5.2 ret paladin mastery

Hello I was watching some ret videos on YouTube and they where saying to go haste>mastery>crit and I was wondering how affective is mastery. What I mean by that is how much do you need before seeing a real good change in damage.

Thank you all who reply

Sincerely DUGHT
I just watched a video and the guy was doing a lot of damage and in the comments people said he must have been stacking mastery but he said he was stacking haste. He was criting 100k+
His biggest crit was 164k how does that work.
In PvE I crit 200k sometimes, it's not a problem. Haste is useful for us because it increases HP generation and thus number of TWs. Mastery is straight damage increase, but haste is still better.
Haste is better in PvE; PvP, Power and Resil are king - and it may be a combination of Power and high-end Conq weapon that produced the results you saw, while the player was stacking haste via reforges.

Assuming, of course, it was a PvP vid you were watching.
Using blessing of might gives a ton more damage from our mastery than using blessing of kings. 3000 mastery> 5% strength. Stacking haste is still best, but our mastery is not bad at all.

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