Ret PvP Gemming in 5.3

Why haste over crit for PvP?
So is there a consensus yet? I haven't touched my gems, but I'm reforged with a lot of haste in mind.

I think the way I'm gemmed right now is pretty much the standard setup for 5.3.

Red and Prismatic: pure str
Yellow: half str / half haste
Blue: half str / half pvp power

Although I'm using a half str / half hit gem in one of my blue sockets so that I can use the crit enchant on my cloak and make use of 20 previously unused secondary stats.
I hear anything over 15% haste is a waste. I'm pretty much there, so I may go crit, but I'm just trying to get a good gauge for what's acceptable. Haste and Crit seem to be on semi equal ground, so I may gem crit with my haste already in the sweet spot.

I may re-gem in the event I pick up the Tyrannical Badge over Shado Pan Trinket.

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