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Apotheosis is a progression-focused 10 man raiding guild looking to recruit for MoP raiding. We are a mature group of players who like to have fun while remaining dedicated to the guild's overall progression goals. This means that we take attendance seriously and are looking for quality players that do as well. If you have a solid raiding background and a responsible attitude, with the ability to be laid back and have fun, please apply. Our players have years of raiding experience under their belts, several since vanilla, and are excited to take on challenging new content.

Apotheosis formerly on the realm Elune, is looking for a Healer. We took a break about middle way into Dragon Soul and have recently returned to the game.
Upon returning to the game we decided to find another realm that has more progression and better recruiting pools.

[History of Cataclysm Raiding]
-We started late in Cataclysm clearing all normal mode in Tier 11 and 2 heroic kills.

-Firelands came out we reached 6/7 heroic mode.

-Dragon Soul we finished 5/8 heroic mode before deciding to take a break from wow.

[MoP Raiding Current]
-Tier 14: Cleared

-Tier 15: 11/12 with Lei Shen down very soon

[Whats expected from Raiders]
-A mature attitude

-The ability to take criticism

-At least 80% attendance

-Working vent (mic is a plus, and required for tanks)

-Solid knowledge of your class and an understanding of fight mechanics

Healer: Druid or Monk 500+ Ilvl

[Raid Times]
We Raid Wednesday and Sunday 8:30PM to 11:30PM Server Time, and Monday 8:30PM to 10:30PM Server Time

For more Information Please contact myself(Wanderlost), or Naoya in game or visit our Website at http://apotheosisofelune.enjin.com/ Hope to hear from you Thank you!
Your website has different info for raid times, but if what's posted here is correct, I might be interested in transferring over here.

Here's my info.
would you possibly consider someone relatively new to the game (back in Aug.) and would really like to experience raiding. I would def consider tranfer if that's the case!
Recruiting Changed in need of a Tank Thank You
You guys wouldn't be completely against a guardian druid that know his stuff would you?
New recruitment up

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