In the Hall of the Thunder King - REALLY??

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So I had 9 keys saved up for the Troves of the Thunder King scenario, and since I had time I decided to knock out the achievement. I piled up on supplies, watched a video detailing the spawn points for all the gold chests. Basically did my homework.

First time in, I just went straight for the end - killed the big Troll, got to Tenwu, boom - easy.

Then I went for the ten gold chests. A little harder, but I got it by the third large room with about 30 seconds to spare.

OK, so I now have 7 tries to get the saurok. The first 5 times he either didn't spawn, or he spawned at the one chest I didn't put a trap down at. Ok, fine, RNG happens. I was frustrated, but I can deal.

The last two times, however... set my blood boiling. I figured that he would spawn at the chests which are behind crates on the way to the lever to unlock the second set of doors. So I placed a trap on the way to doors, roughly in the center of the pathway. Sure enough, he spawned both times, stunned me, and ran off with his misbegotten booty.

He ran right at the trap. I got him!

He kept running and the trap despawned. BOTH TIMES.

SERIOUSLY? Nowhere does it say that it has a timer, and I find it odd that it despawned after he ran through it. The only answer here is that I got shafted. And now I have to wait until next week when I can get another key to try again.

No - I can't complain too much. Those 9 runs netted me about 12 ritual stones, 25 Motes of Harmony, 1 Spirit of Harmony, a ton of greater coins, enough tattered parchments to buy 25 Greater Kirin Tor Offensive insignias, and roughly 1,500 gold. But I just feel the need to vent my frustration at getting screwed out of an easy achievement and a title (since this was the last one I need for the meta).
Yeah he sometimes walks right through a placed trap without triggering it. It's annoying. I had it happen twice but finally killed him on the run anyway.

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