Raiders Wanted!! :)

Silverites 10 man raid is looking for some new members to replace our guildy's that have moved on due to irl commitments.

About the Guild- Were a smaller level 25 guild on the sever and are a fairly close group of friends. You will find many of us on vent each night having a great time on wow raiding, farming, gearing and mucking around we also play many other games as a guild group for fun.

Raid Team- Were looking for 3 players atm players are expected to make all 3 raid nights which are Wednesday, Friday and Sunday nights 8-11pm sever time. We currently need 1 Tank (any class), 1 Healer with DPS os (shaman or Priest) and 1 DPS (Rogue, Monk, Feral Druid, Enhanced shaman best). These classed listed would be the best for our team however everyone will be considered. I have not set an ilvl nor have i answered all questions you may have about the team and that's because id like to have a quick to anyone wanting to join the team :)

Plz send mail or msg noodlebox in game :)

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