GDKP Signups 5/20/2013 @ 7:00 Server

Name: Kyrande
Main Spec: Boomkin
Main Spec Item Level: 488 atm. Blame my trinket.
Off-Spec: Restoration
Off-Spec Item Level: Approximately the same.
ToT Experience: I've seen everything and know how to do 5/12H. Does that count?
Gold Willing to Spend: 30k+

I'm applying because Deb told me to and he seems oblivious to my trinket problems. Will probably be there, just have a funeral earlier in the day.
Name: Rive
Main Spec: Combat
Main Spec item level: 508
ToT Experience: 12/12 LFR 1/12 Normal
Gold willing to spend: 30k
Name: Berzerkelf
Main Spec: Arms
Main Spec Item Level: 502
Off-Spec: Prot
Off-Spec Item Level: 496
ToT Experience: Lfr 12/12, 1/12 normal
Gold Willing to Spend: 25k
Class- Hunter
Main spec Item lvl-417
Main spec Survival
Off spec BM
ToT exp 1-12 lfr, 1/6 normal

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