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So i started my tenure at the end of BC, beginning of wrath, and quit at the beginning of Cata. Well middle I guess. Firelands was just introduced before i took my leave.

Now I'm coming back and have a few questions/concerns to ask the general census.

1) I do not have MoP. I raised my chars (none of these are my original ones) in Wrath. Loved that expansion. Went back and toured all of BC and enjoyed it, but didn't getta enjoy it in all it's glory since it was kinda easy mode after Wrath. I do not intend to buy MoP until I know for sure I'm gonna dedicate quite a bit of time to WoW again. Is this a mistake? Am I missing most of the action now that everyone is 90 and doing Panda raids?

2) This Enhance Shammy is my main and I plan to keep him that way. Holy hell, blizz changed some things up - for the most part I kinda re-learned him (still have more learning to do). Still viable to keep Enhance Shaman's around for PvE (never tried PvP with this guy, and this is the only shaman spec I've tried).

3) Without MoP i'm locked at 85 with Cata content. In reference to 1), am I missing out on a lot of fun/experience? Elaboration: everyone is 90 and focused on current/end game content (which is totally understandable). Are there still any guilds/groups of people hanging around the 80-85's and doing Cata content? Or am i gonna kinda be alone for awhile leaving me to do achievements and go around collecting mounts and what not?

Any feedback is appreciated :)
1) I think it makes sense not to buy MOP if you don't know whether you want to play again. However you obviously won't be able to participate in anything endgame. I'm not sure what you mean by missing the action. Endgame stuff always takes place at endgame. There are groups that might do old raids, but yes the majority of the raiding community will be doing the endgame raids.

2) All specs of all classes are viable.

3)As I said above, you might find people doing old raids, but it won't be the focus of the raiding community.
I started in Cata. (Technically, just before, but was I think level 20 or so when Cata was released.) I liked it, but the depth of the story line, the sheer number of activities, and quality* of the game has been increased at least 10 fold in my estimation with Mists. I like Mists a ton better.

Cata was kind of bland - even when it was end game material. Now that it's no longer end-game, I can't imagine being stuck there. If you didn't enjoy it then, I can't imagine you'd find reasons to enjoy it now.

So yes, this is purely my opinion, but not buying Mists given what you've already described would be a grave mistake. There's no way you are going to be happy running Cata content alone at this point, and Cata content is in no way representative of the current state of the game.


*Forgot the footnote - quality is of course purely subjective.

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