Steamwheedle rep question for Insane title

Would it more efficient to do this on a shaman, rogue, druid or warlock?
It would be most effective to do it on the toon which has the most progress made towards the title already.
Technically that would be my main but being revered with every goblin rep kinda means piss all for this thing
I find it's easiest to do the killing of mobs on a class which has instant (off the GCD) ranged attacks with which you can one-shot the low level mobs while moving. This usually means a caster, though some melee classes/specs have such attacks as well.

So I'd rate them as: the balance druid or the warlock in any spec, those being about equal; then the elemental shaman, then the enhancement shaman; and finally the rogue. But you need the rogue for junkboxes, so don't count him out.
I did this as a human warlock for the increased rep as well as instant casts i believe it's fel flame or something to that effect just make a macro and spam.

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