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For the interests of RP Threadmasters, here is the current number of people looking for RP in this thread: 2

This can be useful for anyone looking for forum RP or anyone looking for members for their own RP thread.

Hey everyone! I had a bit of free time so I came up with this. The purpose of the thread is to get people looking for Forum RP in the WET to let everyone know that they want to join in.

If you're looking for somewhere to RP, put a post into this thread saying so, and wait to see if you get any replies. Now, while you can just look through the first page of WET yourself, it isn't always easy to tell when a closed RP is still accepting new members. So here's where you can ask if there are any still accepting without bringing about an early post cap in those RP's' OOC threads. You can also use this thread to let people know about a RP of your own that is looking for/accepting members.

Hope this comes in handy :)

RP Threads Currently Accepting New Members:

Mystic Dreams OOC:


Day of Ashes OOC 2:

Good idea, Derrek!!

I am always open to forum rp. I also love in game rp. I have a variety of characters, both genders and willing to work with someone to set that thread to hopping.

However I think unless someone posts in here with an idea for a specific thread or maybe asking to join something they have seen, I am not sure how it will work?

I currently have 3 threads I am posting in. I also have a number of characters in game willing to play on Moonguard, Wyrmrest Accord and Cenarion CIrcle.

I even have the audacity to suggest a combination of forum and in game rp!!
Thanks Sydric :) In answer to your question, how it works is that if you're looking to join a forum RP thread, you say so here, and add any specifics that you'd like to add. Then you wait for a reply from someone who's running/part of a RP that's still accepting members (which hopefully won't take too long).

And then on the reverse side, if you're running a thread but having trouble getting members, you can post in here a bit of information about your RP and let everyone know that you're looking for some members.

If this works out, then it can make getting in to forum RP that much easier. I hope that answers your question, and sorry in advance if I misunderstood what you were saying.
Um. I guess I'll post. Not sure if I'm doing it right.

Hi, I'm Zan. I am not that big a form roleplayer but I occasionally partake. I prefer lighter hearted threads to dark, violent ones, but I can occasionally make exceptions if the thread is heavily psychological. Not interested in rp with gods, or the main focus being the lives of high society rp. I also love a good parody.

I play lore plausible, meaning I am aware of lore and stick to it pretty strictly, but I am unafraid of taking a few liberties in ways that are not completely over the top and offensive to common sense.

I play a lot of support and mild comic relief. My characters are pretty much just average joes. They aren't wealthy, super powerful, terribly attractive, nobility, angels, demons, vampires, or anything else like that. They are carried by story, personality, and their actions.

I'm unopposed to being invited for in game sessions via CRZ when I have the time, but with 17 high level toons I have little interest in leveling any more and no interest on rerolling to or transferring to other servers.
I love RP, and since I don't get onto the game very often I especially love forum RP. I would greatly enjoy getting involved in one or several RP threads.
Hey Medja and Zandrae! So there aren't very many threads recruiting members at the moment, but I did find one, Mystic Dreams, that is accepting members. Read more and sign up here:


There was one other that I think will be accepting more members soon, but I'm currently waiting for a response on that from the thread-master. I'll post the link here if they are.

Generally how this works is that whoever is a part of those threads should post their links here, but there didn't appear to be any forthcoming, so I thought I'd help out.
I'm playing two characters in Mystic Dreams and one in Reckoning.
Sorry I couldn't provide others. As I said, there may be one that will accept new members soon, but I'm just waiting for a response on that.
Here is the link to another RP that is accepting members. You may want to catch up by reading the IC thread or asking one of the members. It's called Day of Ashes. Here's the link to the 2nd OOC (the first hit the post cap, the link to the first OOC is on the front page of this thread):

Thanks for the info, Derrekk!

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