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I would hate to be a part of the Allience. They seem silly and uneducated.

I'll stick with the Alliance.
fixed thanks :P
im serious I really want the allience to have a better moto! BRING IN THE RP NERDS
After the Org raid "Yay, we're helping!" would be very appropriate.
sorry not sure y i spelled alliance wrong twice geez lol :(

Not in the face! Not in the face!
I Need A Group For Everything!
"Bretherezen is coming! Bretherezen is coming!"

It sounds appropriate if you ask me. . .
"WE'LL KEEP TRYING!" is the official Alliance Battle Cry as per Blizzcon a couple years back.
"Let them 4 cap"
I prefer either "Glory to the Alliance" or Vereesa's "we will fight to the bitter end".
The Alliance does not need a battle cry. Despite the best efforts of the High King storyline, the Alliance is not, nor should it aspire to be, a monolithic organization.
We need a new shout "for the Alliance" is not doing it. year after year I listen to Horde yell "For the Horde" at Blizzcon and we are all to embaressed to reply back. We need to come up with a better moto.

Examples: "Stain it red"
"for the fallen"
"Lions PRIDE"

There is something so epic about a huge, barbaric male orc shouting "FOR THE HORDE!" versus a well dressed, polite male human pleasantly chanting "for the alliance".
"We'll be awesome in the next expansion!"
"For Pony!"
In the case of the Horde battlecry, For has great synergy with the Hor in Horde. All three words are monosyllables so every word in the shout has a strong emphasis. Like bulletpoints.

In contrast, there's no synergy between the words in the Alliance battlecry and the tongue just trips all over the word "Alliance." Plus, since that one word is as long as the entire rest of the phrase in terms of syllables, it drains the shout of any unified emphasis.

Yeah, your battlecry isn't nearly as good =/

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