need help with warrior pvp DPS

Hey guys. Pve isnt a problem my dps is nice i just spam slam basically lol

But in pvp, I do alot more damage with my dread geared ret and with my half malev/half quest gear warlock.

I do about 19k mortal strike with no crit, which seems pretty low.

Also i have been using overpower/HS spamming over slam mostly, except when I pop avatar/reck, i just slam cus the crits are insane, I usually dont slam people when im not in their back cus they can dodge/block.

Am i doing something wrong ? if so please let me know im very new to warrior, but it seems like the damage if very low

P.S : dont say im not enchanted/gemmed, i know im not im just waiting for 5.3
You should really read the PVE arms guide at the top of the warrior forum. It will help you maximize your dps and the same basic principals apply to PVP as they do to PVP.
The reason you might be finding your PvE damage fine, as opposed to your PvP damage is due to the different nature of the two playstyles.
In PvE it's mostly about uptime and efficiency on managing your rage/cooldowns, but with PvP it's more about managing your cooldowns when you can actually get damage on an enemy and have sufficient resources to do so.

I see you never mentioned your CS window. Probably the biggest factor (cooldowns aside) to a warrior burst.
To maximize your damage you'll probably want to actively try to fit as much into your Colossus Smash window as you can. Priority being MS > CS > OP = Slam (high rage) > HS (unmanageably high rage) (making sure hamstring is up the whole time).
Also don't be afraid to delay your damage abilities a little to line up with a stun or time when you know you'll get good uptime.

HS is very inefficient to spam, i'd only recommend it if you're using it as a fast rage burn macro. Slam is far superior if you have the rage and aren't wasting OP stacks.

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