Struggling with Thunder Quests as Balance

Hello! I was hoping that someone here could provide me with some balance Druid help. I am really struggling with PvE on the Thunder Isle.

My gear isn't perfect but it's mostly heroic 463, reforged, gemmed, mostly enchanted. I feel like for the gear that I have, I shouldn't be struggling as much as I am.

I have a blast when fighting bosses where a tank has aggro and I can cast away; it's when i have aggro that the issues begin. When there is just a single mob, I'm fine. In most cases I can kill them before they get to me, or it's nothing that one typhoon and combo of barkskin and my ward talent doesn't fix. Once you add two or three mobs though, it gets really really hairy.

I can handle 4-5 mobs on my windwalker monk, but not with balance. My AoE stars are almost always not an option because aggroing new mobs is almost guaranteed. I can cyclone one mogu for a few seconds, but yeah. When fighting three or fours mobs, I'll dot them up with both my eclipse and non-eclipse dots, and then proceed to use whatever casting eclipse spell I have. Even with rejuvenation always on, I can't down them before I die. I use my roar stun on CD, incarnation on CD, typhoon on CD, but still rarely successful.

Am I doing something wrong here? Is my gear just not good enough to produce the DPS needed to down multiple mobs? Am I forgetting anything? Are balance Druids almost expected to handle only one or two mobs at a time?

It's crazy, I just got the thunder isle quest to kill a monster (I forget the name but he is surrounded by three or four other mobs and is near the starting area). On my WW monk, I just cast two clones of myself, focus down the healer, then take down the little "mini boss". On my Druid, I'm like there is absolutely no way I could do that quest without a group.

Is this normal? I know different classes have different strengths but I feel like balance Druid is at such a huge disadvantage.
As probably the most gear dependent casting class, you need to use your entire arsenal.

take advantage of CD's. Nature's Vigil is great for self heals, if your looking for survivability. macro NS/HT together for a nice healthstone, and try as best as possible to keep your barkskin on CD.

Typhoon, mushrooms to slow groups, and make sure your Dotting groups and spamming starsurges.

Without solid gear (476+) a boomie is very blah when it comes to DPS, your a noodle, and a squishy one at that at low levels.
Interesting, and honestly this is what I suspected. It sounds like some talent changes may help a little but mostly I'll need to be working to secure better gear. It is a bit disappointing though, I wish that balance would at least have some more abilities and options to deal with mobs considering their below-average DPS output (assuming a similar ilvl to other classes) but that doesn't seem to be the case.

Oh well, I'll keep trying!
I wish that balance would at least have some more abilities and options to deal with mobs considering their below-average DPS output (assuming a similar ilvl to other classes) but that doesn't seem to be the case.

only below hunters, we're actually the best kiting specc.
Faerie Swarm is a great tool for kiting. For larger groups, make use of Typhoon, Vortex, and Mushroom:Fungal Growth. When it's all said and done, Moonkins have the largest toolkit (we really do). Being able to control it is very important. Gear only makes it easier (with my cooldowns popped, I don't worry about how many i pull, only that i run out of mobs too quickly. Once you get to those levels of gear (its like 510 or so) you're a demigod for questing.

Stick with it and you'll reap the benefits. If you're looking for something a little more immediate, well, take your pick :)
I have no issue kiting one mob (although its difficult to kite anything in the graveyard on that island without continuously aggroing due to mob density). It's just a matter of multiple mobs.

So if you are fighting a mob and accidentally aggro two more, what would you do (besides avoiding aggro in the first place)? I mean once they are in melee range typhoon really only buys you one or two gcds at most to do some damage. What do you do? Do you just spam cast mushrooms at your feet? Spam hurricane and hope your dps is high enough for it to be effective?

To be clear I'm not saying it isn't possible, I'm just asking questions to discover more about strategy.
It can be tough at low levels; bear in mind that someone in 510 gear does more than double of what someone in 463 gear does. It took me 3 hours to do one day's worth of quests + the 2 weeklies on my 450 DK.

Maybe look for a questing partner, other people doing their dailies are often happy to have some help as long as you don't slow them down.

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