New 90 ret paladin looking to raid.

(i just swapped from prot to ret two days ago)

Hello, i just came back after a bout a 10 month break.
Last time i raided in a guild was back in wrath, but i am looking to get back into it,
I've been playing since 05', but i was a holy priest all the way up until i quit raiding in wrath.
When i stopped playing i was in a top 100 us guild and we got down LK heroic. I stopped after that. I was on my holy priest so i wont say i have much experience as melee dps,

I won't waste time here. I give my all to my raid team i show up ready and i show up to every raid. I expect the same from my team. I don't plan on being carried or carrying anyone,

So that being said you can get a hold of me in game on this paladin,
Also if you can't find me i may possibly be on my shaman.

Also you can add me at rolt#1122
oh im also willing to run holy or ret as main spec,
Hey i started raiding with a guild we only raided one week but i just logged in and i guess they disbanded so i am looking for a new guild :) hit me up
im ret now

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