Holy Paladin looking to transfer

heads up, raid aware holy paladin with a decent ret offspec looking for a semi HC progression raid guild. I have been playing with friends the past two years, nice people but not the greatest raiders.
I am looking to raid minimum 9 hours a week preferably 12-16 hours a week, later evenings weekdays and weekends.
avail to transfer asap for the right guild.


<Endgame> is a 10 man guild recruiting heals and dps to transition to 25 man content. We have need of healers/dps and are currently 6/12 in progression on 10 man mode.

Our raid times are Tues/Wed 630-10pm server. We anticipate being 25 man operational in the next week or two and have close to enough alt toons to run a second 10 man.

If you think we could work together towards a common goal, feel free to pm me via Verberos#1700.

Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon.
<Ethereal> is an alliance guild that has just recently transferred to Lightbringer in hopes of finding a healer like you. We are currently 6/12 and will have durumu down quickly. We have had to force people to offspec heal or bring in pugs to get to our current progression level. Many of us have raided together for nearly 6 years, with the majority of the guild taking a break through much of the content last Expansion. We were one of the top raiding guilds on our old server through wrath and burning crusade and will continue to work to get back there. We currently raid Sun, Mon, Thurs 6-9 server. We are planning to try switching raid nights to Tues/Thurs/Sun 2 weeks from now. If interested, contact andaar at battle ID.

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