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i just sterted do i get to play threw all the burning crusadeds asn linch king stuff even though it already happend it seems all i get to do is go here and take this to so and so go here and gathet like fethers or something i want to do the epic stuff like in the cinimatics and on the comershals dose anyone else thats new feel the same way? or is it only for the people who dont have kids .i only get to get on around 11:00 p.m and can stay on for a few hours a day am i going to do the cool stuff or should i just give up?

Welcome to WoW, hope you've enjoyed the first 33 levels!

I'll break up your post into the questions posed to make it easier to respond:

1) "Do I get to play through all the Burning Crusades and Lich King stuff?"

It seems like you already know the story, but I'll try not to spoiler anything. Essentially you will be able to go to Outlands when you're level 58. You can then start assisting the Horde effort to build a base, fight for three control points (PVP), and start invading Hellfire dungeons. Most of WoW is quest related so you will often come across the "Kill six enemies" and "Collect magical gem from X". However, if you read the storylines and start piecing it together you can enjoy a lot of lore. Wrath of the Lich King is the best expansion ever, and I hope you get to fully explore it - the Icecrown quests make you feel like you're actually thwarting the Lich King personally.

2) "I want to do epic stuff like in the cinematics and in the commercials"

At early levels you get a taste of your abilities. The truly epic content comes once you can raid, or via PVP. PVE content is generally pretty easy as the game was designed so 13 year olds can play it successfully. Hit your "H" button on the keyboard and sign up for a battleground - go head to head with a team against other players and show 'em what you're made of. To repeat, high levels give you greater abilities, more visual effects and raids (like Ulduar) can be amazing visual experiences. As you level, you'll unlock new battlegrounds as well, with different game modes and player counts. Have you tried doing any PVE instances? The early ones are 8 years old and players faceroll the content nowadays, but it gets much much better once you hit Burning Crusade/Wrath of the Lich King.

3) "Is it only for people who don't have kids?"

I'm in a mature guild where the majority of players have their own children (not on this toon, this toon is in a younger guild), and they just play casually, enjoy group content on occasion, and love their daily quests. Very important for those players that they find the right guild, so yeah, if your current guild turns out not to be so great, don't be afraid of joining another guild. My only advice is don't expect a guild to be "everything" you want, just make sure it has what you "require".

4) "Am I going to do the cool stuff or should I just give up?"

What cool stuff? My main character is a healer, and for me "the cool stuff" is keeping my allies green bars at 100% while not dying myself. When I'm on my DPS characters the cool stuff is whipping out overwhelming damage to destroy anything in my way. If you're finding that your current character is boring you, try something different. Warriors cool features are the thunderclap and charging, later you get Heroic Leap and whirlwind attacks. Other classes get different cool features you might enjoy better.

Also, I primarily play Horde, where the story is a little more "urgent" as the Horde tends to either be destroying or is being destroyed. I found the Alliance quest lines to be a little more "Here's flowers, please take them to my grandmother."

P.S. Everything I wrote is simply an opinion.
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