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World’s End Tavern: Role-play and Fan Fiction
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I am kind of winging this, feel free to populate the Inn with a "few" npcs, but Hanna is mine and the stable boy is almost a zombie. They will not interact more than taking your luggage and mounts.

Zandrae, Kemnoobie will not be able to catch anyone outside of the gate, they disappear around corners. But he can just walk in. Noting the shimmer gate is just a way of identifying the guests. Think of the voice as a magical recording device, it will not answer you.

Sydric will stop you if you try to leave. But he will start off being almost nice. Give me a chance to respond if you ask a question of either Syd or Hanna.
Alrighty. (I call him Kemnoobie as a joke, btw.)
Ok... got Kia's post up in Ein's thread, so working on this one now.

And it's up! :D
I am having a day, might not post till late tonight or tomorrow.
/puffs up
That'll show him.

I actually had to go to the instance to confirm that the railing did indeed exist.

Kemnebi does the crouch thing on pretty much anything. Including tables people eat off of. He can be safely shooed off of them, with enough effort, though he might sit there and cop an attitude or be as much of a smartass as someone who doesn't talk can be. A friendly shove or thrown inanimate object are effective.
I'll get a post up in a bit, Sydric. :)
Very good! I like Kemnebi, oh Sydric will either question him or ignore him. Can I assume you can nod or shake you head to specific questions? Like:

1. Are you an invited guest? (he shakes his head no)
2. Are you looking for work? (he nods yes)

those are all what Syd would ask him. Then Hanna would chime in with a seemingly innocent:

1. Are you hungry dear? Perhaps the cooks could use some help in preparing dinner.

It is up to you guys how you want things to play out. Either something like an npc you have control over takes you out, (the cooks in the kitchen are all mindless ghouls who would feast on anyone who wanders in), or you can decide among yourselves in here who will take who out.

If you agree to Syd doing it, or Hanna, just let me know in here. Or just have them make a fatal mistake in finding some hidden or wandering npc.
Kem can nod and shake his head.

In some cases he might gesture or do something that indicates something (showing empty coin purse).

Letting people take each other out could be amusing.

I kind of have an idea about how Kem'd kick the bucket. I'd tell you, but, <riversong>spoilers</riversong>.

I'm trying to play a bit more aggressively with Kemnebi than I have been playing with Iviaen and Dalaen in the other thread, in that I'm trying to actively engage other people to break the ice, even if I'm doing so with a slightly neurotic aspie with an attitude.

Question, is the theater in the place still active? Is there entertainment there? If not, has the area been cleaned out or is there still remnants of stuff from when it was used around somewhere?
Post is up, and second post in, and poor Rodney is already bewildered!
As a necromancer, would Victor be capable of assuming control over one of the mindless ghouls, say like the ones in the kitchen? It would only really be to prevent one from tearing him to pieces and maybe as a minion. There's a limit to how many undead he could control at once, like maybe one or two at anyone time, with any more causing a good deal of strain. Does that sound OK to you?

Edit: Posted. A little short, and definitely not my favorite post ever, but whatever. If anyone feels the urge to engage in conversation with him, feel free to say hello. The priestess wouldn't have any trouble in discovering that he divulged in necromancy, it would just take a little conversation to notice it. Anyway, the innkeeper can respond however she decides. Good night all!
He he, I just went with ignoring Kem, for now. Until he actually goes to the innkeeper. Vira is going to be one irritating old biddy.

Do we have everyone inside now or are we waiting for anyone? I guess we still have to have a couple more inside. Waiting to see if they post by tomorrow. Remember you cannot go back out the door to the outside. Think of it as a reverse instance lock. you are locked inside!
Kem might have to shoot Vira. Ok, not really, well maybe in the foot.

It would be nice to see her have some humility before she kicks the bucket.
Is it too late to sign up for this?
Not at all Zurom. Keep in mind its a thread about a character either being killed or dying somehow. You come in but you do not leave alive. Make sure you are all right with this, and remember this is an exercise in character development. Your character does not have to be permanently dead. It's just for this thread.

I am thinking I must be unconciously channeling a song...hmmm wonder what it is? Can anyone guess what it is? If you do you will be first to die..(mwha ha ha!!)
Name: Ahdes
Race: Forsaken
Class: Rouge
Age: Unknown
Physical Appearance: An oddly well preserved corpse. Keeping all hair, and face pieces
Personality: Ahdes is a typical rouge in a sense is that he acts sneaky and will do nearly anything to get ahead in battle. That being said he’s oddly calm when not in battle, talking in pauses and speaking like a master manipulator.
Backstory: There really isn’t much to say or at least not enough Ahdes can remember after his death. In fact, he is not even sure if Ahdes is his real name. I only thing Ahdes can remember from his life is a twisted affinity for battle. During battle Ahdes‘ calm nature is over powered by a blind rage. However, this rage only occurs when his life is in immediate danger. This rage leads Ahdes to believe he was a warrior in his life. Up till now Ahdes has been taking assassin jobs to earn money and support his life. No real goals expect to get paid.
Ahdes wears a lot of red clothing. Because of this he has learned the assassin title “The Red Rouge”. Even his twin daggers are red. As a hired assassin he is also a master of disguises to get himself into more favored situations before attacking.

I hope to develop Ahdes more during the course of this thread. Let me know what you think.
I am thinking I must be unconciously channeling a song...hmmm wonder what it is? Can anyone guess what it is? If you do you will be first to die..(mwha ha ha!!)

Not quite ready to kill the huntard yet, but is it "Another one bites the dust?"

Nope you are safe for the moment Kemnebi, but it is al older song if that helps.

Zurom, I want you to write out a simple scenario that describes your character, his personality and his general way of living. He can be someone who has heard of the Karazhan Hotel and is looking for employment or simply wants a vacation. Maybe he saw the posh invitation on a nobles private desk or heard one of them mention it. Then he makes his way to Karazhan and is let in by the mysterious gate.

Please watch your spelling and grammar. Proofread before posting. If I like what you post here I will let you post in the IC. I am willing to coach you or help if you need it.
Ahdes was on one of his normal assassin jobs he was hired by a fellow undead to head to the Karazhan Hotel and eliminate a target just outside of the hotel. Upon arriving at the hotel Ahdes looked around and noticed no one fitting the description he was given. Ahdes was getting impatient he had been cloaked in the shadows hiding just waiting for some one to show up. Ahdes saw people entering the hotel. None of the people walking in matched the description he was given.

After a few hours passed Ahdes just gave up on the job he was assigned to do. Ahdes was not a patient man. He decided he would just go inside the hotel and look around. Ahdes walked slowly up to the gate. He saw Sydric at the door.
I'll get my next post up when I get off work in the morning. :)
If you are willing to be killed somehow Ahdes, I can accept that, but the door only accepts people who are destined to die, once in you do not escape. Is that clear? And you can do more than a few paragraphs when you do the IC post. Add in all the details you put in the other sign up. How he is dressed, how he became a Forsaken and all the little details that make him unique. Memory loss is ok, but he has to have some motive to be an assassin. Somethingthat drives him to do these things.

I am ok with him going in to search for his mark. But he had better have a name and an identity to match someone invited to a posh Hotel.

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