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Guild Recruitment
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Horde Guild on Skullcrusher is currently recruiting dps players / off healers and off tanks for Siege of Orgrimmar.

We currently have immediate raid spots for:

DPS Warrior / OS Tank
Balance Druid

Though all roles are available for exceptional people.

Current Progression:

All That Remàins is a very active semi-casual raiding guild that has been on Skullcrusher for over 3 years. We consider our guild to be very mature and drama-free. All That Remàins is NOT a guild that puts progression above maintaining a fun and respectful raid atmosphere. Sure, we progress at a decent rate but our number one goal is to create an awesome place to have fun while raiding, not an awesome place to see new content while hating the people you raid with. Most of our members are in their mid to late 20's or older. Any younger applicants will be heavily scrutinized because we do not welcome drama.(Historically younger members have caused more problems then they have been worth.) We are a very tight-knit group of players and do annual guild meetups (3rd annual guild meetup just happened this past august, so much alcohol!), we have attended other guildies' weddings etc. This is more of a community than a WoW raiding guild.

We currently running 25 man raids and several alt runs through out the week once we start getting more members with geared and raid ready alts. Our progression is 12/12N 1/12H in 25 man. We are pushing content and have fun while doing it. Realm rank isn't high on our priority list, so if you are looking for realm firsts, this isn't the guild for you.

Raid Times are:
Tuesday: 7:45PM - 11PM EST
Wednesday: 7:45PM - 11PM EST

We only run a 6 hour raid week, so we ask that all applicants be able to have 100% attendance so we can make the most of our short time. Though we understands real life comes before this game and emergencies can happen.

Our loot distribution system is a dkp system to better benefit our players that have good attendance and put the control of what loot the people want in their own hands(in 25 man, group loot in 10 man). Since most (If not all) of our members raid for the fun and experience, gear is just a means to an end and not something that we generally focus on. Loot drama does not occur as we are not Loot-Wh%$#s. Feasts and repairs are provided by the guild but we still ask that every member comes prepared with their own flasks/food just in case. Enchants and gems are also covered mats permitting.

Our raiding atmosphere is very relaxed and easy-going but at the same time we do monitor for performance issues and will maximize our group comp on progression content where possible.

If you have any questions prior to applying, please whisper or send an in-game mail to Thundere, or Phobià. We all have multiple alts so feel free to whisper any of our online members and they will be able to direct you toward the appropriate person.

Please visit www.atremains.com to apply

TL;DR: We're looking for mature, older, skilled players who want to come home after a long day of work and experience challenging raid content with some good friends but not at the expense of their blood pressure levels or sanity!
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