5.3 ShoR nerf

Today's patch notes include a 5% nerf to the base damage reduction of Shield of the Righteous, from 30% to 25%. Think this is going to affect our gearing strategy? A Mastery build might be more in demand now to make up for the base loss in mitigation, at least for heroic progression. Thoughts?
No, it's too insignificant a nerf. There was a thread about this...Last week, I think? Greater uptime is still going to be more valuable that greater reduction since the higher uptime will mean you're less spiky. It's a balance nerf to try and make other tanks more attractive, since the perception is that Prot Pallies are OP as hell right now.
Is it confirm?
Is it confirm?

Yes, it's in the official patch notes now.
Yes, it's in the official patch notes now.

Is there a link i can read about it...

It's really not a major change. It's probably just to combat mastery scaling without directly nerfing mastery. Even if you're stacking haste, your mastery will continue to rise as you gain better gear, making ShoR more and more powerful even as it becomes usable more and more often.
Ah, I guess I brought it up because I'm still a bit undergeared for heroics but being thrown into them already. Currently when I'm tanking heroic Ji'Kun, for example, talon rake still can do an extreme amount of damage at 2-3 stacks even with ShoR up, and I can imagine it being lethal after a 5% nerf. But with 522+ ilvl I don't think I'd be as concerned. Sticking with haste for now.
I'm not too worried about it personally, but it will certainly make my guild's progress a bit slower. . The other prot pally was getting one-shot after all of the second Talon Rake (heroic, but still). Repeatedly. /sigh

Also might make it harder for me to solo the last 5% on progression bosses.

EDIT: The other prot pally is within 2 ilvls of me, and I've been able to handle 4-6 Talon Rake stacks on multiple occasions. Our healers keep asking me if he's doing something wrong because I'm so much easier to heal. >_>;
It's not really the Talon Rake that's dangerous, since its on a timer and can be CD'd, its the Dot that can really hurt at high stacks, which combined with a TR is dangerous. Good timing of your Hand of Purity can make a big difference there.

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