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Pet Battles
Mine is a Sea pony :3, I have him out on every progression fight. Which is yours?
I tend to use the Darkmoon Eye -- it helps me find myself in guild screenshots.
Giraffe Calf + Magical Pet Biscuit so he's honkin' huge.

I don't do progression raiding, but I pull him out and biscuit him up whenever I'm running something hoping for a specific drop (generally just old raids, whether for raid pet drops or for specific transmog pieces). He makes the stuff I want drop more often, I swear!
Meatloaf, my Clefthoof Runt =) I bring him out on my raid team, he is officially our team mascot. A lot of times I'll biscuit him and use the pet wash so he sparkles, and people will frequently try to loot him =P
Usually Spawn of G'nathus or Mr. Bigglesworth as my lucky charm as they look pretty impressive with a pet biscuit. :D
My flawless-stoned turkey pet, whom I named "Loot Offering".

Gets sacrificed in the grim campfire I have every time.
Creepy Crate, I like him cuz he eats snakes. I named him Sluuurp.
Tres Minfernals
my Darkmoon Eye. His name is Eye Of Sauron.
Flayer Youngling.

Picked him up for looks.

Amazing for initial leveling push.

Disrupting players rotations in PvP ever since.
Magical Crawdad used to be my lucky pet back when raiding in BC and Wrath. Nowadays I just pick whatever pet i'm in the mood for, but Crawdad still holds a place in my heart!
Usually I run around with Singing Sunflower, it makes noises and casts spells randomly.
I hope to get the blessing of the god mr bigglesworth and after many deaths of the raiders in my guild he might grant us the abilty to not mess up easy abiltys and kill the boss
Mini Tyrael is my good luck charm. Every time I have him out I win something, whether in a dungeon, LFR, or pet battle. He's awesome! Wish his abilities were a teensy bit better, but I love the little guy.
Mr. Bigglesworth, my little ball of fur and pent-up kittyrage from countless adventurers slaying him in Naxxramas. When I'm idling in a city I'll usually have him out with a growth biscuit.
Rizz is having to sit out progression raiding this expansion <sniffle> as my guild needed a healer. Boggle the cogblade raptor is my (engineer) resto shaman's constant companion. When things get tough she busts out the clefthoof runt named Rukharello after our former guild leader and my raid leader through 2 expansions.

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