Tel'Lus, Dinomancer of the Horde

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*These stories are based around RP events on Wyrmrest Accord Server, names are used with permission from the player*
Tel'Lus remembers the day. He was in Stranglethorn Vale, praying for a blessing from a Loa, hoping to become a Shadow Hunter, but expecting death for his blood line. He wasn't of full troll blood, his father was an orc. Given his age, it had to be shortly before the orcs left the Eastern Kingdoms, that his parents had met. He was going to remains strong, and keep praying, even if it did end in his demise.
Not a lot of people would miss him, if he had died, but there were some. His mother, an over protecting troll of a tribe she would not reveal, his father, an insane warlock of Shadowmoon decent, and his sister, who wanted to be just like her big brother.
He sighed, his offering given, a panther, not too large, but far from small. He decided to sleep this night, maybe he'd recieve his blessing in the morning. Larry, his pet Lashtail Raptor, and his best friend in the world, curled up next to his master to sleep.
It took many hours to fall asleep, but he finally did, drifting into the realm of dreams, and nightmares.
The dream he had was one he would never forget. He was in a bone yard, surrounded by the dead skeletons of thousands, if not millions, of dinosaurs. Suddenly, a might roar filled the air, and the bones around Tel'Lus began to move, flying and spinning.
The bones gathered into a mighty skeleton of a devilsaur, one bigger than ever imaginable. Tel'Lus grew scared as the skeleton grew flesh of gold and silver, shining brighter than King Rastakhan's thrown. The mighty devilsaur leaned close to the half-troll's face, and spoke in a strong, roaring, but surprisingly feminine voice.
"Half-Blood, do as I command, for if you do, you will recieve my blessing. I am what you call a "Loa". I am she of the ancient beasts and reptiles. You must put your trust into the scales of the living and dead. You must believe in the beasts of Ancient. You will command them, you will be one of them."
Tel'Lus couldn't move, and couldn't speak. He stood there, in awe, waiting for the devilsaur to devour him, where he believed he would awake. The beast raored, waking Tel'Lus from his dream. Larry awoke too, with a 'You okay?' look on his face.
Tel'Lus nodded, with a smile. He knew what he was, and what he was going to be. He was going to be a Dinomancer.
Tel'Lus had been training long and hard, he could already summon up spirits and raptors, and call reptiles to his command, and even bless his arrows and weapons with the power of the Devilsaur Loa, but he still needed to learn. He needed to become close with the ancient beasts, so close, he could hunt in their packs, and sleep near their nests with no worries. Baby raptors were already trusting him, following him here and their, but hatch-lings were easy to convince, it's the mothers and males he needed to earn the trust of.
Un'Goro, his new home, he loved the jungles, it was what he was raised in, and all the dinosaurs made him feel as though Devilsaur (as he called her) was close. He stood and observed a giant, plated beast. It looked like a Thunder Lizard, the descendant of the Kodo.
He felt comfortable around the Stegosauri, they were passive, non aggressive, it helped him learn. It was nice.
The Stegosaurus turned to Tel'Lus, and lumbered over to inspect him. The mighty beast sniffed the half-blood, deciding if he was a threat. After deemed safe, the dinosaur licked Tel'Lus affectionately, demonstrating friendship.
The dinomancer chuckled, petting the beast. Larry walked up to the reptile, licking it in return. Larry was a stupid raptor, often times acting like a cat.
The half-troll's stomach growled. He was hungry, but what to eat? He didn't want anything from the crater, so he decided to go back to Orgrimmar to buy some food.
He traveled to the nearby camp, and looked to the Flight Master. He hated flying, but he payed the goblin, latched onto a wyvern, closed his eyes, and peed himself.
When he finally landed, he pulled his hood over his eyes, trying to hide his short face, and walked on all fours to a private location to change his pants. He then walked to the Wyvern's Tail, his own physical not allowing him to walk on two legs, and entered the bar. He was greated by a friend, a female troll he knew since he first came to Orgrimmar, which was only a few weeks before. They talked for a good long while, before another friend entered, an orc, who had her entire body hidden, but Tel'Lus recognized her. She had saved his life the first time he had come to the city from an angry Kor'Kron looking for a fight.
He nodded to her, before continuing his conversation. More friends came in, he pretneded not to know them, until something terrible happened.
A goblin came in and started yelling nonsense, accusing some of treason, including a goblin friend of Tel'Lus's. An elven ranger came in, and started spouting words like she was an orc soldier. She went up to the goblin being accused, and handcuffed him, and dragged the thing off. Tel'Lus and Rai'Shika, his orc friend in disguise, tried to defend Doctor Kane, the goblin, but to no avail.
Tel'Lus, Rai'Shika, and Liu, a large, relatively peaceful pandaren, gathered together to talk about all that was going on, away from prying ears. They did not talk long, before they heard the screams of pain, from Kane. They all rushed to the Barracks to see what had happened. Kane stood there, his hand on the ground.
Tel'Lus walked around all the soldiers, and spectators, and pulled a bandage from his bag, attempting to help the wound.
Many called him a traitor, and a cowered for helping the "Criminal", but he considered himself brave for standing up for his beliefs.
After a long time of argueing, with only minimal fighting, a monk grew tired of Tel'Lus's stubborness, and shot jade lighting through the half-troll's body, and killed him.
His spirit hovered over his body, watching as the monk and shaman argued over how to ressurect the troll. Finally, he spoke up, "JUST REZ ME ALREADY! I 'AF AN ITCH ON MY NOSE!"
The monk and the shaman did as they were told, and used their combined powers to reconnect the spirit to the body. Eventually, he did rise, coughing, and feeling seriously ill. He looks to the Monk, recognizing who it was that killed him, and called on the Devilsaur Loa.
Every raptor in the Wailing Caverns charged into the cave, just in the eye of the skull-rock, and tried to attack the elf, but the other shaman, a troll, shut off the entrance to the cave, rescueing the elf. Tel'Lus yelled at everyone, saying that was who had killed him, but the others said he had also saved him. Tel'Lus didn't care, he didn't trust this elf. Kane was arguing with the troll and the pandaren about fighting back against the new horde order, everyone was trying to tell him that it would happen, but they needed to wait. Kane wouldn't listen. They argued for several more minutes, before many decided to leave, those remaining told stories, nothing interesting.
Eventually, he left the cave too, knowing that the other troll was hostile to half-bloods, and returned to the city, body entirely covered. While there, he met a friend, another troll huntress, but of Sandfury decent, and told her what happened. She offered to help, and brought Tel'Lus to the Echo Islands, where she was being assisted by Drakkari male. They talked for hours, before the male decided Tel'Lus coud stay with them. This is where our story ends today, but more will come, I promise you this.
The Echo Islands, it was a small jungle off the coast of a desert. Odd, really, but, then again, how is a snowy desert, such as Dun Morough, next to the rainy climate of Loc Modan? Didn't matter, the next few days were going to be long and tough, and it pained him. His friends had created a renegade band of saboteurs and rebels, and they were growing in numbers. They hadn't come up with an official name yet, probably wouldn't, the people would do that. At this moment, he was in front of a good fourty or fifty archers, beast-masters, shaman, and priests, teaching them the way of the Devilsaur. He still didn't know the Loa's name, but he didn't want to upset her by giving a false one.
Many had already learned the "Call of Ancients", which was a roar that brought all nearby reptiles to the caller's aid. Shaman had learn Bone-mancy, which summoned up spirits and skeletons of ancient dinosaurs, some of the priests were having trouble, but a few learned these skills more quickly than others.
Tel'Lus did not want to be using the Devilsaur's power for violence, he wanted to teach the people the ways of ancients, but this was war, and he knew it was necessary. He remembered the feeling of death, how cold it was, how everything was colorless, and how he had no feeling over his body what-so-ever. It terrified him. He didn't want anyone to feel that.
A few of these people had discovered his secret, that he was not a full troll, some of them hated Tel'Lus for it, but most that knew realized, times must change, if they are to survive. One of those trolls aproached the dinomancer.
"Master Tel'Lus," he spoke in Zandali, which was made to work around the troll's tusks, so, there was no apparent accent. "We have more refugees incoming, mostly women and children. We have an envoy going to meet them."
Tel'Lus looked over the man, a Shatterspear troll, of dark fur, nearly black, same with his hair, much like his own thick braid. "Why are you telling me this? I train the dinomancers, I really don't know what to do with refugees."
"Sir, they say they've heard of you, and wish to speak to you."
Tel'Lus raised an eyebrow, was he becoming famous within the Troll nations? Odd, he never saw himself as becoming famous before. He came to Orgrimmar to connect with his heritage, and only found war.
"Okay. You know, man, you outrank me, so, there's no reason to call me sir, commander." He snickered to himself, trying to retain his light mood.
He walked on four limbs, still, this was a habbit he'd probably always have, until he met some waterstriders brought from pandaria. He climbed on one and rode across the water to Sen'Jin Village.
Sen'Jin, slightly jungle like, much less so than the Echo Isles. He remembered hearing the story of Vol'Jin's father, and swelled up with a little pride for the trollish race.
He then looked to the refugees, realizing why they were here. Orcs. He lost a little pride in his father's people.
The refugees looked down at Tel'Lus, he always being on all four. Some of the men and women were speechless, the children, however. The children ran up to Tel'Lus, and inspected him. They were curious of his peculiarities. His smushed in face, his hunched over back, his thick body, and his lack of fur. He had fur, yes, but not a lot, it was like a man's first chest hair, this, and almost invisible.
Tel'Lus laughed, he loved kids, and hoped to have some of his own some day. He was still young, so he had time, but he came to the thought of one of his friends. He had a slight crush on her, but she was in morning of a deceased love, so he stayed away.
As he played with the children, one of the larger men walked up to him, his body looked like that of a Zandalari. In fact, he was Zandalari, must have been part of the old order. "Tel'Lus?"
"Yes?" his voice was like his father's. Low, and growly.
"We heard that you were a dinomancer?"
The man's, already, white eyes lit up, "Great! I only heard of the art when we fled Zandalari Island. We were afraid it would be dark magic. I, and many of us, would like to learn the ways of raptors, Sir."
Sir? Why was everyone calling him that? He was no leader, he was a prophet and a teacher, but that was all. He didn't want to lead men into battle, he wanted to teach them the ways of the Devilsaur. He would put up with it, though.
"Of course. We accept all willing, but if the training grows too much for you, do not feel weak to back down. Better alive, and ready to fight the final battle, than dead, and never seeing it."
The group chuckled a bit, obviously gaining a bit of respect for the young, ugly troll's wisdom. They each mounted their own Waterstrider, mothers with their children, and rode to the Echo Islands for refuge.
Tel'Lus sighed, every day, more and more came to Sen'Jin and Echo, looking for a safe haven, and every day, it made him sadder, and sadder. So many had died, and so many more will, all because Vol'Jin said that the Mogu dark arts were something to stay away from, and Garrosh wanted to play a god.
"What happened?" He remembered stories his father told him. Grommash Hellscream had corrupted his people, but what he wanted to do was make them better, and to survive. He realized his mistake, and fought the very thing that had corrupted them. It had cost Grommash his life, but his people were free.
"What happened?" He repeated to himself. Garrosh Hellscream wanted to use the Sha to corrupt his own people, and use that corruption to destroy the alliance, and control everyone under his thumb. This was not the horde the world needed. This was a new Legion, under an orcish order. He shook the ideas from his head, and returned to his strider.
Slowly, Tel'Lus strode across the water, thinking of the days past. Recently, he and his friends had moved locations, the Barrnes becoming a war-zone. He stayed on the Echo Islands, Rai'Shika refused to leave the Barrens, and Kane moving to Booty Bay, to help watch over Kitty and her new born children. All of them had taken up disguises to hide their identity, for when they went into the city to find more recruits for the rebellion and the band.
As the half-troll returned to the training grounds, he sighed, and went about his bussiness, training recruits.
Just from seeing the first thing, I noticed a HUGE issue.

Trolls and Orcs can't interbreed.

Orcs can interbreed with Blood Elves, Draenei, Humans and Ogres. Not Trolls.

So you might need to change that.
Wait I thought I read somewhere that they can? If humans and orcs can interbreed why not orcs and trolls? And what about elves? They have a common ancestor with trolls, so if elves and orcs can mate why not trolls?
Today was the day. Rai'Shika and Akruma, the pandaren "Dark Shaman" were going to fight today. Tel'Lus was worried, as were his friends. Everyone was on the edge of the blade. They tried to remain calm, though. Kit'Tee, Rai'Shika, Doc Kane, even a few more who he knew not, came by their little cave to calm everyone's nerves. Telling jokes, sharing stories, eating, even poking fun at his own shyness around women. It was good, but they all knew it would not last. He looked to his friends. Doc Kane was testing out his new, metallic hand, Rai'Shika was nervously fidgeting, and Kit'Tee's face was beaten sorely. A Kor'Kron soldier tried to use her for his own pleasure.
Tel'Lus hated Kor'Kron so much. He knew they were not all corrupt, but he knew that their order must be stopped. Today was going to be a day where atleast one would fall... atleast he hoped so...
"Give me ya weapons, Rai'Shika."
Rai did as told. He dug into his bag and pulled a series of powders out, and rubbed them into the claws. He spoke words, not in Orcish, Zandali, Goblin, or any humanoid language. He spoke the language of the Devilsaurs. He quickly delved the fist weapons into the fire before him, under the pot with cooking soap in it. There was a mighty roar through the den, as he ripped them from the flames.
The weapons seemed normal enough, but, there was movement. It looks as though a devilsaur head poked up from the top of them, and dived down, its scales skimming the surface, and it bit the air in front of it. The weapons had a new power. The power of the Devilsaur.
"Te weapons, dey now bite wen ya 'it 'ard enough." He nodded, not thinking she heard him. He did not mind too much, so long as she was victorious in the fight.
They spent many hours talking, usually joking, until the soap was done cooking, and cooling. Each person grabbed one, waiting their turns. The women went first, taking their sweet time, unfortunately, Doc Kane, and a trollish friend of theirs decided to peak. Tel'Lus was far to shy to peak, so he stayed in the cave. Finally, the women returned, Kitty in a flashy dress, covering only what necessary. Tel'Lus passed out fromt he shock.
Eventually, he woke up, Kitty now in a wool dress, coverign herself more modestly, as the men left too.
"Sorry about dat... just a shock..." They talked for a while, before Tel'Lus promised he would not fall if she dressed in something cooler, in the hot barrens. So she changed, the half-troll barely keeping himself upright.
They talked shortly, before the men left. He felt it safe for himself to bathe, after, of course, giving Kitty some dreadlocks.
His bath was nothing to note, only thing with interest was a human woman who came by and put a fishing hook in the pool he was in.
The rest of the day went uneventful, until the end of the day...
"AKRUMA! I CHALLENGE YOU!" Those words will forever ring though his head.
There was a short exchange of words, before the traveled to the road from Orgrimmar, to Skull Rock. The fight happened nearly instantly there, and it went by so fast, there were only a few actions Tel'Lus remembered.
One, the pandaren cut the elemental connection from Rai'Shika, forcing her to use only combat. Two, the pandaren loss slight control of his power as Rai regained hers. Three, the explosion of evergy. Four, the ending...
They were both tired, and falling. Akruma was losing, and given mercy. He used this to his advantage, and started throwing punches, all aimed towards Rai'Shika's head. As she lied, in pain, Tel'Lus heard the words from the pandaren, "I can still CRUSH YOUR HEAD!"
Fear rushed through Tel'Lus's body, but he noticed something... Rai'Shika was glowing...
The pandaren brought a rock down to crush the orc's skull, but Rai'shika quickly defending herself by shifting the stone into a protective wall.
Akruma desperately kept punching, his own wounds killing him slowly. Rai'Shika, half way to being completely healed, sent her clawed fist foreward, aiming for the pandaren's chest, trying to end it then and there.
Akruma could not defend himself. He fell, dying. The Mok'Gora had ended, and it ended with the pandaren. Rai'Shika rose victorious, her honor and freedom regained. But at what cost? She did not want to kill the pandaren, only force him to submit.
As the pandaren fell, he spoke, "Why... did you choose the..." his sentence not finished. Rai'shika kneeled before the dead body. Her body starts to glow again. Was she? No... yes?
Yes! She was! She was bringing the pandaren back, reconnecting his soul to his body, and healing the fatal wounds. Akruma would walk again, hopefully, a true man, one without hate and anger.
"You were strong. Missguided, but strong." She spoke to the body. "I am not a traitor, or a murderer. I will not let you end like this."
Akruma moves, coughing, breathing his newfound life.
"Wh... why?" He couldn't understand why one would defeat him, only to save his life.
"I told you... I am not a traitor... I help those in need.... even you, Akruma." She helps the pandaren up.
He stumbles, not sure of what just happened, and awe struck by the kindness.
Rai asked to be free, to walk her home again, without being thought a traitor.
Akruma still seemed angry, or maybe it was a show, "Fine, you may walk Orgrimmar once more... The bounty will be lifted..."
The orc woman returned that phrase with a smile and a polite thanks, helping Akruma to his feet.
Rai walked to her mate, a rather large orc, of the Shattered Hand Clan, and collapsed in his arms. He held her close, he had probably felt more fear in those moments, than anything else.
The following moments were those of celebrations, and hope.
Tel'Lus still felt like he needed to hide. The elf would still kill and, and the orc shaman would try to, even if he failed.
Tel'Lus sat in the cave. It was emtpy, which was good. He had his red Basilisk guarding the opening, ready to stone any threat. He sat by the fire, looking at his disguise for when he went into the city. It was simple. A fake nose, and some clay on is irises. It made him look like an orange eyed Revantusk Troll.
"Da'Go... I hate you." He spoke to himself, since no one else could hear him. He hated that he could not be who he was, that he had to be someone else. He wanted to see his friends so bad, but it was dangerous for Tel'Lus to be out in the city, so Da'Go took his place.
He went over the last twenty four hours in his head. He had trained some new dinomancers, Rai'shika had become a hero, and Kitty had gotten engaged.
Something ate at him. He should have been happy for them. For them all, but, he wasn't. Was he jealous? Hateful? Angry? Possibly.
Tel'Lus tossed his disguise across the den, a bit harder than intended, but he didn't care. He reached into his bag and pulled out a reflective shard of glass and looked at his hideous face.
He was a mongrel. Deformed. Half-blood. His face was flat, chin short and rounded. His nose was short and pudgy, while his lower jaw protruded. He eyes were thin and beady, almost glowing red. His tusks pointed upward, as long as a troll's. His skin was a light green. He looked like a monster.
He was the thing children had nightmares of. They would see him reach for their throats and eat them, in their dreams.
"GAH!!" He tossed the glass on the ground before him, it shattering into dozens of pieces, each shard gave another reflection of him, seemingly mocking him.
Two thoughts ran through his head; one was, whatever life he had had before, was gone now, and whatever life Da'Go could have, could never be. The second one was, who would want to have anything to do with such a mongrel. Who could love a face like his? Sure, he could have friends, but even they seemed to avoid him most of the time, except Kitty, who he was closest to, but she would be drifting away soon as well.
A new thought entered his mind. What was he fighting for? Was he fighting out of revenge? Because the Kor'Kron had hurt him and so many friends and allies? Unlikely. Was he fighting to maintain the future of his children? Doubtful, given he truly believed no woman in their right mind would want to have children with such a hideous mongrel. Maybe he was just looking for some meaning to his life? That's the only reason that made sense to Tel'Lus.
He walked over the glass to a pile of bones in the corner, his knuckles and feet now cut up. Picking up a couple of raptor knuckle bones, he returned to his spot, digging out a boning knife from his bag.
"Let's see if I know how to do this..." He spoke to himself in the only language made to accompany his tusks, Zandali. With the knife, he carved into the bones, drawing pictures he saw from a fortune teller before. When he believed he was finished, he made a prayer, before rolling the bones on the ground.
As they stopped, he examined them, trying to decipher their meaning. Tel'Lus had not a blessed clue. "DAMNIT!" He yelled, angry. He picked up the bones and pitched them into the fire. "This wasn't supposed to happen..."
He tried to slow his breathing, but he couldn't control himself as he bagan to cry. "I was supposed to go into Orgrimmar, become a member of society, supposed to live a happy life. A few troubles, sure. War? No!"
Gertrude, his basilisk, glanced back to her master, not having a clue what he was doing, and not even caring.
The half-troll looked to his bleeding hands and feet, the blood already starting to slow. He let them be, they'd heal in their own time, and he really didn't care if dirt or anything got in them. The only thought going through his head was "what does it matter?"
The cave was lonely. He knew his friends, the one who knew he was Da'Go, were in Orgrimmar, but he could talk to them, and be with them as Da'Go. That could ruin his disguise, and risk everything.
At least he wasn't the only one in a disguise. Doc Kane needed one too, but he was far less concerned for keeping his up. Kitty and Rai'Shika didn't need disguises. The Kor'Kron had respect for the orc, and they thought the elf an allied healer.
Tel'Lus remembered the story of why his father had left Orgrimmar. He was told that he had fallen in love with their mother almost immediately as he met her, and didn't want the growing family to be in danger of constant war. Given how the humans hated orcs, Orgrimmar was not safe for them, so they moved to Booty Bay, never stepping foot on Kalimdor. This is where Tel'Lus and his sister were born.
There were many stories of sacrifice and romance that came to his mind. Each of them involving a lovely woman and a big, strong, good looking man. This did not invoke confidence in the half-breed.
"Tomorrow's another day..." he told himself. Tel'Lus had grown tired from, both, the lack of sleep, and the crying. He found a cold corner of the den, crawled into it, and lied down for what felt like a well needed nap.
Tel'Lus looked to the army of hunters, priests, even druids and shamans, as they learned the ways of the Devilsaur. He needed to step back physically exhausted. As he walked over to a tree, an image popped into his head, and words echoed, "I tink ya 'andsome". He spoke to a friend the night before, for hours. He had told her that he thought her beautiful, she had told him he was handsome.
He suspected it was out of pity, but he was going to take what he was given, even if he felt the mirror was mocking him. Oh well, he'd survive.
He leaned against one of the palm trees, resting for a moment, feeling the cool breeze come across his face. He was proud of his students. Well, most of them. Most his dinomancers wanted to learn, they didn't want war, but they knew it was necessary, some of them, though...
He had already had some trouble with a few of his brighter followers, they believing they could do better that the original, or simply felt like the Kor'Kron could do more for them. These students, unfortunately, did not survive long. They were quickly put down.
It saddened Tel'Lus how people could become corrupt, and how easy it was becoming, lately. He had heard stories of elven druids losing themselves to power, lust, or even gluttony. He had also heard stories that that was the very reason orcs were on Azeroth, and so many other stories of fallen.
Some of these stories ended good, some bad, but life took its turns, it takes a brave man to walk those paths, though.
This was a new art to those outside the Zandalari tribe, probably new to them. Dinomancy had a good chance to corrupt, it was a risk everyone knew. Those brave enough to use it to fight for their rights in the horde were not so easily poisoned, they were fighters.
Tel'Lus moved his mind from the worship of the Devilsaur, and moved to another subject. He had probably screwed up when telling that woman all about their operation, but something in his chest couldn't bare to live with he believing he was dead. He didn't want her hurt, but maybe that's why he told her?
Something kept telling the half-troll that, if he hadn't told her what had happened, she would have gotten scared, and gone to the Kor'Kron, and that could have ended badly. They could have told her that he was dead, and she could react in a number of ways. Anger, sorrow, or strong. Anyway you looked at it, it could have caused harm.
Though, her knowing could also be dangerous. Sje could tell someone, and they could blow their whole operation, but Tel'Lus trusted her. For whatever reason, Tel'Lus trusted her.
Tel'Lus sighed, and put on his disguise, leaving the recruit training to his most gifted follower, before heading to the city. He needed to meet someone, desperately.
Wait I thought I read somewhere that they can? If humans and orcs can interbreed why not orcs and trolls? And what about elves? They have a common ancestor with trolls, so if elves and orcs can mate why not trolls?

Orcs can interbreed with:

Humans (Drann)
Draenei (Garona Halforcen)
Blood Elves (None have appeared in-game, but according to lore, it's possible)
Ogres (Rexxar)

Not once is it mentioned they can interbreed with Trolls. Soooo technically it's lore breaking.
Troll + Well of Eternity = Nelf -> Highborne -> High Elf -> Blood Elf

IF Orc can cross with Belf shouldn't they be able to cross with trolls too?

Not once is it mentioned they can interbreed with Trolls. Soooo technically it's lore breaking.

I was under the impression that 'Lore Breaking' meant something that goes against lore, not something that just isn't covered by lore.

Iviaen has a pretty logical argument towards it, is there anything specific against it?
Some people use Lore Breaking as "Not canon". I theorize the term came about because they didn't know the difference between canon and canon and didn't want to be made fun of for using the wrong word in internet arguments.

Some people use it for "not covered" or whatever.

To avoid confusion I use "not canon".
Troll + Well of Eternity = Nelf -> Highborne -> High Elf -> Blood Elf

IF Orc can cross with Belf shouldn't they be able to cross with trolls too?

Because we've not seen any proof positive of half-orc half-trolls. We've no idea if, for example, the Well of Eternity caused the development of just the right kinds of genes (or, alternatively, suppressed the ones that prevented it) to allow the descendants of the kaldorei to create children with other races.

Not only that, but... So far as I'm aware, we've not seen any half-orc half-elves either. We've only seen half-humans, half-draenei, and half-ogres; for all we know, those are the only species orcs can crossbreed with. There could be an argument made that because humans can breed with elves and orcs, then orcs could breed with elves, but we've yet to see any concrete examples in canon. And that'd still require a leap towards orc/trolls.

...Man, I feel all clinical now. :|

There, happy? Half-Trolls! Deal!

Blood Elves (None have appeared in-game, but according to lore, it's possible)

Where's this mentioned? Done some digging and can't find where it's been said to be possible.
Tel'Lus was sick of it. He'd been sitting, waiting, watching, and sabotaging. He was tired of all of that. He did not want to remain hidden any longer. "I'm going to Orgrimmar..." He spoke strongly, as he got off the ground, referring to his assistant.
"Sir, your tabard, your disguise!"
He looked down at his chest, the sigil of shadows covered it. "Exactly..." and he departed.
In Orgrimmar, he walked in, relatively ignored, no one seemed to care, until a random citizen walked by, noticing his tabard. "What's he doing", "Earthmother protect him", "Scum...". The words put a sly grin on his face. As he walked past the orphanage, many of the children stopped to stare, not caring about the tabard, but the hideous face and odd, ape-like walk of the half-blood.
Tel'Lus stopped, and looked to the children, the orphan matron seems ready to attack. The dinomancer stood as tall as he could, and stuck out his tongue, eyes crossed. The children relaxed, but the woman did not, she didn't want the children to be "Corrupted" by this Vol'Jin sympathizer. He moved on.
The Wyvern's Tail had no recognizable faces, which was sort of dissapointing, until a pandaren walked in, who he knew was a Kor'Kron wannabe. The pandaren was, either, drunk, naive, or not sure what to do, because she stared at Tel'Lus for a good long while, before simply walking out. The rest of his day was uneventful, until the end of it.
Rai'Shika wanted some help on a job. Her clan of orcs, which had made settlement in the Plaguelands after being left their in the first war, were trying to declare war on the Argent Dawn in the area. Rai'Shika, their new chieftain, had to stop them. Problem was, they were stupid and stubborn.
They believed Tel'Lus to be Mossflayer, and their elven ally to be an Argent Dawn paladin, on both accounts, dreadfully wrong.
In pure fear, they attacked, not well, mind you, but they did attack. The two females looked to be decaying, obviously plagued, and the male the same way, but atleast the male had some clothes one. Tel'Lus kept his eyes closed, using his trained ears to strike. He shot a volley of arrows to two of the fallen orcs, hoping to harmlessly pin them. The male did not slow, simply breaking the arrow, but one of the females had the arrow run through her shoulder.
As the others fought, the shot female crawled towards the troll, not aggressively. Tel'Lus easily subdued her, and began to bandage the wound. He positioned her so the shoulder would not flood with blood. Tel'Lus was told no deaths, and that was exactly what he planned.
The fighting didn't last long, and after it all, he still assisted the orcess.
Eventually, the others left, but Tel'Lus climbed a tree, making sure the Hellborn orc would be alright, only leaving after she had been taken by her returning clansmates.

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