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Emerald Dream
As the Keepers of Stromgarde grows, so must its army. The knights of Arathor - led by Ulrich Wolfsung and myself - are the ground soldiers and scouts that lead the charge into battle.

We are seeking warriors, paladins, and deathknights for the front lines, as well as hunters and rogues to act as scouts, infiltrators, and archers. We will also accept other classes/roles who have a good RP reason and something to contribute to the house.

House Lore

“For honor, for freedom!” – Unknown Knight, recorded by an Alliance chronicler at the Battle for Mount Hyjal

They are the paragons of the human military. Their acts of valor instil pride and courage wherever they may walk. To hear their mighty steeds bearing down on you is to hear the sound of swift justice, and to feel their blade is to know its wrath. They are the Knights of Arathor, and they know no equals.

It was their peerless martial prowess that accommodated humanity’s unprecedented growth into an empire. In time, even the mighty Quel’dorei would become indebted to Arathor. As the sons of Strom spread across the land, they founded new settlements in its name. Eventually, these settlements prospered and grew into their own great nations, independent of Arathor.

There were those who would not abandon the first true home of humanity, however. Those loyal to Strom returned to the city, renaming it ‘Stromgarde’, and vowing to guard it with their lives. Under their protection, Stromgarde remained a powerful and respected nation; neither the Orcish Horde nor the Scourge would take Stromgarde while its Knights still drew breath.

When the call to Kalimdor came to Stromgarde, the Knights answered without hesitation. They ventured to Mount Hyjal to fight for the fate of our world, and emerged victorious; but their victory bore a great cost. In their absence, Thoras Trollbane had fallen – and the city had soon followed. The Knights of Arathor were devastated, but refused to accept such a grievous loss; they swore an oath to see their city restored.

Now the Knights of Arathor ride across the Highlands once more, driven by an incorruptible determination to protect their people. Woe be to their foes, for honor and vengeance ride with them.
Scout Riller Ready and willing! Aint no one going to see me!

(( :D ))
*Looks around* Did you guys hear something?
*pulls on her cloak and waves" down here!!
This House is going to be awesome! Let the army grow!!!))
The enemies of Stromgarde swell to numbers beyond counting. Stromgarde needs brave, honorable soldiers to cut a swath through our enemies so that we can continue rebuilding. Scouts are needed to assist the army, without you we would be blind and unprepared.

Join the Knights of Arathor and show the world your might.
Brave and honorable indeed.... Archbishop Hebro will be glad to hear of this recruitment. ORCWORM Keep...What once was Stromguarde Keep...Needs more decorations to line it's halls. And of course, by decorations the Archbishop means the entrails of 'brave' and 'honorable' soldiers.

Your sacrifice to the Great ORCWORM has not gone unnoticed. Soon even you, Belaal, will give tribute to the Almighty ORCWORM...with your soul.

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