Acer Aspire 7552g power adapter

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I recently had my power adapter for my acer aspire 7552g quit out on me and I'm a little bit confused on what I need to buy to replace it. ACER wants to charge me $88 with shipping for an adapter from them, but the prices I'm seeing around the internet just aren't convincing me I need to pay that. Is there anyway to know if an 4.74 A, 19V adapter I'm buying is any good? Thanks.
You don't have to go with the one the manufacturer tells you to purchase and there are several options available to you both online and offline from various retailers. You could check with your local computer tech shop to see if they sell the universal adapters their shop uses when a customer brings a laptop in without a power adapter.

That said, there could be warranty issues, if your laptop is still under warranty and not using an approved power adapter. Be sure to check your laptop's warranty conditions before using a universal power adapter. Should your computer take damage from the adapter, it can sometimes be covered with approved components but swapping out a single item can render the warranty null and void.

Most manufacturers don't cover damage from surges anyway but still best to through the terms, just to be safe. :)

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