too much hit

what the hell can I do with all this god damn hit!?

I do have primo talisman, rep trinket and a 500ilvl dark mist but I thought feather + spark was better? anyway, I have too much hit and can't get rid of it
Only thing you could do is convert to haste/stam gems in your blue sockets, but that wouldn't be enough to bring you back down.

Just deal with it since some of us have none of those trinkets.
Personally not a fan of spark.

The proc is great but never seems to be up when I need it to. Nigh impossible for it to proc once until 40s in, by that time your !@#$'s done. Prefer shado-pan trinket.
Get the crafted boots if at all possible, and uhhh hopefully get tier legs and helm so you can get rid of the hit gloves for something. Then pray that you get any other 2H weapon in the instance.

Having too much hit is pretty common with a weapon with hit and a trinket with hit, you just need to get a different weapon then you should be all good (or around all good). (DON'T REPLACE YOU FEATHER)
we have 5 people on conq token who are only just getting 2pc because chance is a !@#$%

our single prot token user almost got 4/5 for both his sets

so idk how long it iwll take me to get pants/helm

what is our suggested off-set piece anyway?
Gloves from Qon or Consorts - can't remember which. Haste, crit, and two sockets.

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