Transmog Bug? Sulfuron Hammer

Bug Report
In the past I've been able to transmog my DK's two-handed maces to the appearance of the Sulfuron Hammer. Now I get a message that "This item's appearance cannot be used"

Just to clarify, while I have the legendary and acknowledge the restriction there, I'm talking about the crafted epic version here. My DK's a blacksmith and made up a second one specifically to transmog with it. Its worked since t-mog was released, now it does not.

Bug? Or making me /cry as intended.
This is likely deliberate.

The lead-up axe to Shadowmourne have ever been usable for Transmog, which is the only other similar item, so this could have gone either way. With 5.2, however, the Sulfuron Hammer was changed to match Shadow's Edge, rather than the reverse, which now means that both similar items now have the same restriction.

For what it's worth, you can use Sulfuras, the Extinguished Hand for transmog.
Sulfuron Hammer doesn't have stats.

Items need stats to be used for transmog.
Sulfuron Hammer doesn't have stats. Items need stats to be used for transmog.

Apparently that was not the case until 5.2 because my DK here was happily using Sulfuron Hammer's art since transmog was introduced. It looks pretty ideal with the transmog set I've assembled.

I spent the last couple days grinding AV to get a two-hander so I could use that art again (we RP realm people can be so darn fashion conscious) and now find I cannot use it any longer.

I thought the devs had announced that transmog was going to be less restrictive over time, not more so, therefore I question that this is intended and not a bug.

Any official word on the state of transmogging Sulfuron Hammer?
Chance on Hit usually counts as a Stat as far as Transmog is concerned. Equip: bonuses many times do not. (such as Equip: +80 AP when fighting Demons).

Asterchades is most likely correct. As the precursor to a legendary, which has a very close resemblance to the legendary, it was most likely restricted similar to Shadow's Edge.
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