501 spriest LF guild

I'm looking for something late night. Weekdays preferable with a start time of 9:30 pm st or later. I don't have a ton of tot exp. Only seen the first two bosses due to previous guilds not being too great. Reply on here or talk to me in game. Either to me directly or mail. Doesn't matter.
Sent you an in-game mail, Saintgrant. Come chat in game with myself or Patticakes, one of our officers from Livid if you'd like to know more. :)

Nemari - Darkstriker#1327
Patticakes - Paticakes#1823
/sigh. Beat me to it!!! Lol. Definitely hit us up Mr. Spriest, and good luck in your hunt.
Update on this. 505 ilvl now. Also gotten up to Tortos in regular.

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