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Logging in to the app = always successful.
Attempting to conduct an AH transaction = login failed, account locked due to suspicious activity.
Resetting password and starting over again = deja vu.

This just started after downloading the latest app update for IOS.
Same here on the android version. It is really annoying.

Using the android app on a Samsung SGH-I997 last couple days every time i try to do posts or recieve any gold to/from the AH it locks my account "due to suspicious activity" Highly annoying, please give us a heads up soon.
We've posted a solution on our Customer Support forum:
How often are people receiving a security lock at the Login screen versus the Auction House?
Well, i only used thd mobile armory twice today and both times it locked as soon as i tried to access the ah, not upon login at all.
I log into the remote app at work on my phone and browse, do guild chat, everything works fine, but then i see i've sold an item, or i want to put something on the AH and when i try either posting an auction or claiming the gold I get the "this account has been locked due to suspicious activity". I exit out reset my password and then log back it to try the auction house again and same story as before.....

I read the Customer support forums on this but it isn't correcting my problem. It's not multiple wi-fi spots. I hope this helps narrow down on what's happening.
I am able to login just fine, but when claiming gold from the AH I constantly get the suspicious activity error. I first noticed it yesterday, and it has been doing it ever since. I have been through 4 password changes now. HTC Evo LTE Android
Here are the exact circumstances where my account locks out due to the Armory App:

I use the Armory mobile app on my iPhone (iOS 6.1.4, and the latest update of the Armory app). I have been using the Armory mobile app on this same iPhone for quite some time (I'd say at least a couple of years), and I first noticed this lock out issue this past Thursday (5/9).

As others before me have stated, the only time my account locks out is if I go to the AH section of the app.

If my iPhone is connected to my home WiFi, which would also be the same network I log into the game client from, I can use the AH section of the Mobile app with no issues. If I am not connected to WiFi, and am using my mobile data (carrier is AT&T), attempting to use the AH on the mobile app immediately locks my account. I have not had an opportunity to test using the mobile app while connected to a WiFi network other than my own.

***Incidentally, when I first attempted to log into the forums to create this post, it caused my account to lock out, despite currently being on the same computer I use to play WoW. I just tested logging into the WoW game client, and no lock out happened that time.

Bottom line, it seems like something has changed server-side that has made the account protection features much more aggressive. I'm a fan of security, but when you make something so secure that you can't use it legitimately, I think it's safe to say that maybe, just maybe, you've finally made it TOO secure.

EDIT: Yes, I have tried doing a password reset. After the password reset, account lockouts continued when trying to use the AH on the mobile app.
The solution posted, unless I'm missing something, is nothing other than suggesting to not mix platforms between logins.
The many people with this account locking problem, unless I'm missing something, are getting locked out back to back from the mobile app without mixing platforms. I know that's the case for me; I login but upon trying to make an AH transaction I get locked out for suspicious activity (?!). I reset password, login and try to make an AH transaction and I get locked out for suspicious activity.
It's pretty black and white - the app is going 'suspicious activity' crazy and making the remote auction house entirely unusable. My mobile attempts are always from work over my cellular network (same place as I've been connecting to since the remote auction house came out). Whatever criteria is now being used for determining suspicious activity is insane.
I've been locked out 5 times, and 4 others have shown to be locked out via the Apple App Store reviews. I do not believe this is a L2P issue as is being reported by tech support. Is there some sort of mobile auction limit, or special consideration between accessing the forums and the AH within a certain period of time. One can access the forums while actively in-game without issue.

I did the password reset, then log into the offending application and was locked out again.
Thanks for the reports. I compiled your concerns and we're looking into them from every angle possible. Please continue to report these issues and be as accurate as possible.
Thanks for the reports. I compiled your concerns and we're looking into them from every angle possible. Please continue to report these issues and be as accurate as possible.

Thank you for the feedback. As of this morning I have still not been able to post anything on the AH remotely, it locks my account 100% of the time. Nothing has changed with my set up i'm using the Android App on my Samsung SGH-I997 while at work. Use the phone to reset my password then log back in and immediately get the account locked again the second i try to post something to the AH...... I guess this is Karma telling me to put my phone down and get back to work.

I hope this helps with trying to find the anwser, good luck and again thank you for the replies.
My husband was having the same problem. He logged into the mobile app twice last night and each time he tried to access the AH portion of the app he got a message about suspicious activity and had to go back and change his password. Please let us know how to fix this problem. Right now he's taken the mobile app off his phone in order to avoid having to change his password again.

He has a Galaxy Nexus, btw.
Looks like Blizzard into checking into it, but I thought I would also report how my account gets locked:

1. Log into WOW Armory (Samsung Galaxy S3). Working okay. Logout.

2. Log into the game (Mac). Get "Account Locked" message.

3. Use SMS Protect and unlock my account.

4. Log into game. Working. Logout.

5. Log into WOW Armory. Still okay. Logout.

6. Log into the game. Get :Account Locked" message.

This is the cycle and it has be consistent. Also, my phone is on my wireless network.
All right, I just re-newed my sub yesterday.
So just a while ago, I logged in to Mobile Armory app on my iPhone 4S (latest iOS version + App is up to date), was fine for a min till it prompted something like ''session expired, this account has been locked due to suspicious activity, check your email.''

1. Log in to Mobile Armory app on iPhone 4S - Locked after a min or so.
2. PW reset for account.
3. Log in to Game - working.
4. Log in to Mobile Armory app on iPhone 4S - Locked almost immediately after login.
5. PW reset for account again....
6. Log in to Game - working.
(My smartphone was on local 3G connection, did not test on the same network as my PC.)

I don't even want to login to the Mobile App now. That account locked sent my heartbeat racing @.@
ive been wondering about this, it always seemed like my account was locked soon after logging into the mobile app. Im on android and connect through my personal wifi and verizon 4g
Below, the not-very-helpful response I got today from Customer Services when I reported that this month when I login with Mobile Armory, I get locked for "suspicious activity" and forced to change password....

"Yes there is an issue using that application. Try reinstalling and make sure you have an authenticator on the account to make this not happen."

^ complete response, signature deleted

My thoughts:
(a) It's Blizzard's app. Logging in with it is "an issue"? Fix please. Worked till this month.
(b) If Mobile Armory now requires an authenticator, tell us up front.
(c) If reinstalling truly fixes an authentication "issue" - cool! If not, don't suggest.
Oh! I should add that this last time, I did add the SMS Protect feature to my account, and that at least saves me from having to change password - can enter code instead. Still a pain and not a fix, but if you do get locked out, it eases a little bit of the pain.
The mobile armory was a great tool to have. I don't know what has happened to change the account security to be so stringent. I had the mobile, for a while, but found it cumbersome to use for the forums, armory, and game. Perhaps it has to do with the removal of that from my account that has activated different security.

I've been locked out a couple more times since my last posting. This really is "an issue". My account has been locked out 8 times since 9 May.

Something about your connection keeps changing, this could be due to using an aircard, or mobile phone as your modem, being on a satellite internet connection, or even maintenance being done by your ISP.

It's the "mobile" armory app on an iPhone, of course the IPs are going to change from a cell phone. Thousands of apps have found ways to deal with a device with varying addresses. If simply the variation of the IP address of request causes a lockout, why have a mobile app at all? I've reinstalled the app already, and it still hasn't fixed the issue. The simple solution would be to force a login if there is variance in IP, not automatically lock the account out. Set a login timeout, say 30-60 minutes, for inactive logins.

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