Fear The Bunny

I got a message from ruas saying that SWBRB was at our gates ... Unfort que just popped for RBGS ... After it was over we took a 15 minute potty break and caught the end of it. We tried to kill yeezi and keylog but they ran .. I couldnt catch up unfort but we did pick off a few ppl but by then it was over.. So kudos to the horde for rallying together and much respect to swbrb for keeping wpvp alive

I am getting off super early from work tonight so you guys better fkin be there or im going to be pissed

I once saw keylog but it was in a RBG, and we lost
I love you
I love you

I know
05/14/2013 08:33 AMPosted by Shigglz
targeted in wpvp

come here i will give you the love you deserve!

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