and put him in his place.

With a twitch of her other hand and a mumbled spell under her breath she lashed out at Sydric with a mind control spell. All she wanted was to get him to leave her alone. It worked far better than she could have hoped for.

Sydric dropped her hand and stood up slowly. His eyes glazed over and he walked woodenly to the kitchen. Not looking at any one or anything but stepping slowly like he was in a trance. He disappeared from sight as he entered the kitchen. It was only then that she released his mind with an order to stay away from her thrown in for good measure.

In the kitchen, Sydric snapped back into control and looked around in confusion. The kitchen staff were lying around in piles of gore. He had not been in here since he arrived at the hotel. Who had done this? His mind a whirl of thoughts as he remembered the innkeepers words. Was there something in the hotel that enjoyed killing people? His hand went to his axe and he started investigating the signs of struggle.

His necromantic powers were slightly enhanced and he could tell these had been dead for some time. Curious now he attempted to raise one to see if it could remember what happened. The spell took him only a couple of seconds to cast and one of the ghouls rose to his feet and shambled towards him, "Master, I serve"

Nodding at the fact that this one could talk unlike most who usually just made nonsense garbling, he asked. "What happened here? Who did this to you?"

The ghoul stared at him a moment and seemed to shrug, "All dead, Master kills us again and again...we live to serve." it sighed and slumped in a resigned fashion.

"Who is your Master? Before me, who did you serve?" he was careful in his wording, as ghouls are not particularly smart.

This one however seemed to shrink in fear as Sydric asked his question. "Man with pointy robes...laugh at us and make us dance. Not know name."

Sydric stood perplexed. Was the ghoul referring to the original master of the Keep? Or was there another more sinister and more sadistic? The death knight had his moments where he enjoyed toying with a helpless Alliance occasionally, but it was mostly because of the Lich King inserting that hunger in him. Usually he was more civilized and kept his hunger at bay by killing visious animals.

He resolved to investigate and moved to the back hallways off the kitchen. He would find this Master who liked to play thusly with his victims. Perhaps it was another death knight succumbing to the madness? Or a necromancer doing some sadistic research? Whoever it was, Syd wanted to meet him. A slight smile crossed his lips as he thought of the fun he might have as a minion of this man.
Ahdes watch carefully as more and more people entered the dining room. To him the social interaction from the various patrons bored him back to death. Although he wasn't about to leave this place without finding out why he was sent here. Being convinced that the target he was looking for didn't actually exist there must have been some reason he was sent here. Maybe I was the same reason everyone was here. Ahdes figured if anyone knew the reason the people were here it would be an employe at this hotel. Unfortunately, the only employ he knew was the doorman.

He saw the doorman leave the table and head for the kitchen. Ahdes stealthed himself and quiet followed the death knight doorman into the kitchen.

Once in he kitchen Ahdes saw the puttered mess of bodies that lay blood and broken on the floor. Ahdes was not as shocked as Sydric and merely shrugged his shoulders and thought to himself.
"Hmm ... kinda looks like my work, although if it was me I won't have put them in a pile.... I would have tore them apart ... let them bleed out where they lay."

Ahdes then saw Sydric raise a undead and listened to the question and answer segment between Sydric and the corpse. After Sydric left the kitchen to the hallways in back Ahdes followed him with similar thoughts in his head.

"If this master guy does this kind of work I wonder how well, he pays. I could always use a steady gig."

Then Ahdes thought further on the matter. That corpse said the master laughed at them, made them dance and them he killed them. Not the kind of person Ahdes would ever work for.

Now Ahdes had a new reason for wanting to meet this "Master" Ahdes wanted to end him. Being a forsaken Ahdes realized how terrible it is being undead. They are stripped of most of the rights they had while alive and are treated as second class life forms. This Death Knight Ahdes was still following was the same. He brought back a corpse just for information not caring of the life the corpse could of lead after being reborn. Ahdes may have been a taker of lives but to him a taker of rights was worse.

Adhes had a quick choice to make would he ally he self with this death knight to find this master, or try to kill them both or the disgraceful actions they forced the undead to do. Ahdes decided to ally himself with the Death Knight for now. He figured the enemy of my enemy is my friend, After all this "Master" just killed a whole room of people single handed Ahdes might need help should the need to kill the master arose. This Death Knight might just be the help he needed.

Ahdes walked a few feet behind and Sydric and to a lesser extent, the ghoul. Ahdes soon un cloaked himself and began to speak, giving away his element of surprise. It was best to try and speak to Sydric quickly as to make him a possible ally.

"Don't be alarmed Door Knight. ... We met outside... I saw the mess in the kitchen..., I was sleathed during your inquisition of the corspe. .... I take it your looking for this "Master" it spoke of .... but answer me this, ... don't you work here? Wouldn't the person that hired you to work the door me the "Master" of this place? .... What ... exactly is going on here?

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