90 prot weak ?

I was straight murdering people in PVP taking on 2/3 at a time winning BG with 10-20 killing blows and no deaths all the way to 80. After that my health pool went through the roof and my flash of light could not efficiently keep me healed. Right now I have 275K health my flash of light heals 19K and i can only get off 2 before Im out of mana. That really blows. Flash of light is so pathetic i dont even use it in battle cause i get better heals wacking people from seal of insight hits and eternal flame procs. But wait, it gets worse. It seems like my damage is piss poor too. I struggle to kill anybody even cloth and leather classes. And if i am lucky enough to make a kill i have to chase them around forever until they drop. I know im a great pally. Im sitting on 3869 pvp killing blows and 247 deaths. 95% of those deaths are from lvl 80 and up.

Dear blizzard, please fix prot. We hit like wet noodles. I like to be competitive. I dont feel competitive. Im 88 and i dont want to finish my pally.
Tanks aren't designed to be able to kill players in PvP.
Tanks aren't designed to be able to kill players in PvP.

They are, it's just designed to take forever. This is just another person finding out that when low level spell scaling starts fading off and they can't one-shot people with AS anymore that their fun time has ended.

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