WTS Son of Animus..

Pet Battles
Not looking to trade just sell. Asking firm 20k. Pet is on Lothar (US) Horde side. Pst me if interested or any questions.

That seems extremely high. They go on the AH for 16k.
OP, if you want to sell something for gold - might want to try your own server's forums. No one is going to transfer servers for a not-so-rare pet.
I have purchased two on korgath at 10k each lol dont try to sell it there if you want to make anything.
You missed the boat on this pet. They went for 20k 3 weeks ago but now they are down to around 10-13k. Problem with raid pets is that the prices dropped quickly as the raid is open longer.
Good luck getting your price... keep me in mind if you happen to want to consider a trade. I have a large selection of family-specific flawless battle stones as well as some general/tradeable flawless battle stones.

Would love to get my grubby hands on an Animus.. but as others have said, the boat for that price has sailed. Good luck, regardless!


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