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Well, yes, I was just saying how it currently was. Not whether or not it should be altered in some way.

Indeed. I had misspoke and you corrected it. I was just trying to reclarify what my post intended to say not really argue that your reply was erroneous. Sorry about that.
Here's what you should implement.
1. When you lose a pet, you should lose a whole round of action, just like when you switch pets.
2. Being stunned means you can't switch pets or, you can switch pets in exchange for 2 free attacks, plus losing the speed roll on the third round.
3. "This move goes first" moves do not apply until the current move deficit reaches zero.
4, Undead and Mechanical resurrection mechanics count as the attack for that round.

There's nothing wrong with how it works now, so none of this is necessary. Losing a pet is all ready punitive in and of itself. There's no need to further punish the losing team who is all ready one step closer to losing.

If I could expand on that. In my initial response to these changes, I said that the benefit of eliminating elementals as a double counter to mechanicals was good, it wasn't enough to warrant such large changes to the family weakness system. Nonetheless, it would be of some small benefit to the system even though the harm would outweigh the good. Your changes are just malicious and do not benefit the system at all.

For example, with your ideas which are all over the map, the change to mechanicals would not be good in any way. It is rare that a mechanical survives the round after their resurrection. Thus if it can't act on the round that it resurrects, the racial would be entirely pointless on anything but fast pets.

Or making stuns/CC even better? Getting stunned stops your turn and gives your opponent a free turn (whether you choose to swap to another pet or keep the current one in). That is all ready good. It does not need to be any better.
I gotta point out battle pets themselves defy flavor of basically anything.

Why should Scooter the Snail be able to take out an incarnation of the Firelord Ragnaros... even a small version? Why should Lil'Deathwing struggle against an Infected Squirrel? Etc.

In fact, flavor is already defied in that the best moves to inflict damage on Mechanicals... are often poisons dealing Elemental damage. No one I've ever seen raises a fuss over the fact that mechanical pets suffer extensively from being poisoned. ;p

Why do humanoids even heal from doing damage on a given turn? Are they supposed to be using bandages in between turns, but only if they dealt damage, or are humanoids all vampires now?

Flavor is both present and ignored on a widescale basis. I like flavor, even if Mr Wiggles' flavor text description is horrifyingly awful (seriously, read it), especially for a Children's Day reward... but I don't believe flavor is a justification for bad design. ;p

Well said, and gave me a good chortle.
I have noticed a bug with Alpha Strike.

Alpha Strike is supposed to do additional damage of the users speed is faster than the opponent. Instead, it does the additional damage based on who strikes first in the round.

Example of bug - I use Alpha Strike and I have higher speed. Opponent uses "Surge" (An ability which always strikes first regardless of speed) and my Alpha Strike does not apply the additional damage at all.
Honestly there are so many different aspects of WoW and personally I love them all. But my secret desire was that someday Blizz would make a big deal out of our companions. Well now you have and I LOVE IT! That being said, as time goes by pet battling is starting to become way to much strat thinking to be as enjoyable as it was. I love how the pet families are currently set up with some having the best and worst offense and defense against certain families. (Warcraftpets.com has a chart that gets you checking out which pet you'd like to level for certain pet families.) But one of the best parts about battling is discovering what other families they are strong or weak against. It's what makes putting together a team fun. Why complicate something that is already put into place in a simpler manner? And while I know it's off topic, I'm really disappointed in the changes made to the Fable dailies in 5.3. My original teams (which were hard wins in the first place) are now fail. Makes it not so fun when you've been working all day and just want to win a couple Fables before bedtime. But I do LOVE World of Warcraft :)
Yeah could you change darkmoon faire back to server based. cross server has made it a huge pain to do anything on there.
I dislike the first option would ruin the current advantages that Critter pets have against the very strong/prevalent elemental attacks. No more swapping into a critter to counter a falling Ice Tomb, or when you anticipate a Conflagrate. This would be upsetting because it is currently one of the best things that Critters can do, I feel that critters would be used even less than they are currently. (I already rarely see anyone else using them)

  • Undead abilities would deal less damage versus Elemental (instead of Aquatic)
  • Mechanical abilities would deal less damage versus Aquatic (instead of Elemental)

  • I love the second option! It seems like the best way to fix the double disadvantage to Mechanical and would have a much less drastic shift to the way pet battles work currently. (The first change would be a massive buff to Elemental and hugely change what is viable in PvP)
    There are a few racial abilities that feel like crap compared to some of the other racial abilities, could be good.
    Currently Dos Ryga and the Thundering Pandaren Spirit are pretty broken. Ryga heals for 800/1800 consistently. The spirit starts with a stun, then gets another stun with his first attack, even when you should be immune to the second one.
    Crush (and other similar abilities) have 80% accuracy, and I think they should be buffed to be on par with other generic damage dealing abilities (Jab or Water Jet for example).
    Crush (and other similar abilities) have 80% accuracy, and I think they should be buffed to be on par with other generic damage dealing abilities (Jab or Water Jet for example).

    They get a dpa boost for their hit%. It is meant to be a choice between miss more/hit harder and hit more/hit softer intentionally.
    Edit: Wrong character.
    06/04/2013 12:10 AMPosted by Hearus
    Crush (and other similar abilities) have 80% accuracy, and I think they should be buffed to be on par with other generic damage dealing abilities (Jab or Water Jet for example).

    They get a dpa boost for their hit%. It is meant to be a choice between miss more/hit harder and hit more/hit softer intentionally.

    I know, but my Anubisath Idol has no other option in that slot. :(

    It's either 80% hit chance and decent damage or 50% hit chance with good damage. It has no "high hit chance/low damage" ability that doesn't have a CD.

    Even adding a 1 round CD to them and increasing their hit chance to 90% would work.
    Even adding a 1 round CD to them and increasing their hit chance to 90% would work.

    You would average way less damage this way.
    Edit: Wrong character.

    same for me.
    Thank you to everyone who has shared their feedback with us so far, we appreciate it. Based on some of the comments we’ve received, here is an updated list of potential changes we’re hoping to include in Patch 5.4:

    The Magic passive now caps damage taken at 35% of maximum health, buffed from 40%.
    The Dragonkin passive effect now activates when the enemy is taken below 50% health, up from 25%.
    The Aquatic passive now reduces DOT damage by 50%, up from 25%.
    The Elemental passive effect now only affect negative, direct effects of weather (e.g. the accuracy reduction of Sandstorm won’t be applied, but the damage reduction will).
    The Critter passive now makes critters completely immune to roots, stuns, and sleeps.

    Keep that feedback rollin’ in!

    I think these changes are all good except that dragon racial is probably over kill. It really doesn't take much to get a pet below 50% two attacks for most pet. I'd wager we will see dragons 2-3 shotting pet's with no defence.

    Maybe lowering the racial to do 25% more damage and have it activate only every two turns?

    But I honestly I feel the dragon racial is ok atm. I sometimes will let the buff drop off so I can kill the pet below 25% hp and then use the buff on the next incoming pet. With the changes dragons will KO pet's at half hp and if not they will destroy the next pet due to the reapplication of the buff after finishing the last pet off, its a win/win for dragons -.-
    You want feed back- have some Get some better Game developers not the current clown posse you have. Terminate the clown who wont fix the targeting probs. What part dont you understand about nearest target- neved had that prob with the first Doom to Unreal. But if it helps the Clown Posse bots thats too bad for you- 1M apiece for tiny bots and always at least 3 at a time come at you==Raising Bot and Boss levels EVERY WEEK!!!! You finally get some better gear to to give you a chance only to find Chuckles the clown raised Boss level to 8M. Oh No we wont wet wou win oh no. You have the majority of average players trying to level up and this is how you help them- Then what you did to Shamans and Druids --Give back the DPS you took- Then uou raise the Bot/Boss lavel DPS/health- a barrell of laffs. What kind of KoolAid are your clowns drinkin? One simple solution for those Ubber Super players you make it hard for and insane for every one else.. Same as 10 to 90 BG When leveling say L50 to 60 players compet withL 50 to 60 players , Not some L90@GS1 zillion That works- It would make a good start

    Reading is fundamental.
    How about doing something to make the undead passive useful for something other a single cheap shot. Perhaps they stay alive if they get healed after they revive or they don't die if they switch out until they switch back in.

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