<Exile> 10M U.S Illidan Horde 2/13H LF2M

[H] <Exile> [U.S-Illidan][10 Man]
Currently 2/13H-12/12N Throne of Thunder

Raid Times:
Mon – Thurs: 7pm-11pm ST/CST

Loot is distributed via a Loot council run to award gear based on Attendance/Performance/Attitude/ and Loot obtained.

Who are we:
Exile is a fairly new guild run by veteran raiders. Exile was started up a week prior to the release of 5.2 and has since been working on bolstering the raid roster to push content and clear ToT Normal and Heroic before the release of the next tier. We are a semi-hardcore guild (Based on time) but we play to achieve success and be the best we can be. We are looking for a particular type of player, a positive go getter who strives to perform at the peak of their ability for every raid. We maintain a fun and yet disciplined atmosphere.

Who we are looking for:
We are looking for Progression motivated players. Wipes happen and a positive attitude is a must. The players we are aiming to have and keep are those that are willing to accept Constructive Criticism, play for the team’s best interest, and must have the desire to succeed and win at what they do. Attendance is a major requirement-Please do not apply if these raid times do not work for you. We expect our applicants to come to the guild drama free, with a well versed knowledge of their particular class in and out.

Current Recruitment Needs:
*Elemental Shaman
*Warlock Dps

How to Apply:
Visit Exileillidan.enjin.com and click apply now/Fill out application and we’ll chat.
Any questions feel free to contact Vekx via realid at Vekx#1707

Thanks for your interest in Exile-U.S Illidan
Bumped for an Ele Shaman, Still searching for a strong Elemental shaman dps
Still Recruiting an ele shaman! Contact me in game or submit an app.
Where's that good Elemental shaman hiding? I know you're out there-Bump
LF1 Elemental Shaman, still recruiting-Bump!

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