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Hello everyone, Cajete here and I just came back from a long 8 month break from the game. I've mostly been a Holy Pally throughout both Wrath and Cata. I played Ret back during BC but never liked it much until they introduced the Holy Power system. Anyway, I feel that now during this expansion it's time to go back to my roots. I'm totally feeling the Ret thing now, but I heard it's terrible in raids. I was looking around and I came to the conclusion that out of all the melee classes, Rogues and Monks are the most dominant atm, apparently. This being said, I wanted some input on the current state of Ret Pally. Will my DPS be lackluster in raids in comparison to other melee classes? If so why?

Thank you for reading, and greetings from Stormrage!
Truely lackluster dps will be caused by the player behind the keyboard, not the class. At the moment, ret is below average, but has a very nice buff coming in 5.3. In an average guild, a ret will be able to top the meters on any fight, disregarding punishing mechanics
A couple of things you have to keep in mind with Ret.

1. Ret scales well with gear so if you are playing Ret in bad gear expect to do really bad damage.

2. Though Ret is behind every melee from a DPS stand point at all levels of gear, the difference isn't so large that Ret is completely in viable for raiding.

3. Ret offers way more overall raid utility then every other melee dps.

The problem overall with Ret is it is undesirable overall for both 10 and 25 man for hardcore raiding for several reasons. In a 10 man you can only bring so many people to a raid and the utility a ret paladin brings is essentially the same utility a holy paladin brings and a holy paladin is arguably the one of the best healers especially for 10's. Also in regards to 10's is the strength of prot paladins atm, having a prot paladin is a HUGE asset for this tier of raiding and is the strongest tank so are highly desired to have in a 10 man. Sooooo if you already have a prot paladin and/or a holy paladin there is not a lot of reason to bring a ret paladin to a super competitive 10 man raid.

For 25's the same concept holds true except even more so as more raiders = more CDs, which in turns makes ret's utility practically worthless overall.

I still believe that ret is very raid viable (hence why I'm playing one ^_^) a good use of LoH's or even an instant FoL can almost be or be as useful as a brez. Ret still has crazy burst and is getting a very large buff in 5.3 so I wouldn't let anyone tell you ret sucks, because it doesn't, it's just not the best.
One of those things, can't faceroll like a DK but if played well can hold their own. Just don't expect to keep with an equally geared/skilled DK or a different class but Ret is perfectly fine if played right.
The current stigma against Ret comes from SimCraft data based on a Patchwerk style encounter with no movement and nothing taking into account our raid utility. Considering that nothing has worked like Patchwerk since Patchwerk (maybe Festergut), the projections are skewed and wildly inaccurate. Handled well, Ret can be plenty competitive on the damage meters and invaluable in protecting the raid.

Late last tier, after having spent the entirety of the expansion as an LFR hero, I was invited to rejoin a former raid group. I was able to keep pace with the normal-geared DPS, usually only losing to this one badass Ele Sham who had been incredibly lucky with drops, while tossing heals and Hands as needed to ensure other players' survival.

Ret is very gear dependent, as has already been stated; if you can keep from getting discouraged at low gear levels, things will sort themselves out once the Loot Gods start looking favorably upon you. Save your coins for 5.3 when the fail-roll protection gets put in to help improve your chances at getting the gear you need as quickly as possible.
Understanding the mechanics behind each ability we have - how it gets maximum damage, understanding the priority system, abusing glyphs of mass exorcism and judgement, stacking censures on as many targets as possible and understanding censure mechanics, maximizing uptime on boss by using Divine Protection and Divine Shield to increase uptime, eliminating empty globals via better prioritizations and understanding how the ret ROTATION works. Inquisition uptime. Increasing HoPo generation to max. Knowing when to use Glyph of Blessed Life.

These are some of my favorite things. I'm currently #1 on nearly every fight in both my own raids and LFRs against even low end heroic (535) geared players. This is because my knowledge of my class (and skill at placing abilities) is simply higher than theirs. Competitively, ret is on the medium to low end, but in the right hands this only matters for the top top guilds.
I have checked world of logs and both midwinter and blood legion have a ret pally on some logs. I am not sure if they are brought on every fight, nor do they top dps, but they do have a place...even in top tier raiding

Silvercreek is Midwinter's ret pally. I would recommend checking both his logs and armory.
A raid leader who is worth their salt will not turn down a good Ret Pally. And by good, I mean you're able to use our class to the fullest, we have insane utility and off heals. A well timed Lay on Hands or Selfless Healer proc is like Krukgar said, just as strong as a Battle Rez. For 10 mans, it's plenty okay to bring along a Ret with a Holy/Prot Paladin as that gives the raid 2 Lay on Hands CDs, 4 Hand of Protections/2 Hand of Puritys, the only issue is when a raid has both a Holy AND a Prot Pally which happens somewhat frequently but that's been an issue with Ret for a long time.

Like others have said, assuming you're not in a top-end guild, you can still top meters as Ret in an average-semi high end guild. It really depends on your gear, especially your weapon as well as a full understanding of how to maximize your rotation. And that 15% buff to 2 Handers will be very large in 5.3 and it's right around the corner.
I just wish the Ret Pallies were like Blazer.

Now im feeling too old >.<

For those who dont know who Blazer is, its a ret paladino from a fan made WoW vídeo into 3 parts.

Tales of the Past the name.
2. Though Ret is behind every melee from a DPS stand point at all levels of gear, the difference isn't so large that Ret is completely in viable for raiding.

False. Noxxic has ret parsing ahead of Mistweaver 2h and DW frost, as well as rogues and Arms warriors in some situations.
Ret is fine. Whatever you're hearing from other people is bullcrap.
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Pick One.

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