The One MIllion Gold Giveaway

Hello Baelgun:
You read the title correctly. I will be giving out One Million gold, and doing so on August 31, 2013, at 6pm server time in the town of Goldshire. There will be several payouts which total the one million gold, and that information is listed below. You will be required to be a level 10 or above player to participate as I will be forming multiple raid groups.
Go to Goldshire and be present on 8/31/13 at 6pm server for your chance at a One Million Gold giveaway.
Be level 10 or above, no names will funny letters, and don’t be one of the more well to do wow players as defined by a decent gold amount.
Pending on how many people show up and getting people to quickly cooperate in forming groups will determine how long this takes. I estimate it should take no more than an hour if everyone plays nice.

First and foremost, I have Blizz’s consent on this (Thank you Blizz!!!). There was some initial concern that this could be considered part of an in game casino or gambling of sorts. This is not a casino, there will be no gambling, there will be absolutely no entry fee, there will be no tipping involved, or anything of the sort. This is a 100% giveaway back to the community with intent to give to those who are just starting out or just to someone who is not as “flush” as they’d like to be. I don’t want anything after the giveaway is conducted. I believe the method I have outlined below reaches the most potential people, offers absolutely no advantage to anyone, and I am running this in August simply to make certain that the most people are reached and know about this – giving everyone equal opportunity to participate.
I am not quitting the game, nor do I have any intention of quitting. There are many reasons why I’m doing this. In order to keep this as brief as possible I will say for now that it is far better to give than to receive, and I’m hoping that this will serve as some type of catalyst for other people to be inspired to pay it forward – in game and out.
I could go on and on. Let’s get down to business:
· You must be a level 10 or higher.
· You are only allowed one entry.
· I ask that you only come on a toon that has normal letters in it. No squiggly things above your name which will allow me to easily send you payment if you’re lucky enough to be a winner.
· I respectfully request that for those of you who already have a nice chunk of gold – simply stay out of this. This giveaway is not meant for you. I’m trying to help those who are less fortunate than you as it applies to gold. You draw your own line as to what I define as “nice chunk of gold.” Please respect the spirit of this giveaway and don’t show up undercover on your level 10 alt to try and win.
· Raid groups of 39 people will be formed starting at 6pm server on 8/31/13 in Goldshire. I will be asking my guildmates and some people I know to be the raid leader of each group. Once all groups are formed, entry will be officially closed and nobody else will be allowed to enter – without exception.
· I will go to each raid group and conduct a roll off. One roll. The highest roll goes to the next round. Pending on the number of people who show up, I will determine how many people from each group go to the final group. The idea is to have a full 40 person final group. Everyone else is out. The final group is formed. One roll. The highest roll in order of high to low of the final group will be:
· High roll $250,000
· 2nd $125,000
· 3rd and 4th $75,000
· 5th and 6th $50,000
· 7th thru 10th $25,000
· 11th thru 20th $15,000
· 21st thru 30th $10,000
· 31st thru 40th $2,500
· Once the festivities are over and I’ve triple checked all names I will send the funds either that night or the following day. It all depends on how chaotic this is and my stress levels.
· Whether you participate or not, please feel free to join the festivities. Brings lots of fireworks and drinks of preference and we’ll see you on the 31st of August.
· If anyone has any questions please ask them and I will do my best to answer.
Good work.
Will be looking forward to this

I approve of this contest. (My authority does not trump Blizzard's but it means something somewhere I'm sure).

I've also mad up my mind. You get my vote for POTUS for 2016 :)
oooh I can't wait! Now to convince my dad to let me play during that time lol.
I rly need the gold so I can by a chopper it would me everything to me on this game if I have a chopper every day I get on this game and I see a person with a chopper and I ask him for one but they always say no everday! the moment I got this game I seen that mount and I knew I wanted it
I know you've been wanting this mount for many years. Since there is no guarantee that you will win one of the prizes on 8/31, you get the mount anyway. Congrats and enjoy.

Wow man, this is incredibly generous. Thank you for giving so much back to the server.
Wow man, this is incredibly generous. Thank you for giving so much back to the server.

Since he made a ton of his money off the AH, "some" might say it was our money to begin with :P
Hi Guys:

We're getting close. Please let your guilds know about this. It's meant for everyone and we're getting close. If you won't be participating please consider stopping by with lots of fireworks and drinks of your choosing. Hope to see lots of people there.

OOO, good idea I could put it in the guild MOTD, I didn't think of that, thanks! I know a few guildies who could benefit from something like this.
Ill be there, Broke level 90 is no bueno
Although whenever I have had to roll for anything in a raid group its always between 20-30. This is going back 6 plus years peeps, no joke lol.

And you have proof of the fakeness? Or are you just looking for your 15 minutes of fame trolling someone elses thread who has good intentions?
Its because he's an orc. Anyways, I had a fun time trolling him the other day, Dare. but Nordy, great idea! see you there. :)
wow..... =] This little poor gnome will come and visit :D
I'm not rich, so I hope to get in =] meow!
See you there If I can keep myself awake.... 3am my time.
I rly need the gold so I can by a chopper it would me everything to me on this game if I have a chopper every day I get on this game and I see a person with a chopper and I ask him for one but they always say no everday! the moment I got this game I seen that mount and I knew I wanted it

I have to commend you for doing this with genuinely GOOD intentions. I got a pst from a guildie about it and wasn't sure if I believed it or not- At first. Hats off to you for giving back to the WoW community! And trust that I will be there to participate! Maybe I can finally buy my Vial Of Sands so im no driving ppl to the shrine on their alts anymore haha! This game does truly need more ppl that give back... Its refreshing to see some of us still have values lol.
I commend you for what you are doing. The server could use the publicity. I won't be attending since I don't really need the gold. However I must take issue with you refering to those such as myself as fortunate simply because we might have more gold.

There are no invisible barriers in this game to acquiring gold. There is also very little luck involved. Sure someone can get lucky and a valuable BOE drop but those are few and far between. Those who manage to accumulate gold are not merely lucky. We work hard at it spending many hours doing things not nearly as fun as raiding, battlegrounds or dungeons. Where we may be fortunate is in the amount of time we have to play. Not in how the gods of fate have blessed us.

Those who are less "fortunate" need to understand that in this game, as in life, waiting around for a handout, begging and making excuses is a recipe for failure.

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