Question about time zones

Hello good folks of Lightbringer!

I am Co-GM of our Alliance guild on US-Eldre'Thalas.

Our server is on its last legs and we're researching realms to transfer our guild to. From the 'research' we've done Lightbringer is on our short list of potential destinations. One of our folks has expressed concern over it being a Pacific time server and we're all mostly on the east coast.

Does it matter? Does the server time really matter in the raiding community on the server? For example, we start raid at 8PM Eastern, which would be 5PM Pacific. The concern is that it's 'too early' to pick up PUGs, or too early for many potential recruits to be interested etc.

Thank you very much!
theres a lot of east coast ppl here you guys will be fine...
:) Very good to hear!

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