Stop giving your Pandaren Japanese names

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I actually name my pandas after Avatar characters lol
05/11/2013 07:52 PMPosted by Jurani
Pandaria is the closest thing we will get to japanese culture in WoW.

Orcish blademasters. Howyadoin.
No, Nick Bradshaw is a Goose.

Boris the Goose.
Boris the Goose.

Boris the Bear.

Geoffrey the Goose.

Alueim the Aardvark.
Guilty. Eh, whatcha goin' to do. Breath of Fire 4 was awesome.
It's a game deal with it :-)
There is nothing Japanese about Pandaria. If anything it's Chinese. Kthx

Wrong. Pandaria is an amalgamation of Asian cultures. Japanese names are just as fitting as Chinese, Korean, Thai, or any other name derived from an Asian country
There is nothing Japanese about Pandaria. If anything it's Chinese. Kthx

But all of my character names start with "Hippo" and all of the Chiene names sounded weird with the Hippo- root. So I went Japanese instead.
Mine's Chinese :)

But anybody can name their toons anything.
ok ill change my characters name to longduckdong then
I named my monk a japanese name

Haters can hate on aisle 9 :P
All the chinese names were taken

Seriously. I used a list of baby names and they were ALL taken
Lies...there are over 1 billion chinese name.
Nothing Japanese about my name, thanks....
I'm not creative enough for a Chinese or Japanese name, so I went with one derived from the catchphrase of a popular Nintendo video game character.

Which is kind of Japanese. Crap.
You say that, OP, but the Pandaren have japanese voice actors.
Not sure is this a Japanese name?
The actually have white and black actors.
I have 3 pandaren I haven't leveled much yet ((I'm kind of a Alt-o-holic... :O )). All with Chinese names.

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