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What affects the above title of my post (Game Latency (World))? Over the last few days this latency has been going crazy up and down. It's happening to my wife's computer as well. Can't seem to locate the answer.

Having the same issues in Hydraxis.
Only the past 2 days though.
Last week middle part a friend was having lag issues. Now as of today I am getting this as well. World is peaking at 2k before I get dced. Can't do any quests because spells are not being recognized getting rather annoying.
Does the Optimize Network for Speed under System>Network have anything to do with the problems with the spiking maybe? It was checked on my screen. I seem to remember an issue with that option happening before causing lag issues. Anyone remember this as well? Is it suppose to be checked or unchecked? Thanks

Why is it I'm not seeing any blue posts in regards to posts on this latency issue that has sprung up? Very disappointed and frustrated, its ruining game play for me and my wife. Its not an issue of my internet provider...Web browsing fine, youtube videos fine, my TV is thru my DSL no problems there. I'll be playing along in game and BAM! I start lag spiking.
Same issue here getting really frustrating I cant even paly the game if I cant play why pay I log in and it will spike anywhere from 200 to 5000 I've never seen it that high before this is ridicules makes doing daily's a chore and my ISP is not the problem and my computer is well suited for the game just started really this week really infuriating!!
Same here, last two day especially has been a nightmare trying to do stuff.
Another week lost trying to cap my cp, no chance of doing arenas like this.
Also been having this issue for the last few days... It gets up to 3000ms world but I haven't d/c'd from it; just really bad lag... All my other games have no problems... Might be ending my subscription if this doesn't get fixed soon because I can't play when it's like this it's a waste of money paying for something I can't use.
I am having the same issue on Azuremyst realm. Most other guild-mates state they are having no problems...
Do any blues work weekends? It's hard to believe that you have over 8 million subscribers and you don't have tech support working weekends......

My wife was explaining to me this morning that she had a friend who invited her to group which ported her to another realm where she quested just fine this morning. She leaves the group to group with someone from our realm and the lag starts all over again. Is it possible that this issue is only affecting certian realms?
What causes the "Can only be in 10 Channels at a time" spamming thru my chat?? Is this just another thing that proves it's not my problem but "yours"? I'm sorry just so extremely frustrated at the lack of support at the moment.
So i just did a battleground (Arathi) on my priest had no issues what so ever, leave the battleground and my Game Latency(world) is now over 2k? Where in the bg it was only around 84ish which is normal for me.
Having this as well now on Emerald Dream..home latency is latency is hitting around 1700, making it near impossible to heal dungeons or bgs =(
I been having this problem for a month now. Everything on your computer is fine and you call your ISP to check the line. The ISP tells you everything is running fine also, but blizzard keeps saying it's not them. I was fine for 2 days and now I back to 6-20second lag spikes pushing over 300ms. Should be back up to 1k-3k by tonight.

To many people on different ISPs are having this problem now and it keeps growing. The problem is on Blizzard end, but they don't want to say it. 5.3 better clear this up or i am done.
Also I would like to note this ONLY happens when I am in a BG or Dungeon
My Latency is below 30 when logging on.
Shortly after it spikes up to 300, 500, climbs to 1300 eventually gets to 2k.
Any time I go from Orgrimmar to Durotar and dismount, I'm just flying around without a mount and eventually I d/c
Bg's, I run in and start my burst, but, It doesnt let me attack, the spells are stuck from the lag and my bursts are wasted, and im dead before I know it.
Few others on Hydraxis are having lagging issues.
Mine started 3-4 days ago.

Internet provider said our internet looks fine.
I went out and use an air compressor on my computer, did hard restarts, nothing fixed it.
I went over and unplugged our router and did resets, nothing has worked.
Come on Blizz.. give us a solution.
I'm having this problem as well and since my latency is never below 200ms since I'm playing in Australia it peaks pretty bad, though I haven't lagged out completely to the point of d/c. But I also have 2 other people playing in my house and have been noticing that on occasion the same lag spike hits people on my network already logged into the game when another person logs in. It seems to only do that on the initial login and not just swapping toons but there is definitely a correlation if not a direct causal link so watch out if you have multiple WoW players in your house. I tried to put in a ticket asking if this aspect was known and/or what their opinion is and got a worthless pre-written message that has absolutely zero use in evaluating the problem of one comp's login lag effecting other machines logging into WoW on the same network. Now I'm not trying to start debate/speculation over this amongst techminded or IT employed players as to the possibility, only to note the coincidence and say watch out for it. But getting a completely irrelevant. generated response from a GM that obviously didn't bother reading my ticket beyond seeing the word "latency" and sending me the standard lag letter. I've never been disappointed in my dealings with Blizz tickets before, and I've been around on and off since Vanilla, until now so good job Blizz, try dumping the preformed response emails and having your GM's actually respond.
Same issue here on sargeras.
Having the same issue. Questing is fine, dungeons and LFR have been a royal pain. Started 2 days ago. I tried another toon on a dif realm with no luck... FIX IT PLEASE...

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