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This is my attempt at making something a bit different. Most rp threads we see people go all out and make their characters invincible and unkillable. I also see threads where there is a villain who is so bad and mean that everyone hates them. But it seems that no where in all these threads is there a character development for people who actually deserve to die. And I am going to give you an opportunity to take your most despicable character, and put him/her in a position where they are going to die.

Of course they should be fighting to survive!! I fully intend on giving you the means to make it to the end...and go out in style!! Now this is just forum rp, and that means we have to have some rules. I ask that you bring me your character who is not over the top in abilities. I think the hero or antihero who is overpowered and cliche is done to death. We need to be a bit realistic in that you are going to take some hits, you are going to have some hard choices, and to be the last one standing may not be the best person...just lucky enough to survive!

I was inspired by the classic mystery "And Then There Were None" but I want to make it my own and just use some basic principles.

Your character is someone who has done something so sinister, or despicable they deserve to die. Perhaps an act of cowardice led to the deaths of many innocents? Maybe your character forgot to do something that led to a chain of events that destroyed an entire town or family? The more creative you are the better the story will be! Keep in mind, you may be responsible for a character in the thread dying. That will be part of the fun. I expect courtesy and creativity. Good grammar and spelling. No walls of text please!

This does not need to be a fast moving thread, I know school is almost out and its going to be hard to keep your attention on the forums. Think about it, come up with a character that is ripe for a bitter ending. Hone your writing skills and come up with some innovative ways to kill someone if you think they are out to get you!!

Paranoid, clutzy, egomaniac, mentally disturbed and flat out insane characters are welcomed, but if you are too blatant I may refuse for being over done. If you are too over the top you overshadow others and become a cliche. Try and be a little more subtle, I feel it is far more interesting to be a killer who appears to be perfectly normal.

All right, as always I am open to suggestions. I am even open to having an in game conversation to help you develop a character you wish to use. The following post will outline my idea of a place for you all to meet. Bear with me while I convert one of my favorite instances to an exclusive resort Hotel. You may apply for employment or come as a paying guest, but the character I put in here in charge of the Hotel will know enough about you or find out all they can before you are allowed in.

1. Sydric Silverhawk-death knight
2. Vira Haldeman-priest
3. Reynara- (Lynara)
4. Kemnebi
5. Cornelius (Jeramayan)
6.Lucius (Jeramayan)
7. Victor Cross (Derrek)
8. Rodney (Kialla)
9. Ahdes
The dreary atmosphere of the Dustwind Pass would be enough to discourage anyone from visiting the newly renovated Karazhan Resort. As Sydric rode his steed down the winding trail he mused aloud to no one in particular. "The days grow or what the Lich King bestowed on me...grows repetitive and unexciting. Kill more of these, Sydric...kill all of those it a never ending struggle to destroy all life? Perhaps I am under the influence of Arthas still. I cannot stop killing, the pain would drive me into a state of madness. But what can I do?" his cold voice echoed from the nearly faceless helm he wore.

"This invitation came as a surprise. What is it that the person who took over the old Keep wants to accomplish? I can imagine only one thing anyone wants from a death knight...they want me to kill someone or even several someones...I will find out when I get there...I am sure." he shook his head and spurred the deathsteed faster.

The armor that he wore was dark and worn. Dings and scratches marred the surface where countless swords, axes and even crossbow bolts had tried to penetrate the plated armor. The twin axes across his back gleamed however as he took great pride in making sure they were sharp and deadly. Runes of power danced on their gleaming surfaces. Sydric was not given to granting mercy, unless you counted the swift death he dealt without a single thought of remorse.

The innocents in countless Barrens huts and out of the way cabins and shelters were prey to his endless hunger. It mattered not to him if they were young or old. He relished a fight to the death. Countless duels had honed his skills and made him who he was. He was not always victorious. But he knew when to back off and wait for another opportunity to move in.

War sustained him, fed his hunger and made him sadistic and cruel. He was not always the one who led the glorious charge. He was the one they kept at the put down the injured and the dying enemies, before the healers could save them.

The only thing that had ever slowed him down was love of a human woman. The ironic part of him that knew better had proven true. She had been so young and naive. A mage with growing power, sweet and innocent. But her innocense was short lived and her father soon discovered their secret trysts. A powerful paladin who had killed the young Sindorei without a second thought. Arthas' minions had found his corpse and taken him to Acherus.

Now he spent his days and nights killing and reaping the souls of the dead like candy. Raising them to do his bidding. How low he had become...his time on this plane was soon to end.
Looks interesting Syd, although I don't have a character I want to kill off, so I can't join in.
(( OOC: Awesome. I'm putting together a new character for this as we speak. ))
Looks cool! I'll put in some consideration and see if I can come up with a good villain.
Awesome idea, but like Bryah I don't have a character I want to kill off yet, though I do have a character that fits with your criteria he, but is integral to Sam's story so I can't kill him just yet. Good luck with this though:3
I am going to add a second character to this. Maybe it will inspire others to do something in the same vein. Though I do not want carbon copies.


Vira Haldeman was a priestess of the Light. A human woman who was known for her compassion and skills. He long blonde hair had strands of silver from many years of stress and training. By all accounts in the Church of the Holy Light, she was as pious as they come. She was celibate, a true Sister of mercy who sacrificed her womanhood for the good of the people. Striving to present a good example of love and devotion to the Light.

Somewhere along the road to her current status something happened. The details were never discovered. But a rumor of a sordid affair between her and a high ranking official of the Church ended his career and he had taken his own life. Some blamed Vira outright for leading the man on. Others said it was a frame up and she was innocent of any wrong doing. If asked she would become furious and chastise the person for spreading lies.

But Vira knew the truth and she was not telling anyone. Did the Cardinel really have an affair? Was it with Vira or someone else? Who was covering up for who? All anyone knew was that he had died rather than setting the record straight.

After years of putting up with the lies, as she called them, she decided to take a long overdue vacation. Her choice of the Karazhan Resort would have seemed an odd choice to some. The advertised prices kept most people wondering who on the planet wanted to stay in a haunted mansion anyway! She never told anyone she was going there, she wanted privacy and to get away from the gossip. "Out of sight, out of mind." she thought.
The only characters I have whom fit for this aside from my DKs is my hunter.

The hunter may be unsuited for forum RP because his ability to speak is extremely limited. I'm talking one word sentences only in life or death situations when it really matters.

I don't want to kill my hunter off, he's actually really fun to play, but it might be entertaining to play it out for giggles, I don't have to apply what happens here to my actually play/stoylines, right?
I have a character I would like to put in here. Good ole Reyara.
Zandrae, you can put anyone in here you like, it is forum rp and I do not expect you to carry rp from in game to forums. I do sometimes, but it is not necessary. In this case it is a character study. I am intrigued by the mystery aspect of people dying one at a time and not knowing who is doing it.

Lynara I would love to have any of your characters in here.
How would you like us to sign up? Just a writing segment introducing the character to Karazhan?
I am foregoing the usual sign up sheet, I would prefer you do a character as themselves and a bit of their history. What is in their minds and why they might either seek employment or vacation at Karazhan Resort. We will all meet in the mansion and get to know each other, something like a tavern thread. But!! I want you all to use this as OOC and when I post the IC it will be strictly IC.

Post a character study, kind of like a brief summary of what your character is and how they think. Make sure you post on the one you are using. It helps to keep things straight. I will be using my 90 priest, but her name is Sylviagrey. In the thread it is Vira Haldeman. I will accept anyone who wants to join this.

I am hoping for around ten people, so if there is only five of us posting you can use more than one character. Once we are all in Karazhan, the doors will lock and we cannot get out alive. Kind of sinister, I know...I want this to be different.
I'm interested but I'm going to hold off on posting until there are a few more people, it will give me time to think and regen my brain.

I sorta wore my brain out finishing up the backstory for my monk which would up being too too long. @.@
Reyara Leafblade, infamous daughter of Sentinel Captain Lynara Leafblade road her violet hippogryph over Duskwood. She didn’t know what humans complained about the forest. It was dark and gloomy sure, but something about it just seemed right to her. She was heading for Karazhan. It was an interesting idea, to take the fortress of the last guardian and turn it into a resort; a place to get away from the rest of the world.

“You always were a sucker for someone overcompensating.” Ceyara said in Reyara’s mind. Reyara’s other self-made herself known again. “You know no matter what you do the name will always follow you. Our own mother banished us.” Ceyara said.

“It was an accident!” Reyara said angrily. She didn’t like talking about the incident. Or the ones that followed.

“Oh by the Goddess you know that is a lie. You don’t accidently murder people in that way. Reyara, you enjoyed torturing them. I know. Every moment you were in their minds it was like bliss for us.” Ceyara said gleefully. It was a shame they died so soon though. Go ahead Reyara, bury the memories deep. Let them fester, let them rot.” Ceyara said sadistically.

Reyara knew she was right. Reyara enjoyed killing. Even though everything her mother and father taught her let her know that she shouldn’t, but she had no real care for others, only herself. Others were tools for her to further her own goals and her own amusement.

As for Karazhan, it was out of the way, and its history interested the night elf. She had been frustrated recently. She ran into her mother again and it set her blood on fire just to see her. How Reyara would have enjoyed putting the ancient elf out of her misery, something Ceyara would enjoy as well. She needed to get away from the rest of the world. She had her hippogryph lower to ground level as she approached the tower.


Hows that?
Excellent. You do know this is a thread where we kill off the characters. But it does not have to be in game or on other threads. It is just an exercise in character development.

I would like to wait for a few more as well. I think it is summer time coming up and this will be slow. So bear with it and keep in mind what may happen if you are locked in a place with no way out.
Excellent. You do know this is a thread where we kill off the characters. But it does not have to be in game or on other threads. It is just an exercise in character development.

I would like to wait for a few more as well. I think it is summer time coming up and this will be slow. So bear with it and keep in mind what may happen if you are locked in a place with no way out.

Oh yes. Reyara does not deserve a happy ending for what she has done.

Coincidentally, I have three rather "shady" characters that it could be interesting to use in this thread.

My human DK is... well a DK with all of the emo baggage that goes with it but I haven't really fleshed her story out very much. At the moment I am torn between my blood elf warlock who is an textbook sociopath and the only character I have that I would consider truly villainous and my human rogue who has always been rather morally ambiguous (being a professional assassin and all) but who I think it would be kind of interesting to take down an even darker path. Both of them could be fun to (temporarily) kill off.

Any preference? I hate to say it but I doubt I can commit the time and effort to write for two characters. :/
A sickly thin blood elf of average height with short, wild black hair sprinted down the road in the pass, eyes wide with terror. He wore a blue and black shirt and black pants covered in chain mail, with a quiver on his belt and hugging a very elven bow. Part of his armor and clothes beneath were dusty.

Kemnebi Sunrunner had been embracing his curious side and was exploring Duskwood when he happened upon some humans who were displeased with his presence and gave chase. During his flight from Duskwood he ran through a human settlement and his hawkstrider got so frightened it threw Kemnebi from its back and kept running north, taking Kem's pack and supplies with it.

Kem got to his feet and sprinted, heavy chain mail and all, running for his life. He reached into his small belt pouch, there were a few coins in his coin purse, not enough for faire home, a piece of flint, and small metal identification tags that belonged to his long deceased friend. His only friend.

He frowned deeply and remembered back then, before he had lost his ability to speak, before he had lost much of humanity, when he could better empathize with others. The scourge came upon them in Quel'thalas and he ran. She didn't see it coming in time. He got away only to see her torn limb from limb.

If he hadn't been a selfish coward he would have grabbed her hand and they both could have escaped. It was something he regretted for the rest of his life. He let the only person who was ever his friend, who liked him for him, slip away. He met others who cared about him later, but those relationships started out of pity. Pity for the injured ranger up a tree, who couldn't talk, was frightened of everything, and starving. They weren't the same.

He stopped running and fell to the ground panting. He was exhausted and needed a drink to replace what he lost sweating in his run, but his water was on his damn hawkstrider. He regretted fleeing the humans when he had been thrown. They would have put him out of his misery, given him peace, but his cowardice overtook him.

Kemnebi looked around, gray dirt, spooky trees, a ravine. He stared down into the ravine and noticed water. Perhaps he could get some further down the road? He got to his feet and walked down the road, hugging his bow.

Eventually he made it to Karazhan and the body of water beside it. He drank from it then noticed people were coming into the building, that it was being used as some sort of establishment. This gave him an idea.

He approached one of the employees, showed them his empty coin purse, and used his bow to pantomime a broom in hopes they would understand he was looking for odd jobs so he could get home.

(Kemnebi has a form of high functioning autism, ptsd, regressed speech, and is a savant ranger, meaning he's really really good at shooting a bow and not much else.)
Cornerlius Blackwood reclined back in his plush chair and closed his eyes lazily. On his lap a small diary with which he wrote his business musings and transactions rested against his stomach. Opening his eyes, he gazed out across his portico and stared at the beautiful waterfalls outside of stormwind. Running a soft well manicured hand through his graying hair he allowed the serenity of his position in life to fill him, too course through him.

Grabbing his glass and swirled the brightsong wine within. As he watched the legs spindle along his perfectly crafted crystalline wineglass he picked up the worn diary and allowed it too open to a random page. Scrawled in his own messy handwriting he read an entry from just after the end of the second war.

“Always strive too seek the opportunity in every situation, no matter how bad the situation looks, if you succeed you will have complete control of the market”

A grimace spread across his face a he take a large gulp of his wine glass, that had nothing to do with the strength of choral of the wine. He had been born to nothing. His father had owned a dysfunctional logging mill. He had been clumsy, disorganized, and just a piss poor business man. When he was 18, his father was killed by a widow maker, as he foolish thought he could bring the clusterf*ck that was the multiple connected trees down safely.

He had mourned his father’s passing; he was a good man, a loving father, but a piss poor business man. That was his father’s biggest failing, it was the reason that his family had live only at subsistence, he would not make that mistake. Though he was young, he had an incredibly keen eye for a good deal. He played on his youth, allowing his business partners to think him inexperienced, gullible even, he would make them regret those assumptions.
Backroom deal, mergers, hostile takeovers, market manipulation, exploitation, all had made him what he is today, filthy rich. Nothing had stopped him, he sold anyone and anything too make money. He took advantage of every war, every calamity, everything was just numbers too him.

Sighing too himself he looked out over his portico and something was not right. The silence was deafening, someone was here. His heart began to race as he dreaded what was about to come. All his former sins would now be atoned for. Not daring to turn around, he continued to stare out across the portico. When the finishing blow didn’t fall, he knew what had happened. Letting out a nervous chuckle he turned around.

In the corner stood a man gently resting against the polish maple wall. Dressed from head to toe in black armor, the man was no delivery boy. His relaxed posture belayed his place in life. He was a killer, but he was not here to kill today. “Lucius, you know how much I hate it when you do that…”

“A letter arrived for you today, spoke Lucius, something about a new resort opening in the bowls of karazhan. I thought you might find that interesting.”

As his words sank in the wheels began to spin as the implication of such an invitation sank in. This must be a start up, he would have heard about such a lucrative circumstance. Perhaps he could become a partner in this endeavor, or take it over entirely. “Lucius, find me a magi, and prepare a portal we leave at once.”


Would i be able to bring Lucius as well? Cornelius rarely leave without him.
Excellent Kemnebi, your man makes me feel pity for him. But it is up to you what happens to him.

Jeramayan, both your characters are welcome. If you want to keep them together in one post is fine or separate them is fine as well.

Let's use this thread as a discussion of methods of offing our characters. We can use some of the game mechanics of Karazhan if you like. If you are not familiar with it, I urge you to run it again. I am very willing to run with anyone via CRZ if you wish to join me in game to do so. I am assuming the owner of the place is employing someone to clear it out before the guests are due to come in, but the very nature of Karazhan makes it possible to have the time warp, the seeing of ghosts of the past like Medihv or Khadgar or any number of npcs you think might be fun to manipulate.

Keep in mind its location over the most powerful ley lines in Azeroth, a conjunction that makes it possible to do some pretty amazing things with magic. But it is also a trap, meaning whatever you do may come back on you.

Ellyse, I cannot make the decision for you, it is up to you. Use the character you feel would be the most interesting to face their own death. I expect a lot of angst and regret for some, sheer panic for others, and a desparate will to survive for all. It could get intense. This is not a happy joy farm. It is a serious thread for character development. I am making a list of the characters so far, I will put it on the first post of the thread.

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