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My playtime's a bit erratic with work and university, so ideally I'd be chasing an RP server that's got a fair bit of activity during prime time as well as non-prime time. I would wager a server with a good amount of Aussies as well as Americans would be good in that respects. Anyone know of any? Alliance side I guess would be preferred.
Anyone have any recommendations?
It totally depends on what kind of rp you are looking for. You need to be a bit more specific. You want an ongoing story with a group of friends? You want one on one leveling and rp combined? You just want random silliness like bar crawling and chit chat?

You will get the same answer that is given everytime this question is asked. I do believe Moonguard is the most for population including late evening hours. I know I am often there until 4 a m on my MG characters. I have both sides and its about even.
Well I had been doing a little RP with a couple of people I ran into who were running a 'made to order' store and was beginning to enjoy that, did a job application and interview and such but I'd only interacted with them 2-3 times, with big gaps in between and haven't heard or see em for a week+. Something similar would be nice, but did join in a guild's pilgrimage to Uthers tomb which was enjoyable.
Earthen Ring has lots of casual, weekly events to attend as well as an active community on both factions.

You can check our our RP community at our networking site: earthenring.net
Moon Guard and Wyrmrest Accord are the servers where walk-up rp is easy to be found. Cenarion Circle shares CRZ with them.

The Kirin Tor / Earthen Ring / Argent Dawn CRZ is pretty devoid of walkup RP, at least Hordeside. When you do find RP in public it is usually exclusive cliques interested only in rping with each other.
If you are not too familiar with rp and how its usually done do not worry about it. There is a handy guide at the top of the forums for in game rp. The best thing to do is roll on a rp server and get on the rp chat channel for that server. Also check out the realm forums and you can geta good idea of each servers personal flavor.

Cencarion Circle is mostly event based, that is they hold weekly events and a lot of people will show up and chat with each other. That might be your best bet.
I'm really enjoying my time on Wyrmrest Accord. Roll an alt and come check it out. c:
I just realized the one thing missing from all the threads with this sort of question: time zones. If you have one in mind it will narrow down your search considerably.
Timezones is where things get messy. I'm on GMT+8, so my evening is morning in the US, and vice versa. However with my schedual, often I'm on both on and off-peak times, hence my desire to find one that has good activity at both times of the day.
You do realize that the US comprises several time zones? There are 5 time zones across the states and I believe another for Alaska.

I live on the Pacific coast and the time zone is usually the last one to be active in the wee hours of the morning. However I know I have seen people active at 4 am, my time that are East coasters just getting off their night shifts or getting up to start early day shifts. In other words, you can find US people online at almost anytime of the day or night.

I do have a new guild idea however I really need some people to join me with. It will be a carefree casual entertainment type guild. Kind of like a circus. I would welcome anyone to come and join me. I am currently on Cenarion CIrcle, Horde side.
The Venture Co!!!

Here's a thread on WHY you want to move to this RP paradise
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You do realize that the US comprises several time zones? There are 5 time zones across the states and I believe another for Alaska.

Yeah, sorry, I worded that badly. What I meant is that a server that doesn't fluctuate between prime-time and near empty, one with activity at almost an part of the day. In general the servers I've been on have had about 2 points where there's a good number of people on, and outside of that is a ghost town.
Really I think Moonguard is your best bet, it seems to be active 24 hours a day. But it is bound to fluctuate with school out now and people going on vacations.
Earthen Ring has lots of casual, weekly events to attend as well as an active community on both factions.

You can check our our RP community at our networking site: earthenring.net

Never EVER listen to this dude. All the people (specifically him) from that server do is tell you how amazing their server is and give you a link to this sad website. Get it together Earthen Ring, c'mon.

But seriously, try out Moon Guard or Wyrmrest Accord.
But they have a website!
Yes, don't listen to the person providing tangible, visible evidence that our server is not only active, but thriving. Instead, listen to the random strangers providing no evidence to back up any of their claims.

Seriously, do we really need to be at each other's throats? I think it's terribly unfortunate that people are being openly hostile to their fellow RPers and sister servers.

I also have to ask to the people being condescending and snarky about our website: Have you actually visited it? It's not a slap-dash wiki page. It's a fully functional RP network that's been lovingly built and maintained for years. I really do feel it's something that sets us apart and gives us something to be proud of as a community of role-players. Say what you will, but at least be considerate.

Earthen Ring RP Network
I was not impressed with your website originally, I'm still not impressed, and I'm certainly not going to view it over and over again to inflate your ego with the amount of 'hits'. Websites were cool... back in the 90s.

What gets me, and why I keep making fun of you (by saying you have a website, and saying nothing more, that's not me being helpful, it's me being incredibly sarcastic), is you people give no actual information about your server in your posts. You tell no one what your community is like, what kind of play you have, what your niche is, etc. I'd rather not have to go look at some website to know what a community is about. I'm lazy, but moreso, even a lovingly crafted site could pose a security risk.

I could say more, but I'm looking at Dark Animus right now and should really pay attention.

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