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World’s End Tavern: Role-play and Fan Fiction
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Aww... Rodney JUST met him! =(
Ok I did not mean someone needs to die immediately, I am just looking ahead a bit and trying to plan. I am open to ideas, I am not a scripting nerd.

By all means we need to see what happens when someone decides to leave. I will have Sydric try the door first, someone might see him struggle with it. I agree we need some time to develop this, after all it is character development.
Is this thread still open for sign-ups? I mean, it says that it is, but I remember you saying something about it being closed now. I'm just asking because there were people in the LF RP thread looking for forum RP.
I think I closed it, Derrek, but it seems I do not have a lot of people interested in it. SO probably best to change the title to closed.
Ok, thanks for letting me know!
Well, I'm still in for it. Just awaiting Lucius/Cornelius's response. No rush though. :)
Oh yeah I haven't given up on this either (it just started!), I'm just delaying to see what people are doing next. Still, I won't wait for more than another day before I start writing my post.
Sorry for my delay, was in a car accident. I'll try and have a post up later.
OMG, I hope you are ok? Just get better and post when you can.
im sorry for not posting im in the middle of finals week, my last final Is on Thursday, I will try to post before than but I make no promises. You have my permission to kill Cornelius if you need to kill someone before I can return.

Perhaps he is aedis's mark, sent from a rival businessman or some such. just spit balling
Sorry! I had a post in development for this thread but my USB stick broke- it's beyond repair, so I've lost a good deal of creative works :( My post WILL be finished by tomorrow. Thanks for your patience.
Yes I know a flash drive is handy, but you do need to keep them from being stepped on or ending up in the trash...(never did that...)

Post when you can, Sydric is tormenting Vira, is no one going to say something to him? Oh and the door is now without a handle to open, so you are all stuck inside. Someone shouldl notice.
If it's just the USB connector, open up the chassis and solder the connector to the boards on the sides.
/mission impossible music
Posted! So unless Sidric has other plans for me, I will have Victor's search prove fruitless and send him back for help from someone else. (Any volunteers? :P )

Edit: Thanks for trying to help, but it's seriously screwed. Everything is stored on a small chip, and said chip was snapped in half. I doubt anyone could fix it at this point.
I'll get a post up tomorrow after work if Cornelius hasn't posted by then.
Sorry for the delay, however school is out now I should have more time to post
Ok... my post is up on Ein's thread, so working on this one now. :)

Edit: Posted. :)
I posted, lets see if anyone will go exploring, and find anything. The Master's chambers are sealed.

Oh I am going to give you some lines here to help you figure out where I am taking this. But Azeroth style of course...

His mind is definutely twisted,
Pink champayne on ice.
We are all just prisoners here,
Of our own device.

And in the Master's chamber,
They gather for the feast.
They stab it with their steely knives,
But they just can't kill the Beast.
Quick question is anyone getting tired of the ... pauses I use in Ahdes' speaking parts. I've been thinking of getting rid of them.
Ahdes, can you edit please and have you come in stealth and not say anything until Syd is leaving the room. He would not have ignored you if you spoke and were there speaking as he was talking to the ghoul. The ghoul is following him at a shuffle, not leading. I also see the hallways out of the kitchen as narrow servants passages. I can see you coming up behind the ghoul, he might be startled to hear you, but you cannot whisper in stealth mode, at least in game. So when you do speak it breaks your stealth, if that makes sense.

And I indicate a pause. A way of taking a breath, gathering thoughts or simply waiting momentarily for a reaction before continuing. Nothing wrong with it. You can use a comma, as it also does the same thing, but I see a comma as a briefer pause. Using the make for a slightly longer pause, like enough to take a deep breathe before continuing.

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