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Greetings Shifters of the Ferocious Animals!

If I silence shot you, which is a 3 second silence, can you still shift in / out of animal forms?
All druids are capable of shifting while silenced, since the form itself is considered a physical effect.
Silencing shot should not work through AMS when moonkin have symbiosis on a DK... thats trash...

That is like Execute working through BoP
>That is like Execute working through BoP

Not even a little.

BoP makes you immune to all physical damage, execute is physical. AMS only makes you immune to magical effects, silence shot is physical.
It isn't considered a physical effect, but a stance change. The reason you can't silence form changes is because they aren't spells.
yes, but silence is a magical effect....
silence shot is considered phsyical for some reason

BUT mind freeze is a magic ability and it still works with Anti magic shell up now thats some BS
Thanks for the answers so far.

Silence doesnt work on form changing, regardless then right?

I asked this in Shaman forums too and they told me, it doesnt stop them from shifting from wolf form TO humanoid form. It DOES however, stop them from shifting to wolf form from humanoid form if silenced in humanoid form.
You cannot silence a shift.

You can CC to prevent shifting INTO a form, not out of one.
Why when I symbo a war I cant use his ability? I have it on my bars hit the button and nothing happens, why?

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