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I've been dying to do challenge modes this whole expansion, and I've been fiddling around with them a little. I love the difficulty level. I haven't found any guides for gearing as ret or anything like that. Now, I understand that more sockets is the way to go. But what do I go for in choosing trinkets, and trivial things like that? I have just about any trinket I could want. Essentially, what I'm looking to do is optimize my gear for gold. Without going prot, of course.
Is primordius trinket actually good or not?

I passed on the TF version a few weeks back, and I've been wondering if that was a huge mistake on my part.

it's @ss, feather/spark far better and best combo of trinkets.

For gear, you'll want your normal gear you use, for spec, you'll be switching a lot during a run between LightsHammer/HolyAvenger for trash(amazing aoe) and ES/SW for single target boss burns. It'll take some getting used to getting a feel of time it takes from Trash to boss onto next trash, You can't repsec out of something while it's on CD. If you can't switch out of HA for a boss it's fine, but try your best to be able to pick up ES since its far stronger on single target.

Also it's good to have selfless healer for o!@#$ moments topping off a tank or someone, and have Sac ready to hit tank on big pulls
Is primordius trinket actually good or not?

I passed on the TF version a few weeks back, and I've been wondering if that was a huge mistake on my part.
Primordius trinket is really bad i have it myself as ret and half the time the buff it gives falls off at 2 stacks instead of five. I would love the Ji-kun or Horridon trinket but neither has dropped for my raid group :(.
it's ok Blurble, you have a 535 haste sword :|
It is a pretty awful trinket. I've been playing around with it a good bit. Sometimes the RNG gods shine some light on me, and I have 5 stacks during the full duration of hero/wings/etc. Absolutely amazing. Other times, I'm lucky to get a hold of one stack! Feather is the only trinket we haven't had drop sadly. Anyway.

Would the Darkmoon Trinket be BIS for challenge modes? Or would it still be best to use current raid trinkets.
I also have the 535 strength polearm <_< I taunt our blood dk with it (He still has a 483 weapon) I coined both my Haste sword and strength polearm though!
i dont like you >;{
I wish I could actually find a Cm group...
Just try to get 7.5 hit and expertise without reforging anything into it, that's pretty much the biggest thing about the higher gear levels now. When I did CMs almost all of my reforging was used hitting hit and exp cap.

Otherwise just do everything normally stat prio wise and vuala 9/9 gold.

Also don't worry too much about your trinkets, your run won't be decided by which trinkets you use as long as you're using real trinkets, the deciding factor will be your group's general play.
CMs can be done w/ regular gear but there is something to be said about getting better itemized gear. You don't get set bonuses inside the instance so keeping your tier together is pointless, you're much better off tossing those pieces w/out haste baked in. A haste optimized set can easily be thrown together via LFRs or by scooping up gear your raid will d/e. Whether its 476 or 542 doesnt matter long as its itemized right.

In my CM set i have about 10.5k haste inside the instance, that's around where my haste was when we hit ToES progression so not exactly the haste of someone at a 463 ilvl. Thats using my normal raid gear only w/ the ToT shared loot shoulders, iron qon hands, and legs from lei shin, and a 2nd dark animus helm since your meta is also worthless inside the instance.

Little thought and effort is required but the flat out of it is if you're not running w/ your guild or friends and are trying to go thru the forums, openraid, or w/e you need to sell yourself by either having multiple gold exp or being super prepared. People DO NOT want rets for CMs. Yeah you bring utility, off heals, and can do ok dmg; but thats not what people want, they want easy gold runs and those require broken classes: Frost DKs/Mages, Ele, Surv Hunters, Warlocks.
We're a melee dps. Our damage can be roughly comparable if not better to all the 'op' classes, but we have to deal with the fact that if there is a whirlwind, we must move out. If we pull aggro, we immediately die. We have no snares or roots significant to warranting needing us.

If we were ranged it would be a whole 'nother story. There are too many situations where being melee gimps your time.
Debatable to gem Str or Haste since the ilvl is so low. Personally for all the pieces of gear I only use in CMs I go for str, thus red sockets and str set bonuses as well:

1Helm: Haunted Steel Greathelm 2s, R+M, 180Mastery///Doomed Crown of Lei Shen 2s+RM+180str
2Neck: Amulet of the Primal Turtle 1s+b+60crit///////Necklace of the Terra-Cotta Vanquisher 1s,R,60exp
3Shoulder: Lightning Emperor's Pauldrons 2s+RY+120crit
4Cloak: Hydra-Scale Bloodcloak 1s+B+60str////Yellow Dawn Lightningcloak 1s+y+60haste
5Chest: Lightning Emperor's Battleplate 3s+RYB+180Str
6Bracer: Caustic Spike Bracers (DHaste), Bracers of Constant Implosion (DHaste), 1s+y+60str
7Gloves: Pathogenic Gauntlets 2S+RB+120str
8Belt: Waistplate of Overwhelming Assault 2s+YB+120haste///Cloudbreaker Greatbelt 2s+ry+120crit
9Legs: Legplates of the Lightning Throne 3s+ryy+180str///Legplates of Lightning Blood 3s+RYY+180mastery
10Boots: Haunted Steel Warboots 2s,RR,120mast
11Ring: Random Haste+(mastery/hit/exp ring)///Ra-Den's Ruinous Ring 1s+B+60str
12Ring: Band of the Scaled Tyrant 1s+R+60Haste
13Trinket: Brutal Talisman of the Shado-Pan Assault//Spark of Zandalar///Relic of Xuen
14Trinket: Fabled Feather of Ji-Kun
15Weapon: Uroe, Harbinger of Terror(crit+mast) 1s+r+60str///Bo-Ris, Horror in the Night(Mast+Exp) 1s+y+60str////Greatsword of the Frozen Halls(haste+crit) 1s+y+60str

Some of these items are difficult to obtain - i.e. ra-den specific, particularly the ring which is unfortunate as it is the only 2nd non tank ring above 463 that has a socket. When they are difficult or there are options I add a ///

You're welcome.
I was having a look at Ret for CMs and came across this, thought i'd add in possible better items from SoO and Timeless Isle to Iltareh's post. Not sure on Exp & Hit cap.

Helm:Helmet of Winged Triumph - Thok The Bloodthirsty - SoO 2s+RM+180str
Neck:Necklace of the Terra-Cotta Vanquisher - Zone Drop - Throne of Thunder 1s,R,60exp
Shoulders:Tusks of Mannoroth - Garrosh Hellscream - SoO (Normal+) 3s+RRR+180str
Back:Gong-Lu, Strength of Xuen - Legendary Quest 1s+R+60str
Chest:Battleplate of Winged Triumph - Sha Of Pride - SoO 3s+RRR+180str
Bracer:Caustic Spike Bracers - Durumu The Forgotten - Throne of Thunder (DHaste)1s+Y+60str
Bracers of Constant Implosion - Jin'rohk The Breaker - Throne of Thunder (DHaste) 1s+Y+60str
Gloves:Handguards of Winged Triumph - Celestials 2s+RR+120str
Belt:Poisonbinder Girth - Sun Tenderheart - SoO 2s+RB+120str
Legs:Legplates of the Lightning Throne - Lei Shen - Throne of Thunder 3s+RYY+180str
Boots:Haunted Steel Warboots - Blacksmithing 2s,RR,120mast
Ring1:Asgorathian Blood Seal - Siegecrafter Blackfuse - SoO 1s+R+60haste
Ra-Den's Ruinous Ring - Cache of Storms - Throne of Thunder 1s+B+60str
Seal of the Forgotten Kings - Unlocked Stockpile of Pandaren Spoils - SoO 1s+R+60Haste
Ring2:Band of the Scaled Tyrant - Primordious - Throne of Thunder 1s+R+60Haste
Trinket1:Relic of Xuen - Darkmoon Faire Deck(Inscription)
Trinket2:Fabled Feather of Ji-Kun - Ji-Kun - Throne of Thunder
Weapon:Hellscream's Decapitator - Garrosh Hellscream - SoO Flex+ 2s+RR+120str

Would love it if people could comment on improvements to this.
I don't have a comment on the gear lists above but I wanted to bump and thank the people who put them in here. I've got my golds but I was looking for a list of socketed / correctly itemized gear for Proving Grounds and this provided a great starting point, thanks yall.

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