Sometimes my ps3 loses sound.

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Like I load it up no load up nlise, get on netflix no sound. Exit netflix pop in a game disc no sound, pop in Killzone three or War for cybertron sound comes back. The sound works until I turn off the system for over four hours. Any idea why?
that's really bizarre.
Make sure the connectors aren't lose on the PS3 or your TV/speaker system. Then try resetting the PS3's settings (when it's powered off, press and hold the power button ON the PS3 for ~5-10 seconds until you hear the second beep) and then set up your display and audio settings accordingly again

If this makes no difference then I'm stumped
Format the ps3 probably a software issue, unless your ps3 isn't up to date
its up to date, hi how do I format it?
What ps3 model are you using?
80gb one.
According yahoo answer(sold my ps3 a long time ago)
Settings > System Settings > Format Utility > Format Hard Disk
80gb one.

So that fat gen 1 one? I'd suggest getting a new ps3 and transfer all your saves ASAP. Soon enough you'll be encountering the dreaded Yellow Light of Death.
I am just going to hold out for a PS4, hopefully it's backwards compatible!
The PS4 has been confirmed to be not backwards compatible, so as to avoid a sky high selling price. The original PS3 was sold for more than $500 bucks, which made it inaccessible to many people, something they want to avoid. Having PS2 compatibility was the sole reason for the increased price. Compare it to the PS3 super slim.

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