Do you think blizzard regrets arenas?

I think they went in excited for it;

But now they just literally don't want to deal with it anymore.
If they cared they would have fixed the lack of activity back in Cataclysm.

RBG's seem to be getting all the love despite the crap going on with rampant cheaters;
Titles, Mounts, Seasonal Reward, Extra CP...
That sounds a lot more like raiding then casual arena, to just cap points or mess around at low ratings none of that is required and the strict schedule for playing in arena seems insane, you play with two other people (four at most) if you want to try for rating often you can fluke out and be on at the same time or simple say "so this time tomorrow?" generally works for me.

The issue is finding someone just as like minded.

I have spent many a time in SW spamming "LF Arena for points!" and not get any bites.

There is this....notion I think that arenas are for only the leet, and if you arent leet you are ridiculed and driven out. (Just look on the forums....when a PvP thread gets heated one of the first things people do is armory troll your arena or RBG rating).

Dont get me wrong, raiding has it too, but if you dont like that there is always LFR,
I vote for removing RBGs and bringing back Skirmishes.

I think people would be a lot more interested in PvP if that happened.

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