Which profession to drop for Engineering?

Which profession would be better for me to drop, blacksmithing or jewel crafting? I want to pick up engineering (unless that's a bad idea).
jewelcrafting, only amounts to the value of an extra gem.

nitrous boost, synapse springs and goblin glider are all way more valuable than a gem or two

But I think that for now Blacksmithing + Engineering is the best way to go
JC isn't great this expansion, the secondary JC-only gems are only 1.5x stat instead of 2x secondary stat (like all other secondary stat gems).

On the other hand because of the whole 2x secondaries, BS is one of the best professions this expansion
Solid advice - thank you very much. When I sat back and thought about it more last night, I realized that JC is only the equivalent of one extra gem - 320 crit - which is indeed less than BS.

Even worse I hate the whole pain of discovering the gems too. Okay, out with JC, and in with BS!

First - I will cut loads of smooth sun radiance's. lol!

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