Anyone from Newfoundland want to hangout?

As the subject line says, just looking for other players from Newfoundland that might want to chat or hangout in ventrilo. We can do dungeons, random BGs, raiding or anything else to pass the time. Normally I don't make any random posts like this but I've been playing this game for 5 years and I can never seem to find anyone from my province or area.

So if you are interested in being friends, just feel free to add me to Battletag. I also use other methods of contact such as skype and Yahoo/ Aol messenger but we can discuss that later since I know its not allowed to be posted on these forums due to privacy concerns.

Battletag: Lajos#1444
Sorry bro, Saskatchewan. :P
Alberta #1
Alberta is only #1 if its southern Alberta... Northern AB is awful in ways i can't even describe.
What is this I don't even...
Northern Alberta is a cesspool. I know, I live here.
Northern Alberta is a cesspool. I know, I live here.

YES!! Me too and i cant wait to get back to the mountains. Living in the swampland that is this place is making me insane!
ill be your friend :3
Newfies represent!!! Grand Falls here

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