Static Shock on Lei Shen 10M Normal Bugged?

Bug Report
The damage seems to not be splitting between the people who are stacked. We had 3 people stacked in one instance and all took ~320K damage and we had another with 2 people stacked that took ~400K damage each...

Dungeon journal reports the ability to do "400,000 split between" So this seems bugged.
Even with the Static Shock conduit at only 20% power, it's hitting for 800K damage on a single target with 20% Damage reduction up (Barkskin).

"Static Shock hit You 387257 Nature. (423751 Overkill) "

Total of 811008

I had barkskin up at the time. Multiplied(1.2%) the total becomes 973,209 damage.

This ability should only be hitting for 400K + a % based on the level of the conduit. The Static Shock conduit on this specific attempt was only at 20% power during the Phase 1-1.5 Transition.

Any one have any clue on why this is going on?
The damage is currently working as intended. Please post any feedback or discussions to the appropriate forums.

Further explanation:

The base damage is 400k. For each % of charge the pillar gets, the damage increases by another 4k. At 100% charge, the pillar would gain 400k of damage.

In addition, with each full charge, the pillar gives out something extra (in this case, an extra debuff going out). You start with only one during the first phase and you end up with two during the first transition because...

The pillar always gains one level (+100%) energy during the transition. Most people, depending on the order in which they take the boss to the pillars, will have between 50-90% charge on the pillar. The pillar is fully discharged at the end of the transition (hence why each pillar starts at 0% in the second phase).

Thus, during the transition, assuming 80 energy on the static shock pillar:

400k * (1 + level) + 4k * energy = 400k * 2 + 4k * 80 = 1.12m

For a quadrant with two people running 20% damage reductions, this would be close to their max life in the worst case (roughly 448k in a raid where health pools are around 450k). My logs show slightly less damage than that so it's possible the damage per point of energy is lower than I'm guessing here.
Thanks for the explanation / Math. I started to see some of that but it just seems really harsh to deal with in a raid comp with very few full-immunities. Pally bubble is the best we've got on a healer and then 2 priests w/ Dispersion for 90% off(still 120k dmg but manageable)

Really punishes raid groups without Hunter/Rogue/Mage(we had one but he had to quit)
But in our 25man we had like 5 players stacked together. 2 of them were rogues using feint, while the others all died the rogues survived with a 30ish %. Guild master has forbidden to use any form of mitigation pretending the 20-30% dmg you block is going over the others who arent.
And from this, ive been wondering if hes right because thats merely speculation.

this is something im wondering about this fight. if someone mitigates the damage, does that mean the damage that was mitigated is split between the other players? because we are getting insanely high numbers on players from just this ability. im talking 500k+ and we have 6 ppl (25 man) in these things, while im not getting those high numbers. my group consistently dies to this and we're just boggled as to what we're doing wrong. one of those times i noticed that it completely ignored the fact that i was standing in the static shock. i took 0 damage from it, i was definitely inside of it. im wondering if this is happening more often than we're realizing and causing these higher numbers on players.
We are having a different problem.. Every kill before we would get 1 shock per conduit group in 10 man (3 groups split 3 3 and 4).
Each group would be positioned at a conduit and that would separate the shocks (speaking of 2nd transition before phase 3 when only 3 conduits are left up).

Supposedly static shock isnt suppose to target people near each other... Except now the static shock is targeting people grouped all at the same conduit instead of splitting like they normally do. Believe it is bugged since this never happened before.

so a example.. in our groups of 3 3 and 4.. the group with 4 people, 3 of them are being targeted for static shock, while the other groups are not getting targeted at all.

groups are:
2 tanks, 1 dps
1 healer, 3 dps(would get all 3 shocks targeted at them)
1 healer, 2 dps

Same setup every week, never had this problem before.. Usually each group gets 1 shock.

We are perfectly fine with dealing with the damage for 1 static shock, but not when its 2 or 3 people targeted in a conduit group(4 people). Even if we have a person that can soak the dmg by themself with dispersion or equivalent if they are the lucky one targeted in the group, that still leaves 2 shocks between 3 people.. You cant stack your conduit group to deal with that dmg.. working as intended?

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