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Tel'Lus gripped his stomach. An ulster inside him was growing with each stupid move made by the Strike Force, as he called their little team. The events of the days before went through his head constantly, trying to figure out if these were for the best, or worst.
Rai'Shika and a few other fighters had gone into the Depths in Ashenvale, hunting a demon that had a grudge against Rai's tribe. The fights went well in the beginning, until they reached near their end, when they found a cultist, undead, preforming dark magic on the body of an ancient troll berserker. In an act of desperation, Tel'Lus and Rai'Shika did something completely stupid and desperate. Tel'Lus had corrupted blood, thanks to his warlock father. This corruption gave him the ability to become a berserker.
He tossed Rai'Shika a vial of what he called "Berserker potion" which assisted him in taking the strengthened form, without an overly stressed moment. With his growing body, he roared, attacking in unison with Rai'Shika, who had also grown. It was suprising her body didn't destroy itself. They could not defeat the berserker, so Tel'Lus and Rai'Shika quickly grabbed everyone, making a hasty retreat. Tel'Lus destroying the tunnels behind them.
As they left the tunnels, Tel'Lus needed to leave quickly, he had more Dinomancers to train. The next events were something he heard through the Grape Vine. After he had left, Rai'Shika's mate had arrived, with Kor'Kron soldiers. The shaman, Kromash, a troll Death Knight, and an orc huntress, the last two being mercenaries. They attacked.
Rai'Shika and her exe had fought in single combat, while the others had defended themselves from their attackers. It didn't take long, before they were interrupted.
The berserker broke their the defenses, and began to attack all in sight. Rai'Shika left her mate, and began to attack the monstrosity, but her berserker strength had faded, so she did something incredibly stupid. She took another. Her body convulsed violently as she grew in size and strength. Defeating the berserker, the attacking orc shoved his blade fist into Rai'Shika's stomach. She went down, using the last bit of magic inside her to teleport out.
The attackers left, leaving a severely injured exe, and the strike force to die, all of which managed to escape, all being presumed dead, except for the orc, who allied his clan with the Kor'Kron and a cultist group.
Several days later, the day before the first strike of the rebellion, Tel'Lus, Rai'Shika, and a few others of the strike force were in Orgrimmar, disguised, watching Kromash and the exe's action. Tel'Lus knew that the male may need to die, so he had an elf get a blood sample, seeing if their was corruption, or a way to take him down quick and painlessly. Unfortunately, the elf decided to get a little revenge, being another one who had feeling for Rai'Shika, stronger than just friendship. He had somehow managed to get a bit of berserker potion from an unknown source, he had injected the huntress from the situation with it.
The orcess grew in size and strength, beginning to destroy everything within range. This put the entire team in danger, and given that the attack was Rai'Shika's order, this enraged Tel'Lus.
He demanded an escape of the team, but Rai'Shika would not hear it, she wanted blood, and she was going to get it.
He listened over the Communicator Coin, hearing of how the team was getting their hind quarters destroyed. Eventually, they did retreat to Shattrath City, where Tel'Lus had to tell Rai'Shika his every thought. He told her of the stupidity of the day, that she had put the entire team in jeopardy, and how she could have killed the elven man.
She knew her mistakes, and promised to stop being so stupid. They both knew Kane was not capable of leading, he was busy trying to impress Rai, who was now single.
Honestly, it sickened Tel'Lus of how many people had their eye on her, and how Kane was willing to be so stupid, just to make Rai'Shika like him.
Tel'Lus had taken an unofficial leadership of the Strike Force, while Rai'Shika was now the official leader.
They were talking to some new members of a side team, which Tel'Lus refers to as the rescue team, when they earned their name. The small force had rushed to Orgrimmar, honestly, to relax, when they saw Kor'Kron soldiers decapitating some innocent civilians. The team had combated the soldiers, rescueing the citizens, and retreating to Booty Bay. The survivors had their mourning, and their time to relax. Tel'Lus had his time to think, and plan.
He gripped his stomach, his ulster becoming unbearable.
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Where's this mentioned? Done some digging and can't find where it's been said to be possible.

In the Manual of Monsters there was a Half-Sin'dorei* Half-Orc mentioned, but it's disputed. So, technically, it is still debated.

There, happy? Half-Trolls! Deal!

... It says very specifically in that page that they are Half-Night Elves Half-Trolls. Nothing more. And Lelior, who is the ONLY Half-Troll EVER mentioned in WoW, even looks Elvish. Therefore, Naturechief, (Whom I have RPed with) your argument is invalid.
... It says very specifically in that page that they are Half-Night Elves Half-Trolls. Nothing more. And Lelior, who is the ONLY Half-Troll EVER mentioned in WoW, even looks Elvish. Therefore, Naturechief, (Whom I have RPed with) your argument is invalid.

Then again, from the tone of that whole conversation as I'm vaguely remembering it (semi-friendly banter among friends), said comment could be seen as the equivalent of a 'your mom' joke; all he says in response is that he at least has a mother, which... Eh... I read that in the general sense, not him specifically confirming that he's the son of a troll.
He sat in the large meeting hut, reading over hundreds of papers. Rai'Shika had resigned herself as leader, and appointed Tel'Lus, and, already, it was causing him problems. With the constant flow of refugees, and the people refusing to follow orders, and the simple fact that people did NOT like him, it wasn't easy.
Rai'Shika was happy, having decided to find a mate in a stalker-ish troll she had known for three days, and Kane was being Kane, thinking he was still the boss of the world. He had already had to send out punishment for actions. One of which was making a soldier, and a friend, shovel raptor dung, another one was much darker.
There was a mole in their ranks. The very elf he had fought beside the very first mission he went into the Eastern Plaguelands, had ratted out the whole operation to Rai'Shika exe, and he decided to work on it.
The massive orc had attacked Rai'Shika's soon-be mate while he slept, and forced Rai'Shika to try to negotiate. The plans were ruined by an over zealous goblin, whether this was good or bad, Tel'Lus knew not. All he knew is that he felt something was wrong about the troll boy, and he hated the orc even more.
Rai'Shika was happy with the boy, though, so he could put up with it, besides, he had more important matters to attend to.
His ulcer was growing to massive size, and he now had an army to command.
Commander Tel'Lus "The Mongrel" they were calling him, though, whether he was a commander, or something more or less, he didn't care, he just knew what needed to be done, and was willing to do it.
Looking over the papers, he noticed some curious things. Names of targets, bills for supplies, and donations to the resistance. Some of the names, he recognized, others, he saw as only minor threats. Some of which he approved, others, declined. There was one he smiled at.
"Kromash" was written at the top. A huge grin spread across his face. He grabbed his pen, and wrote at the top, "Presumed dead". He laughed slightly, remembering he needed to drag the Southfury River for a body.
Another target came right after, "Carvyre" an orc huntress. He wrote at the top, "Ally" he wrote at the top. Carvyre had been the huntress that had "worked" with Kromash in the Blackfathom Depths. Tel'Lus knew she had been working on their team the entire time, given that she was the best deadeye in the horde, and she didn't kill a soul yet... except for Kormash.
Tel'Lus got up, finishing the papers, he needed something to do.
Things were rough, but they were moving along. Some had lost hope, others had gained anger, and some still were loyal and believed in Tel'Lus as a leader. It's a good thing they did, because Tel'Lus didn't have a clue what he was doing. He decided to form a counsel of people who would assist him in the cause, his majors would lead a certain field of the cause, while he would over see the whole Iron Hand Resistance.
He looked at the names he had, happy with his decision. Ritzel, a goblin shaman. She would be their medical expert. Yuan'Shi, a troll monk. He would lead the investigation team. Carvyre, an orc deadeye. She would lead their spy division. Wisperius, an elven ranger. If she agreed, she'd lead the rescue and recovery team. And Khor, an orc warlock. If he wanted to, he'd lead the research and development team, though, he hated it when the orcs made him do that, so, he may decline.
Two had already accepted his offer, the rest he needed to ask. He would not force anyone to do something they did not feel they were capable of doing. Hopefully, this new counsel system would make things work better. He had been advised to take control, to show people he was fit to lead, and to take action. And he was ready and willing to do that. He was going to be helping in missions now, rather than becoming some watcher, he would be fighting now.
He still did not want to lead a group of terrorists, but he knew that he needed to give the people something to do, and to give trust to them, or else they would leave and run rampaged, and he couldn't risk anymore lives than absolutely necessary.
He had a plan to show people he wasn't afraid to come out of Sen'Jin and get his hands dirty. There were refugees coming from Stonard. Aparently, they too were sending out trolls. Well, he needed to get them to a safe house, any would do, really, but the Eastern Kingdom houses were sketchy at best, so he wanted them moved to Gadgetzan, atleast, there, the bruisers wouldn't allow any sort of attack on them. The road there would be treacherous, though. From Stonard, they needed to get to Booty Bay, from there, they'd take the boat to Ratchet. When they arrived at Ratchet, they would have to walk from there to Gadgetzan. It seemed simple, but it was a long road from Ratchet to Gadgetzan, even before the Cataclysm, but, now, they had the Great Divide, and the Thousand Needles Sea. He had hoped there were not a lot to take, but it was a distinct possibility that they needed multiple trips. And flying may not be an option, if there were elderly on their trip, it could be dangerous to take wing, same with children.
And then, once they got to Gadgetzan, he still needed to make sure there was enough resources to keep them all alive. He was raised in Booty Bay, so he was close to the Steamwheedle Cartel, even if they never liked him.
He stood there, looking at the paper of names, a small smile on his face. He was going to lead the people to victory, and with his new Majors, victory was all that closer.
He pulled a small red vial from his bag, and drank it, leaving the hut on all four limbs, since that was all his body allowed.
TEL'LUS!!! You're not listening to me.

Orc + Troll = Nonexistent baby.

Orcs and Trolls CANNOT mate.
TEL'LUS!!! You're not listening to me.

Orc + Troll = Nonexistent baby.

Orcs and Trolls CANNOT mate.

This is one of those situations where you do one simple thing.


Going on and on and shouting "YOU'RE NOT LISTENING TO ME!" Will more come off as harassment than make any sort of progress. There is only so much you can do.
Tel'Lus looked over Silvermoon City, he had come here to visit a friend, ended up catching a cold, and had to stay a while, being nursed by his best friend, Rai'Shika. In this time, he had time to relax, his natural regeneration repairing his stomach ulcer. It wasn't a -terrible- city... but it had many, many faults. One of which angered him the most, corruption.
It was something that could be found everywhere, but, here, it had hurt someone near and dear to his heart. Rai'Shika had found what she thought was happiness in a mate, a troll who had told her exactly what she wanted to hear. Unfortunately, it was all lies.
The man had an arguement with Rai'Shika one day, and decided he deserved more, so, he found a couple of easy women, and had a night. Moron got caught, though, litterally, with his pants down. Rai'Shika was hurt, Tel'Lus was ready to rip his man parts off, and the exe thought he earned it.
Rai'Shika kicked him around a few times, but something was obvious, the boy was suicidal. He begged for death, and when Rai'Shika refused to give it, he harassed her until she had no choice but to fight him.
Outside the city, the orc and troll had taken their positions, ready for combat. In her anger, Rai'Shika's elemental powers had become something incredible, and possessive. She had no control over herself, as earth wind and fire made their incredible power known. With no chance for a block, counter, or even to run away, the power of Azeroth hit the boy with everything, he made a futile attempt to flee, only to be struck down in a nearby field.
Power still consumed her body, but she realized what she had done. Quickly, the orcess moved from destruction, to mending. She felt hate for him still, but she did not want to kill because of this, or this man.
The healing touch of the earth only stalled the inevitable, death. The man, still saying the words that had hurt her before, fell there, giving Rai'Shika more pain than she could stand.
Tel'Lus, being there for support of his friend, closed the eyes of the boy, but something felt wrong, he felt a wave of evil come from the, still warm, corpse. Not wishing to alarm Rai'Shika, he left it quiet, he would investigate it further when the time came to bury the bones. Troll tradition dictated to let a body rot (Since cannibalism was illegal in the horde now), but something still gnawed at him.
Rai'Shika was exhausted, so Tel'Lus carried her to her home in the city.
He remembered the words she said before she fell to sleep, "Tel'Lus, don't leave." He would always be there for her. He would not let anyone hurt her again. Though, one thing did bother him... did that corpse move?
Orcs and Trolls CANNOT mate.

Here's my take on it. Orcs are -aliens-, and yet for some reason they can mate perfectly fine with Draenei and Humans, both of whom came from different worlds.

Orc/Troll is an understandable assumption.
Here's my take on it. Orcs are -aliens-, and yet for some reason they can mate perfectly fine with Draenei and Humans, both of whom came from different worlds.

Orc/Troll is an understandable assumption.

However, there has to be a confirmed source from canon lore to assume that. Which there hasn't. So until I see one from comics or novels or in-game characters, I won't assume there even can be.
Papers before him, Tel'Lus had a lot of issues, from financial, to command. He had learned to deal with the issues, but there was something that had made the whole thing easier. He was in love. Many were upset that he had fallen for someone, others upset with her for not choosing them. There were many, though, that were simply happy for couple. There were strangers that found them adorable together, and those that found their inter-racial commitment disgusting and unnatural. What did the couple think? Let them seethe, when the heat grew hot enough, those hating would turn to hate while they rose from the ashes. Wait, who was the one going to be Tel'Lus's life mate? Who would want to be the life mate of a hideous mongrel half blood? Why, the friend of his who had been with him from the very first of these stories. Rai'Shika Hellborn. Woah, wait, when did this happen? How? Well, I guess we should start from where our last section left off.
It was a day after Rai'shika had to kill her exe. Rai'Shika was upset, but Tel'Lus had discovered a way to make her feel better. She loved to dance. She loved to feel close to someone as the music carried them off into a world alone. Tel'Lus enjoyed it as well, he loved feeling close to her, and the feeling he had as she clinged to him, her head buried into his chest. It in a moment much like this, it struck him. He was in love with this woman. He knew she was in pain, though, so, he held his emotions inside.
That very day, Rai'Shika's sister-in-law (for lack of a better phrase) asked a favor of the two. She wanted magical artifacts, and the two needed money. Their current occupations gave no income what-so-ever, being volunteers.
So, the two accepted, and, immediately, they left for the broken fortress of Karazhan, looking for anything of interest, along with a specific axe said to be able to rip a window open through time, so one could see their own family history unfold.
They weren't completely sure what happened, but, somehow, they had been transported to events of history's past. All those that had caused problems of past were there. Oh well, just more fun for them.
It had taken them about four days to move through the castle, with rests at various locations. They also took some time to play around with what was in the area, such as the Opera House, the Library, and a few other areas.
Two parts of the castle would forever be locked in his mind, one of fear, and one of realization.
The first was the Library, they were looking for tomes and books of interest, one had caught their eye. Rai'Shika climbed to the top of one of the shelves, and picked a book. It had current events and told where to find what in the castle. Taking the book, she leaped down, Tel'Lus catching her in the air, gently putting her down.
For some reason, though, he couldn't let go. He stared into her blue eyes, inches away from pressing his lips against hers. But he froze. He wanted to kiss her, but something was telling him not to.
She must have had the same thought, because she quickly pulled herself from his grip, wiping a few hidden tears away. Tel'Lus realized, she had the same emotions for him, as he had for her.
The book was enchanted. It told the story of whatever it found interesting in the vicinity. Now that it had something new to write about, it was telling the story of Rai'Shika and Tel'Lus.
About a day after that situation was the second event he'd remember. Pure fear.
They were about to enter a second room, where the ghost of Medhiv's father walked, when the door shut behind him. One thought went through his head. What if she was hurt? Immediately, he started beating on the door, screaming for her. Rai'Shika on the other side was doing the same.
The ghost noticed him. Quickly, Tel'Lus moved from the door, afraid that, if it was hit, Rai'Shika would be hurt as well. The fight lasted many minutes, coming face to face with death, but, something tinside him, it kept him alive. The thought of Rai'Shika kept his bow strong, and his arrows flying. Eventually, the ghost fell, and the doors opened.
She played calm, but he could hear her heart racing, as was his own. She looked through a pile of books, when he made his decision. He walked up to her, and pulled the orc close. Our own half blood moved in, placing his lips on her, as the two fell into an embrace. He couldn't let go, as he and she pronounced how they felt each other.
The events afterwards are the usual between the two. Playfulness, flirting, and sharing a kiss now and again.
The next day, people were talking about how perfect they were for each other, but Rai'Shika was afraid to enter another relationship, so, she was calling him a "Friend with Potential". The title sort of hurt, making him feel like he wasn't good enough, for one reason or another. But it didn't take long for that to change.
Through the constant nagging, they decided what they felt for each other was real, and that they couldn't go without the other. Tel'Lus had to ask. He had to ask her if she would be his life mate. She didn't take much time to think about it, in tears and a smile across her face, she agreed.
The day was fast approaching, only two weeks to go until Tel'Lus and Rai'Shika would officially be life-mates. Normally, the ceremony would be much sooner, but, with the war, they had to post pone it until the end of the month. Between constant Strategy meetings with Vol'Jin, Chen Stormstout, Baine Bloodhoof, and the other team leaders, and the constant rescue and recovery attacks, and he simply trying to help pay the bills with their, hopefully, temporary housing in Silvermoon City, there was hardly a free time. Now, to add to all that, Rai'Shika was with child.
So, as one can imagine, Tel'Lus had his plate full. But it was all worth it.
"Why are you fighting?" He remembered Chen asking the Rebellion Leaders. Tel'Lus asked himself this everyday, and everyday, the same answer came to mind.
"I fight for a 'ope." He spoke up, "A 'ope dat my own children won't 'af to fight. Dat my mate can be safe from 'arm. I know dat te fighting will never end, but I pray dat, some day, we don't 'AF to fight. Rai'Shika loves to brawl, friendly sparring and matches. I 'ope dat she will be able to do dat, witout someone wanting 'er dead."
Chen nodded, understanding the very answer. Many answered similarly, others simply wanted war, while those still, just wanted things to be the way they were.
"Tings will nevah be da same again." Vol'Jin proclaimed. "Tings 'af changed forevah for da 'orde. While we 'old a lose cease fiah wit da Alliance, dere still be dose 'oo want da otah dead. And because of Garrosh's reign, dey may nevah trust us da same again, if at all, realleh. No, da times call for change, and we must change wit da times."
True enough, Tel'Lus thought. The alliance would be watching Hellscream's successor much more closely now, and they would hold suspicious eyes to them. All at the same time, every citizen would wonder how much of a supporter of Hellscream-son that orc was.
No, suspicion would plague the alliance and horde from then on out, tension would rise, and war would grow. Losing Hellscream-son won't bring the two together. No. It would tear them a little more apart.
"Will the people understand this, though?" And elf had asked the entire group. A few had faith that losing Garrosh would not be a simple saving grace, while, most, knew that the people would grow angry for the lack of sudden change.
"The winds of change, float over the fields of time, slowly" A tauren spoke with a strong voice, but a sad tone. She was right, though. Change would come, but there needed to be time for the hatred to be breed out of the people. In both the alliance and the horde.
"Where's Thrall? Has he returned?" An orc spoke this time. Her tone was uneasy. She was impatient, but, obviously, scared. This orc woman was a fierce warrior, part of the Barrens assault team. They took down the commanders in the Northern Barrens, and sabotaged their works in a blunt way, trying to make it obvious to the Kor'Kron that, even orcs, would not back down.
But, no matter how strong this woman acted, there was one obvious truth. She was a mother, and feared for the safety of her children. She was one that fought for her children. That was all she said. The words were few, but the message clear.
"Trall still be in Orgrimmar. We assume 'e be 'iding. But we gat no clue if 'e managed to get contact wit 'is friends. We can 'ope 'e did, and dey be willing to 'elp us, but we can't be sure until latah." Vol'Jin's words terrified, but they were honest.
"Sso... wwhat iss to be done now?..." A forsaken had hissed. He was angry with Hellscream because of the restrictions put on Undercity and the Royal Apothecary Society. His intentions may not have been in the right place, but it was assistance none-the-less.
"We do what he have been doing," Baine spoke, his voice a bit shakey. "We keep gathering resources, attacking in small groups, and pulling as many as we can to safety." The leaders nodded, grunting in agreement.
As they left, the orc warrior had stopped him to speak with him. "You're the youngest of us all, Tel'Lus. How do you manage to do it all?"
"Et ain't easy. I be close to losing my mind many times." He let that last word hang, before speaking again. "But, when I come close to breaking, I see Rai'Shika's face, and I think to myself..." He sighed, speaking his own thoughts. "'If we lose, tere will be no future for 'er and our children.' dat sobers me up immediately, and et gives me te will to move on."
The orc sighed, "It still amazes me. Who taught you this stuff? How can you be so young, and seem so old?"
"My pa taught me some tings. 'e be of te Shadowmoon Clan orcs. Te rest, well... Wen times change, people age."
"Learn from the past. Change with the times. Thanks, friend."
"Go to te Echo Islands, spend some time wit ya children. If tings 'appen, ya will wish ya 'ad more time wit dems."
"I will. Again, thank you."
Tel'Lus nodded, and returned to Sen'Jin, where a small boat was waiting to take him to a ship, which would return him to Eversong, where his mate waited for him.
"Times be changing. We must change wit dems."
"We all see how the Balance is shifting, do we?" Tel'Lus was at a meeting of the Order of the Earth, in which he was a proud member of. Han Naturechief, the founder and leader of the Order, spoke to the group. "We see a rise in heroism, but it seems as though it's epic heroism, not small things, like talking to people who need it, or charity work. I know many of us are exiled from major horde cities, but I also know that many of you still have access to them, and even you alliance people can help." Han stopped to look over the group.
Tel'Lus looked about as well. He could see pandaren, gnomes, dwarves, worgen, night elves, humans, draenei, goblins, orcs, undead, trolls, tauren, and blood elves. There were also some things that weren't open members or the horde, or not major races of Azeroth, such as mag'har, krokul, taunka, hozen, jinyu, and such.
"I want a day. Just one day, where we can come together, for a magnificent feast. A feast, where we, as adventurers and heroes of Azeroth, do not indulge on the food, but serve it" People in the crowd started whispering to one another, which grew louder and louder.
A thunderous roar silenced the crowd. Magjor Grimhoof, a human of more savage mind, silenced the room with a thunder stomp. Han continued to speak, "We heroes of Azeroth will be serving those who have lost more than us. We will put aside our own desire for reward and give to those less fortunate. Orphans and Transients will sit at a table, and we will give them a magnificent meal"
More talking around the room, this time, less confused more prideful. "If we can show the people that we really do care about them, rather than the silly little rewards given to us, such as our armor and weapons, maybe we can promote every day heroes. Those that prevent suicides, and murders. Those that stand up for their beliefs, and their neighbors beliefs, even if they aren't the same. We don't need more people who put their lives in danger, but we do need more people who can put others out of harms way, without risk to themselves."
Someone stood up. Tel'Lus recognized the armor and voice, it was the warrior from the Rebellion meetings, "YES! For the people! FOR AZEROTH!" She screamed out. Suddenly, the whole room was in an uproar of victorious cheers. Tel'Lus was amazed, enemies were arm in arm, hand in hand, some even in more romantic embraces. Sure, these were spread out and few, but they were open in the room. Actually, Tel'Lus only saw two couples like that from his angle, and those were a gnome and goblin couple, probably from one of the Steamwheedle cities, and a pandaren couple, one wearing a houjin tabard, the other, tushui.
"Then it is settled," Han spoke above the crowd as the settled down, "We will have a festival, JUST for the average folk, where we, the adventurers of Azeroth, will serve them. Go now, my brothers and sisters of the Horde and Alliance. Spread the word that adventurers will serve the common people. When, though... the council will discuss that and return to you with word!"
Tel'Lus could see Han, Magjor, the undead death knight, Maxwell "Three-Lives" Lightwalker, and his own father, Grul'Than Soulbinder the third, leave together to council the date of the event, as he rushed home to his Life-Mate to give the news.

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