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Okay I'm at level 30 and I think I can learn a second skill. I rolled another priest that at 10 I spec'd to shadow. Shadow is a whole other style and kind of boring. By boring I mean, targeting is easier, basically two button rotation, mind flay and shield. With the longer range sometimes you don't need that. I chose alchemy and herbalism as my two professions. With herbs you get lifeblood that you can use to heal yourself that offsets some tradeoffs from disc priests. At least for yourself. But I like it, not sure though long term if I want to do solo quests with her.

Shadow seems to let me focus more on what is happening (the action) rather than all the buttons, so my question is at level 30 what all is involved with adding shadow to this disc priest I'm playing?

I'm still at the raven hill graveyard mostly killing spiders for spidersilk. I have gotten 2 from them and would like 2 more before I move on. Since I'm fairly comfortable killing these spiders I thought this would be a great spot to learn shadow but I wondered what was involved in doing so and how to do it. I assume you have both and what is involved in switching specs.


To activate the Dual Spec abilities, what you need to do is get to a priest class trainer (stormwind is probably the closest place with one to where you are) and when you talk to the trainer, there will be an option to Dual Spec. It cost 10 gold and once bought, you will be able to choose a second spec which you can change between with ease afterwards. Once bought it is just like when you choose a spec at level 10, just that you can switch back and forth between the 2 specs for free at any time.
To get Dual Specs, all you have to do is speak to a Priest trainer and ask them about that ability. So long as you have 10 gold on you, they will teach it to you. Talk to any guard in Stormwind to find out where the trainer actually is.

Once you have Dual Specs, it's as easy as selecting the spec you want to use on the side of your talents screen and activating it.

Incidentally, I've recently been leveling a Priest myself and I can safely say that it starts getting more interesting once you get beyond level 20. Before, it was like you described: Shadow Word Pain and then Mind Flay until the target is dead. But, after, you've got a lot more abilities to play with that will provide some variety in your rotation.
When you dual spec, you also get new glyph and talent pages with the new spec. Each spec can use it's own glyphs and talents.
Thanks guys. 10 Gold? I don't have that much. That seems excessive. I do have some mats to craft items that may get me there a lot quicker. Is it worth it?

I forgot that at 30 I recieve a choice from 3 talents. Will The angelic feather cause damage or is it just used for healing? The 30 lvl talents doesn't impress me much, anyone have suggestions on my best option. One I remember works with fade and the other I think works with shield.
Every little bit helps I suppose.

Phantasm is useful because if you ever find yourself dazed, stunned or otherwise immobilized, you can just hit Fade and it will break the movement impairing effect. For general questing this is the option I would go with.

If you get into dungeons/raids later and you're still playing Disc, there may be some situations where Body and Soul would be useful, but overall Phantasm is the best personal talent to have.
Also, regarding your original question and your reluctance to play Shadow...

Now that you've hit level 30 you have access to all of the core spells that make Shadow what it is. Prior to your mid-20s you didn't have access to Devouring Plague or Vampiric Touch, without which you're basically stuck with Mind Flay and Mind Blast.

Here's the advantage to DoT spells: you can apply them to one target and then move on to another target, but you're still damaging your original target. In other words, with many classes/specs if you accidentally (or intentionally) pull more than one mob, you basically have to finish off the first mob before you can start damaging the second--meanwhile, the second mob is whaling on you and hurting you. With shadow you can DoT Mob #1, DoT Mob #2, then go back and Mind Flay/Mind Blast Mob #1, and by the time Mob #1 is dead Mob #2 usually is dead, too. With decent gear and some practice, you can pull 4-5 mobs at once and cackle with glee as their faces melt off before you.

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